Wednesday, 31 December 2014

December favourites

I thought I'd see out 2014 with my December favourites.  I've got a good old mixture here for ya, some beauty bits and bobs, a smelly candle (slightly addicted to those I admit), a new hand bag plus shoes.

Uggs Boots  (Style/Shade - Azalea/Chestnut) | LINK
I'm not sure these can be classed as a December favourite since I've only had them since Christmas Day.  I have to thank the hubby for these... he did good.  His choice of style, colour...I was not expecting these at all... they weren't even on a want list of mine.  I've worn them every time I have left the house since the 25th.  They are so comfortable and keep your feet toasty warm.  It's love I tell you.

Rebecca Minkoff - MAC Bag | LINK
This was a bonus spending spree plus a 31st birthday treat to myself.  It had been in the back of my mind to buy this bag for months, perhaps even a whole year.  I opted for the MAC version as opposed to the famous Mini MAC.  I think this will be one of those bags which will last a life time.  I picked black as it is more wearable and timeless.  

Heart and Home Candle - Baked Apple  | LINK
Firstly OMG!!!  If you love that smell of freshly baked apple pie (American Pie anyone?!?) then you'll want to get your hands on this.  Pop the lid off and this smells amazing, but light it.... man your house will smell like you've got pots of apples and cinnamon cooking on the stove.  It is truly yummy.

My inner granny has emerged and I have been a proper little crocheter.  I'm no knitting crocheting genius yet but currently I have made three snoods so far.  I'm now attempting a gigantic blanket for the sofa.  It might have bitten off more than I can chew and it may take me a year to make it but I thought I'd give it a whirl.  Watch this space.

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation | LINK
If I'd written a favourites post for every other month of this year, this would of been included every time.  It's been a favourite for months now, so much so I'm almost hitting the bottom of the bottle.  It's strange considering I used to hate this initially.  I've never tried any Bourjois foundations before now, but I'm very pleased with this.  It's light and gives you a glow.  However it is build-able which I like.  I've certainly pick this up again soon.

Laura Mercier - Secret Brightening Powder | LINK
I haven't used this for a while until recently.  I'd forgotten how good this powder is at getting my under eye makeup to last all day.  It contains a micro shimmer which reflects the light and brightens the whole area.  I love to use this with my Real Techniques Setting Brush... It's the perfect size.  This little pot lasts for ever too so it's worth the investment.

Lancôme Ombre Hynose Eyeshadow - Erika | LINK
I picked this up at the end of November to wear for the work Christmas party and it so sparkly.  It's not that annoying fall out glitter sparkly but a smooth creamy metal grey shimmery beauty.  Yes it is a little expensive but still gorgeous  So it is justified right???

I hope you all have a great New Years, I'm spending mine munching on jelly babies.  Have a good one!!!


Sunday, 28 December 2014

DIY Christmas Decor

I was a little slow to upload this post on here before Christmas actually occurred... it almost seems a little pointless to share it now.  There is always inspiration for next year huh?!

Now you would of seen this before Christmas on my YouTube channel, as I did make a small video showing how I 'made' this festive window decoration.

I use the word 'made' loosely as I didn't really make anything... I merely measured some cotton thread and tied a knot.  It is in my nature to be crafty and build things but it doesn't mean you have to go nuts and spend lots of cash to make your dreams become a reality.

For this project I simply used scissors, white cotton thread, a tape measure (you could do it all by eye if you're clever) and some pretty decorations.  You could use fancy baubles if you wish instead of the hanging snow flake option I went with.  Also a small side note... you could hang it anywhere, it doesn't have to be just a window decoration.  Obviously keep it out of reach from any little people, as string and babies are not a good combo.

Happy making.



Friday, 19 December 2014

Vitamins and Minerals – Do you get enough?

Ask yourself a question… do you believe your body is getting all it needs??  I’m not just talking 5 portions of your fruit and vegetables a day, I’m more referring to your vitamins and nutrients?  Do you think you’re getting all you need?  I would hastily say yes, but when I truly think about it - perhaps I don’t get the recommended daily requirements. 

After picking up a nutrition book (I am attempting to up my nutritional knowledge) it is actually very interesting reading what our bodies actually need to function.  Our bodies are complex machines which need the correct balance of nutrients and minerals to function plus proteins and carbs …yes we need carbs people!!  In order for the machine run well, we need to input the right things.  All these factors contribute to such things as the  growth and repair of our bodies.

In this day and age us little humans are a lot busier than we used to be.  Our body and its nutrition can take a battering as we are on the go constantly.  I know talking from experience that on some days I barely get a moment to myself to even think, let alone to concentrate on if I’m getting enough Vitamin B12 or Omega 3. 

With this in mind, I’ve decided it might be the right time to add a supplement to my diet.  I eat a relatively healthy balanced diet to begin with (I obviously have my cheat days too!) but there is no harm to add a multi vitamin into your routine.  For the last week or so I have been using Perfect7 Woman* from Seven Seas.  This is a unique blend of marine oils, rich in Omega-3, and key vitamins and minerals. 

If you are wondering what the '7' stands for in Perfect7, they are the seven key benefits that will help and support your body from the inside out.  They are...

Zinc | Contributes to the maintenance of normal skin and nails
Biotin | Helps to provide normal healthy hair
Magnesium | Contributes to energy helping fight tiredness and fatigue 
DHA | Helps our brains function
Vitamin B2 | Maintains normal vision
EPH and DHA | Contributes to the function of the heart
Vitamin B | Helps regulate hormonal activity

This duo tablet system (you have to take two pills every day) also has many other vitamin and mineral benefits such as folic acid, iron, Vitamin C, E and D - plus many more with very confusing hard to pronounce names :-)

Perfect7 contains marine oils which is a essential fatty acid (Omega 3), this helps to maintain normal heart and brain function plus vitamins and minerals to help contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue. This is a massive help if you are a work-aholic or a busy bee on the go 24/7.

If you are wondering 'what about my boyfriend or hubby - can he takes these?'  Well men and women are not the same - especially when it comes to ageing. This is why Seven Seas has developed two distinct formulations for Perfect7 Woman and Perfect7 Man. This is great as your boyfriends and hubbys won't feel left out of all the fun.

When it comes to ageing us ladies usually think of perhaps using an anti-wrinkle cream to help protect our skin from the signs - I know I do.  It is something to think about, that one of the external signs of a healthy body is good skin.  Perfect7 Woman is designed to provide you with nutrients to help maintain normal skin and nails from the inside.  So why not take a supplement to help from the inside out??  Every little bit helps us doesn't it?

Do you take any daily supplements??  Do you like the sound of Perfect7 Woman??


This post is in collaboration with Seven Seas Perfect7


Monday, 15 December 2014

Creamy Beige Eye Look

I'm in love with easy, fast eye looks and this new Maybelline Colour Tattoo Leather Effect in Creamy Beige is the boy for the job!  My new best friend.... and only one.

This kind of thing will be right up your street if you are a busy bee and just need a quick non-fussy look.  Paired with a MAC 217 blending brush is the way forward.  A beautiful eye look which literally takes two minutes - if that to create.  The creamy colour is just a few shades darker than my skin colour and it's the perfect everyday eye look.

Oily skin folk... you need not worry as this does not move an inch.  And creasing - what creasing?  Blending is so easy-peasy, that you don't even need to use a brush to blend if you don't want to.  Fingers work just as well.  It can also be used alone (as shown above) or as an eye shadow base.  Creamy Beige is the lazy or busy girls eye shadow friend for life.

I can see this little pot getting a heck of a lot of loving from me.

Have you tried this?


Sunday, 14 December 2014

How do you know if you’re ready?

image source
A different blog post for you on this lovely Sunday afternoon.  I wanted to touch on a subject which (a) has been on my mind and (b) is perfectly normal for many but also scary to some (I choose the latter).  It is also a natural process of life.

Having babies. 

How do you know if you are ready to take the leap and make a mini me?  For animals it's easy ...whenever they reach sexual maturity - off they go.  However with us humans it is slightly different and more complex.  I have been asking myself (and my hubby too) the question for about 12 to 18 months.  It is that question you ask one another when you’ve reached the next step in your relationship.  It also doesn't help that I am also a 30 year old and have people reminding me (when I'm not already reminding myself) that my clock is ticking - thanks people!

For me the babies question breaks me into a small cold sweat and gets my heart racing.  Bringing a new life in to the big wide world isn’t something to take lightly.  Well for me it isn’t.  I must confess I can be an OCD, over analysing freak who analysis's everything.  Any small thought or feeling... I sit there like a shrink cross examining myself.  I'm broody but do I reaalllly want a child??? But do I really??? I'm that kind of person.  See?

I've always known or thought (see I'm over analysing again) I wanted to have a child.  To experience pregnancy and child birth but most importantly to cuddle a life my hubby and I created together.  I have always imagined that moment of looking in to a pair of eyes that I help build... to have them hold my little finger.  Man I could go on and on.

I'm one of those people who has never really had that much experience with children.  The odd cuddle now and again, perhaps a push on the swings in the park but that has been it.  I've never had the glimpse of that life, where a small person depends on you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year.  So naturally it scares the sh*t out of me.  But come on I'm not the only one, surely??

Hannah (Maggs/Michalak) wrote a recent post HERE which put some of the demons in my mind to rest over becoming a Mum.  If you don't know Hannah (have you been living under a rock??) she and her husband Stef have been vlogging their first year as parents attraction is Greyson - their son.  It might be sad to say I feel almost part of their family, watching him grow over the first year.

image source
It has also been enlightening for someone like myself when it comes to taking the plunge into parenthood.  I know that becoming a parent isn't always a joyful experience (sleepless nights, painful nipples and a needy child crying when you're feeling sleep deprived) but from watching the Michalaks it has made me feel it can't be that bad. I'm pretty sure the precious moments by far out weigh the bad.  Besides so many people have a child/ren every day.... so it certainly cannot be that bad.

I suppose what I'm attempting to show in this post is that is perfectly normal to be scared and hesitant of the unknown.  We wouldn't be human if we didn't show fear.  However there is no set right or wrong time to have a child... you can plan, plan and plan some more to have one... but using the saying of a recent quote I found 'the thing is you think you have time' (a Buddha quote).  Life is too short, especially where a child is concerned.  You need to be comfortable in your life in order to take the next step, whether it be married or happy with your financial situation.  But you cannot put it off forever, as you cannot get those years back once they are gone.

So I suppose we just need to relax and go with the flow (note to self).


Saturday, 13 December 2014

Christmas Jumper Day

Christmas is the time to get festive.  Yea you! Stop being so bah humbug and get festive!!! Now!!!  Go on break out the cheesy Christmas know you want to.  To be honest I do love a good Christmas jumper (or T-shirt if you are a sweaty monkey).  My jumper this year is from Dorothy Perkins (link HERE).

Today December 12th in the UK is officially National Christmas Jumper Day.  It is the law that you have to wear one (FACT!), and most people do make the effort.  If your are not sure what National Christmas Jumper Day is all about, basically you have to wear a Christmas Jumper but it is in aid of Save the Children.

When you wear your jumper you then make a small donation to the Save the Children website ... Link is HERE for you.

It’s all good get to look cool in your jumper but you also help a child in need.  It kind of relates back to my previous post about giving more to others don’t you think?

Have fun! 


Friday, 12 December 2014

MAC Lustering Lipstick

Hello red lippy!!

It's Christmas so of course I am breaking out the bold red and pink colour lipsticks,  I've been head over heels for bold mattes recently but I still love my glossy lipsticks.  One of my favourite buys are the Lustre range of lipsticks from MAC.

Lustering is a gorgeous pink with an under tone of a light red shade.  It looks beautiful when applied. One coat gives a sheer look but when layered it can look bolder and more pigmented.  Perfect for this time of the year.  

This would be great if you're a first time bold lip wearer.  You can simply adjust the amount of layers you apply to get you're ideal look.  Great stuff!


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Be a little more giving

I feel like I need to write a small post today, a pointless post which no doubt will probably mean nothing to some.  I just feel I need to vent out some anger.  Some people have stress balls or hit punch bags to vent out their frustrations but today I’m choosing to write mine.

Since when did the world become so selfish?  I feel like no one is a team player, likes to help and get involved any longer.  All they look out for is number one.  Looking out for number one is fine and perfectly normal, we all do it and I do too.  However it is cruel to let other people deal with all the dilemma while they sit and do nothing and almost get off on it.

I just feels like no cares to get involved and it baffles me.  Who do they think deals with anything...a fairy with glittery wings?  Erm nooooo.  If someone gets hurt in the street, it takes someone with initiative and courage to stand up and step in.  If everyone put their head in the sand and waved their arses in the air soldiers in the battlefields wouldn’t be saved by their comrades.

People need to start to give a little more... do at least one thing that is unselfish everyday.  It will mean the world to that person (or animal) and you never know you might actually feel good about it yourself for doing some good.

Give up your seat on the train
Adopt an animal
Give your spare change to a homeless person
Make a donation to a charity
Give blood and join the organ donation list

They don’t have to be or need to be earth moving gestures, but just something even if it is holding a door open will make a difference to someones day or life.

We should all give it a little thought.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Beauty Favourites

I don't try to do favourite videos too often as they can become very repetitive, predicable plus a tad boring after a while in my opinion.  I personally like to try and use the same products to finish them up.  Attempting to be a good girl here when it comes to buying bits and bobs lately.

This video shows my latest loves.  We've got some body care in the form of the Fortune Shower Body Scrub from Rituals and Wild Argan Oil from The Body Shop.  Also from The Body Shop we have the Drops of Youth Eye Concentrate.

I'm also loving the new Rouge Edition Velvet Matt Lipsticks from Bourjois in the shades Frambourjoise, Nudist and Peach Club.  These beauts last all day long which I lovvvvve!!!


Monday, 8 December 2014

Dorothy Perkins Haul

December is the month of the work Christmas party and my birthday month.  I am excited for the Christmas party as I have never been to one before.  Fingers crossed I can put together a get ready with me video of some sort.  Secondly I can't say I'm very excited to be turning 31, I can't believe I'm that old to be honest.  Not like 31 is really classed as old.  I was mortified to turn 30 last year... so to be 31 makes me feel slightly sad.  But I cannot do anything about it but use lots and lots of anti wrinkle creams to keep me looking 25!

In preparation for the Christmas party I went and bought a Christmas outfit from Dorothy Perkins.  My whole outfit came to under £50.  This is great when times are hard and you don't have many pennies to spend.  I have popped any links below to anything I purchased.  Some are not available unfortunately.

Millie Mackintosh Earrings LINK
Dress (not online but similar dress LINK here)
Necklace | no link :(
Floral Tights | LINK
Eden Jegging Jeans in Green | LINK
Eden Jegging Jeans in Indigo Demin | LINK
Christmas Penguin Jumper LINK
Izabel Grey Top | Not online


Friday, 5 December 2014

Nivea Blueberry Blush

I'm usually not a big fan of sticking fingers in to a potted lip balm or a lip butter - it seems and is so unhygienic.  However I have been willing to do so for this yummy new lip butter from Nivea. 

If you love a yummy taste on your lips, you won't be disappointed with this Blueberry favour.  I think the taste is very sweet, almost like Love Hearts.  The balm itself is very hydrating...chapping will be a thing of the past.  Shea butter and almond oils make this super nourishing and provides intense moisture.  Perfect for the upcoming winter months.

I found this tin in Wilko (LINK) and it was the only one left, so it is pretty popular.  So if you see it snap up quickly.  At £2 you cannot really say no can you?


Monday, 1 December 2014

Whole Foods

I lost my virginity and it was an experience... An exciting one that was left far too long. Perhaps you think I'm sharing too much info but we're friends right??  However I didn't lose THAT virginity.  I went to Whole Foods for the first time ... ever!! got excited over that???

Yes ... I am excited that I have stepped over the threshold of Whole Foods Piccadilly Circus. I know some of you might I'm a bit crazy to get excited about a supermarket / grocery store, But he's the thing...  UK supermarkets are boring and are just a bit meh.  I felt the same excited feeling when I stepped in to Trader Joe's in Chicago for the first time - happy.  It's something new I suppose but it's also how everything in the store looked.  Fresh.

The thing with UK supermarkets there are so many rules.  Must cover it with packaging, is the length and diameter of the cucumber correct, are the peppers the right shade of red or are the carrots too bent.  Do standard agencies know they taste the same regardless of the length or if it's bent?  

Everything in Trader Joe's and Whole Foods looked like they were in the fields 5 minutes earlier.  Plus it was a nice feeling to see and touch the food.  No packaging...I'm a big recycler and I hate that the UK have soooo much packaging for their foods.  I love and prefer the green grocer a paper bag...not sitting on the polyethylene tray shrink wrapped in two layers of plastic.  Is it necessary?

I like to hope UK supermarkets notice the popularity in places like Whole Foods, and perhaps rethink their ways.  Even Aldi and Lidi don't have that much packaging which is a start I guess.



Sunday, 30 November 2014

Home Sense Haul

I do love me a bit of Home Sense shopping... I love it as you just never know what kind of goodies they will have lurking around on the shelves.  I have to say I think it is one of my favourite stores... I might even love it more than Boots and Superdrug combined. Boy I have changed.

I thought I'd give you the low down on my latest purchases.  I made a video which you can click to see below. Or you can visit my YouTube channel by clicking this LINK.  115 followers and climbing :-) Man I am happy about that...the only way is up!!

Enjoy the video guys!!



Friday, 28 November 2014

Hand bag Makeup Beauties


The other day I counted eight lip products, two mascaras and the kitchen sink in the bottom of my hand bag...insane I know - but a true story.  In order to make my hand bag a little more organised, I have thrown out the numerous lip products and mascaras and popped this little lot into my bag. 

I opted for a small makeup bag with a little selection of items in case emergency touch ups are required. So here's what I have...

Superdrug Shine/Oil Control Papers | LINK
NYX Butter Gloss in Eclair | LINK
L'Oreal Glam Shine Stain in Eve | LINK
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Matt in Frambourjoise | LINK
Clinique Mini Mascara | LINK
Dior Addict Mini Perfume | LINK
Bobbi Brown Face Touch Up Stick | LINK
The Body Shop Shimmer Cube Eyeshadows | LINK
Seventeen Miracle Matt Powder | LINK
Nivea Blueberry Blush Lip Butter | LINK
MAC 182 Buffing brush | LINK

I hope this post has given you some ideas of what you can pop in to your own little travel makeup bag.  Want to see my video version of this post???   See below >>>




Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Lets talk SIMPLE

It's strange that I seem to own a few high-end skin care items (not bragging just saying), but I always end up reverting back to Simple... I use at least one Simple product every day.  I've been using Simple products since I was a wee teenager and that my friends was quite a while ago. Sigh!  It shows I like them quite a bit to still be using them after all this time hey?

With Simple I never feel like I'm putting nasty chemicals on my skin.  The motto with Simple is 'Kind to Skin' and I really feel like all the products I have tried so far are kind to my skin.

I thought I would share with you some of my personal favourites.  I could show more but I have narrowed it to six.  I don't want to bore you too much do I?

Vital Vitamin Day Cream* SPF15 - £4.99 | LINK
This is my AM moisturiser.  Light and fast absorbing which I need when I'm rushing around attempting to get ready in the morning.  It also has SPF 15 to protect the skin from ageing and burning from the sun throughout the day.

Protecting Moisture Cream* SPF30 UVA/UVB - £6.99 | LINK
There aren't many drug store high street SPF 30's knocking about for such a reasonable price.  The cream is thick but is absorbed quick.  I usually like to pack this in my hand luggage for long haul flights as this locks in moisture for approximately a 24 hour period which is great.  I also love this for a sunscreen for my face.

Facial Cleansing Wipes - £3.49 | LINK
These face wipes are my most used Simple product of all time.  Hands down...I love these wipes. They stay moist (I love that word) from start to finish of the pack.  They are the perfect lazy girls makeup remover.

Illuminating Radiance Cream* SPF 15 - £7.99 | LINK
Everyone loves dewy skin and if you want it then you'll want to buy this.  This contains tiny micro sized golden shimmer, which looks very subtle.  Obviously don't wear it if you're having flash photography done due to flash back.  You can wear this alone or mix with your daily foundation.

Eye Make Up Remover - £3.39 | LINK
If I want a good but cheap eye makeup remover, I always grab a bottle of this.  I have sensitive eyes and I never get the horrible itchy burning feeling whenever I use this.  It can be a bit hard to get rid of the tough waterproof mascara sometimes but everything else just disappears.

Sun Kissed Moisture Cream - £4.99 | LINK
Before the summer comes I pretty much look like one of the cast of Twilight.  To give me a natural glow without caking on bronzer, I opted for this.  Containing a gradual tanner in the moisturiser, this will make your skin a few shades darker without looking too you've been tangoed.

I hope this post was helpful and you got a little insight in to the brand Simple.


Items indicated with a * were provided for review - all thoughts are my own.  The other items I paid for with my hard earned cash ;-)

Monday, 24 November 2014

Remembering the Fallen Ones

If you have ever wanted to see something that made you say wow out loud, I urge you to hop foot it to the Tower of London.  My family and I visited the Poppies in the moat of the Tower of London and it was absolutely amazing - jaw dropping.  As soon as I got a small glance of the red, I immediately said wow.

The magnificent exhibition - called the Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red is a powerful statement of human sacrifice in the Great War.  A total of 888,246 hand crafted ceramic poppies have been installed in the moat since August.  Each poppy represents a fallen solider who lost their life.

When you visit the poppies the mass of them put everything into prospective and just makes you realise how many lives were actually lost.

Do not let the crowds put you off from visiting.  When I went it was the school holidays and everyone was in good spirits.  There was no pushing and shoving, you will all have your turn to see it. At the end of the day we were all there to pay our respects and to see a once in a life piece of art.  It will never be recreated.

Here are a few more pictures...



Wednesday, 12 November 2014


I made a massive boo boo last weekend and didn't pre film any videos for my YouTube channel.


Since the clocks have gone back and autumn/winter is getting to the swing of things I can no longer film in the evenings.  During the week is completely out of the question, as I get up in the dark and come home in the dark.  My videos would more resemble a sequel to Blairwitch than and kind of beauty video.

So my only answer is the weekends.  

I am attempting to get into a routine (Angela is getting organised) so please  bear with me. I'm coming back at ya soon I promise.


Tuesday, 11 November 2014

No motivation??

Ever since the clocks went back my motivation to get to a gym has been nil pois.

I used to be that nutter who attended morning classes at 8am and went in the evening 3 to 4 times a week.  Now I can bearly force myself to pick a gym outfit out of my wardrobe.

What happened Angela??

On Saturday I went for my first run in weeks and it was hard. I'm not going to lie.  I only ran (plus walked)  1.6 km.  I could put myself down and say it was not good enough, however I did get the motivation to actually get out doors and run. That's a start right??

'Small steps on the road back to fitness'.

Last night I attended the gym after work and I felt good for doing so.  I feels like it's been a long time since every muscle in my body hurt. I pushed myself so hard and I think my body is grateful for finally being taken care off.

My eating has been OK as I've been following the #28dayjumpstart plan but you also need cardio and weight training to achieve weight loss.

It is strange how attending the gym or doing any exercise can make you feel good. It changes your mood and makes you feel happy.  It can't be that bad after all right?? 


Friday, 7 November 2014

Life Is Too Darn Short

Taken from Pinterest
On and off so far in 2014 I have not been enjoying life so much especially where my 9 till 5 job is concerned.  I have been in my job for nearly nine years and I’m increasingly have the feeling I want to move on.  A change.  I’m just not happy and I’m suffering from bouts of stress and anxiety - where I literally will come home from work and cry into my pillow.

I don’t have issues with the people I work with, I’m quite close to them and we have a laugh.  But things have changed over time.  How the company I work for is run, contracts for example.  I have gradually been feeling more like a sponge, where I am meant to take on more and more work...and for what?? I don’t get paid any more, there is no reward for it and I get no enjoyment out of it - so what is my incentive to keep going?  I feel a job should not make you feel this way.  We work to live, not live to work.

Back in the summer I heard the heartbreaking story of  Brittany Maynard.  Stunningly beautiful, 29, a newly wed - her whole life in front of her.  However early this year she was told she was suffering from terminal brain cancer and would only live for approximately six months.  I saw her six minute video on YouTube and was in tears by the end of it.  Tragic does not express my opinion enough. 

Sadly on November 1st Brittany passed away.

The world is a cruel place to take her away at such a young age.  She was only exactly 11 months younger than myself and that struck a chord with me.  From Brittany’s tragedy I feel like I have come to an understanding about life.  I always say this expression to my friends but now I come to think about it – I don’t seem to listen to my own advice.

Life is far too short.

I feel the loss of Brittany is a wake up call for me, almost a nudge telling me to sort myself out.  I have never met her but I feel inspired by her and her words (the above picture is a quote from her). We are only on this little blue planet for a short time and we must make every day count.  You never know when the ride will finish.

RIP Brittany



Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Small Avène Haul

This week I was told something that surprised me and thought could never happen to me.  Apparently I have dehydrated skin.  Who knew?!?

I've always had oily combination skin and never really thought I could get dry skin due to that.  How wrong was I??  So this in mind, I wanted to treat myself to an intense face moisturiser, which will hydrate hydrate hydrate.  Plus I bought a face scrub just because basically.

The brand I decided to spurge on was Avène.  I wanted to spend a little bit more money on a brand I knew had a excellent reputation. I picked up the Gentle Purifying Scrub, the Rich Compensating Cream and the Rich Hydrating Cream.

Gentle Purifying Scrub - LINK
This is a micro-beaded scrub which makes my face feel like a babies bottom.  The name is a give away as it's gentle which is perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.  It has a gel like consistency which is pleasant on the skin.  I feel like this remove all the unnecessary impurities from my skin and just leaves me the that smooth base you get after a facial.

Rich Compensating Cream - LINK
If you have dry sensitive skin this will be perfect for you to try.  This has a smooth rich texture which I prefer to use at night before bed, so it will soak in over night.  However it can be used in the AM if you wish (I prefer to use the RHC in the AM - see below).  Full of plant based ingredients which helps protect against ageing and free radicals, this will restore your skins natural protection barriers.  You'll look young - forever like me ;-)

Rich Hydrating Cream - LINK
The full name of this is Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream (what a mouth full??) This is partially excellent if you have very very dry skin.  This also works great if you have sensitive skin as it's gentle. I like to use this in the AM before applying makeup as it's lighter in consistency plus it has SPF 20 to protect my skin from UVA and B.  This also contains Avène's famous Eau Thermal Spring water for added hydration.

These are high quality items and all three have no yucky fragrances. If you plan to use the Compensating Cream in the AM, you'll need to give it a while to soak in before foundation application. The scrub can be used daily if you wish and Hydrating Cream absorbs fast into the skin which is great.

If you're in the market for new goodies, why not give these a whirl?


Monday, 3 November 2014

#FitGirlsGuide - Thoughts so far

If you did not know I started the 28 Day Jump Start Challenge with the Fit Girls Guide last week.  I made a little announcement video on my YouTube channel (yes I have a channel...did we not know this???) Link HERE.

I thought I'd give a little mini review of my thoughts so far... one week in.  I will do a full review when I finish the 28 day challenge on November 23rd.

So my thoughts on the guide??  Lets start with the PROS.  Number one....

The shopping list page with all the ingredients is soooooo helpful.  You can literally take this page to Tesco and do the weekly shop.  So handy, I love it.  It also tells you how much you need.  Very handy indeed.  Saves you buying too much or too little.

PRO Two.

The prepping.  I loved the prepping of the food, especially the Overnight Oats.  You can literally whip out your Tupperware from the fridge in the AM and be on your merry way.  No worrying needed.  The dinners also take no time at all the prepare and cook.  Really good when you're hungry.

PRO three.

How/What/When to do everything.  There are exercise and food pictures showing what meals should look like and how to do your exercise moves.  How to cook everything step by step with measurements.  All the hard work is done for you....pretty much.

So with the PROS comes the CONS.  Here goes...

CON one.

The guide is informative and interesting to say the least but also annoying.  There are lots and lots and LOTS of pages.  I think some are only put there to fill the space.  Because I'm sad I plan to go through my printout to count how many pointless pages there are.  Sad I know but I am a loser.

CON Two.

There is lots of reading, which I don't mind but I'm the kind of girl who loves straight to the point instructions.  Bullet points almost, not lots of waffling around with pointless stuff.  The guide does contain some pointless waffling sadly, which can be cute and also interesting.  But it can also be boring.  I feel like I didn't get all the important info I needed due to being overloaded with info that didn't really matter that much.  Further explanation will follow below.

CONS Three and four....

Page numbers and an index would be most helpful.  I feel like I'm constantly flicking to find stuff. Back and forth like an annoying yo-yo.  If an index and pages numbers were used It'd be beneficial and time saving.

And finally a mini roundup of the results so far.  Weight loss...a BIG FAT ZERO!  I admit I didn't complete the exercise potions like you are meant to.  I did not realise I was meant to do 30 minutes daily, until I saw fellow FitGirls on Instagram uploading pictures of themselves working out.  I think I missed that part of the guide out completely due to trying to skip the waffling.  See I told you...lots and lots of pages.  However I did not cheat on any of the days, so to not get any weight loss was slightly frustrating.

Anyway, I'm going to solider on through the guide to week two which will be fun and different as there is new food to eat.  Plus it is early days.

Stay tuned for more updates.



Sunday, 26 October 2014

Greek food, the D Word + FitGirlsGuide

Cue long post...

I love Greek food!  Feta, olive oil and bread, olives, tzatziki, moussaka, gyros, baklava, kleftiko (just some of the food I ate on holiday)  I feel like I should of been born a Greek.  In Skitathos I'll put my hands up and admit I overindulged and let myself go. It's sometimes good to relax the reins and enjoy yourself but I think I may of gone a tad too far.

Usually I only eat approximately 1200-1400 calories a day.  I usually stick to the lower end with the help of the app My Fitness Pal.  But this holiday I blame lack of Internet and WiFi service for my down fall.  Plus the lack of will power.... I could of used a pen and paper to record my eating habits but I took the easy way out.

Fast forward 10 days to me all most crying on the scales when I returned home.  I'd put on a whopping 7lbs and felt mortified.  Someone said to me I was silly to get upset by a 'small' gain like that and that same person is also boasting about their own weight loss a lot.  Kick someone when they are down comes to mind.

I've been back from my holiday for a while now but I cannot get my head back in the game.  There seems to be too many temptations right under my nose and I just fall at the first hurdle.  Plus work stress and long hours are not helping me.  Excuses excuses I know what you're thinking.  But it's hard.

So I have invested....

On Instagram I follow the @FitGirlsGuide (Link HERE to the website).  The food has been purchased and I'm on board.  Enough is enough and I've joined the 28 Day Jump Start Plan.  For a small fee you get the ebook emailed to you with 200 pages of tips, meal plans and shopping list, exercise guides you name it.  It's your best friend for 28 days.  Not long really??

The Plan gets results, just check instagram for before and after shots from girls who have taken part.  The cool thing too is everyone is normal and everyone is there with love and support.

I'm happy to be a part of the #28dayjumpstart team.  GO TEAM!

Link HERE again for you!!!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Books I Read on Holiday

I usually have to be in the mood for a bit of reading so a 10 day break is the perfect opportunity to give my brain a fiction work out.  Now don't worry they'll be no spoilers in this post,  just a mini review.

Firstly we have S J Watson - Before I Go To Sleep.  Recognise the title?  This recently hit the silver screen with Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth playing the leads in this awesome thriller.

This is my second time reading this as wanted to refresh myself before going to the cinema to watch it on the big screen. Plus I knew I'd enjoy it on holiday as I'd already read it and loved it. I just didn't fancy a girly romantic novel...  I wanted more grit.

I'm not normally a thriller kind of girl but this book certainly keeps you on your toes and glued to it.  You just want to keep reading to find out what happens with Christine (the main mentally unstable character) and her husband plus the cute doctor.  There are  lots of unexpected twists that will make you gasp with shock.

The second book I read which I found abandoned in the reading nook of the hotel was The Food For Love Cookery School by Nicky Pellegrino.  To find out if I like a book, I usually read the first two pages to see if I can instantly 'get into it'.  This I did.

From the very beginning you feel part of the story,  the characters talk to you directly which is a nice touch. There are also some laugh out loud moments and there are some predictable parts to this cute story. I wizzed through this (pretty unheard of for me). 

I very much loved both SJ and Nickys writing skills and would gladly read more of their books.

You can pick up your own copies from HERE (S J Watson) and HERE (Nicky Pellegrino).
What’s your perfect holiday read?

Monday, 20 October 2014

Punk Rock Nails

Gone are the bright coloured nails of summer and now they have been replaced by more autumnal shades.  Punk Rock (part of the Rimmel Salon Pro Kate line) is perfect for this time of the year.

From far away you don't see the beauty of this shade...  it just looks like any other dark steely shade.  But up close it's a whole different story.  You can really see the creamy plumy purple tone to this and I happen to love it.

When I picked this up, the first thought which came to me is 'I've never seen a shade like this before' which is true.  I don't think there is a shade like this... it feels like one of a kind.  I can see myself wearing Punk Rock a lot this winter.  It's that perfect shade.


Friday, 17 October 2014

Holiday nails... Rimmel Peppermint

Yeah so I'm showing you my feet..ugly I know and I apologise for that.  However I had to share with you my favourite holiday nail polish and it just so happens I was wearing it on my toes.  See there is always a reason for everything.

Peppermint from Rimmel (part of the Salon Pro line) was my go-to polish for my trip to Greece.  It's that perfect eye catching turquoise green which is pretty and bright.  Just the colour a girl needs on her holidays.

There were lots of pros: the longevity, the shine, the colour with my tanned skin, the brush and consistency.  There weren't no cons to be honest. I can't really fault it, even the price is good. 

To get this look I used two costs with no top coat.  As you can see it's very glossy.  The lasting power was ridiculous.  I had to force myself to take it off.

What is your holiday colour??


P.S....Happy Friday my friends.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Clown Pants and Kimonos

I'll start this post by mentioning the obvious.  I have no idea at all what the official name for this style of trouser is.  I keep referring to them as clown pants and it's kind of stuck in my mind now.

So moving on... kimonos and clown pants are a big thing right now... they are everywhere.  I thought they would not suit me and would engulf my frame and height.  However sometimes you need to bite the bullet and be brave.  Got for it!

I wouldn't say I was the most fashionable girl on the streets of Skiathos town in these pictures but I like the clash of patterns.  I would never usually do that... but here it works.  Well I think so anyway.

Kimono | Primark - no online store.
Clown Trousers | Primark - again no hiss!
Black Vest | Marks and Spencer - Link here

This outfit has proved to me it is good to mix up patterns and to be daring.  You just never know it might just work for you.


Monday, 13 October 2014

A Few Duty Free Buys

Nothing gets a holiday started than visiting the duty at the airport.  I usually have to hold myself back a heck of a lot not to go crazy.  This time I was prepared with a list of items I wanted to get and others are just right time, right place items.

Clarins | Beauty Flash Balm - Link
I still had a small amount of this in my tube I already had but I'd stopped using it for the fear of running out.  I love this stuff.  The smell, the texture, the feel on the skin.  I like using this as a makeup base but I also like to use it as mask (pretty much every other night).

Ghost | The Fragrance - Link
I have to thank my sister-in-law for the introduction of this into my life.  I got a mini set including a body lotion last year at Christmas and I fell in love.  It is subtle warm scent with a musky-ness as well as florally hint.  It's a bit of mixture but it works well and I loooove it.

Clinique | Bottom Lash Mascara - Link
I'm that typical girl who get panda eyes when I use bog standard mascaras on my bottom lashes.  This stuff... wow it's amazing and doesn't budge an inch.  The teenie tiny brush is the perfect size to coat the bottom lashes individually.  It makes the job so easy with this mascara. I'll totally recommend this to anyone wants an easy solution to panda eyes.

Clinique | Chubby Stick Shadow - Link
Not on my list of things to get but I'm glad I did.  Bountiful Beige is that perfect shade that you can just throw on.  I was surprised how smooth and easy this glided on my lids.  It's great as a base and well as on its own.  Think MAC's Paint Pot Bare Study in stick form.  Got it??

Clarins | Instant Light Natural Lip Protectors - Link
A chance encounter with an airport only offer got me buying this duo set (shades 01 and 02).  And I'm glad I got these as the hype about them is all true.  They are so nourishing on the lips give a beautiful hint of colour without leaving your lips sticky like glue.  Give me more of them.

You can see me chatting about my purchases plus my non-beauty holiday favourites below >>>



Thursday, 2 October 2014

What's In My Carry On Bag + Tips

Ahhh plane travel, where you're cooped up forever in a tiny seat flying at high speeds through the air with a bunch of strangers.  Fun times...

Travelling can be stressful. Preparing for it, the getting to the airport, going through security...gosh that's a mission on it's own and you've not even boarded the plane yet!  So what better way to relieve some hassle from the issue but to have an organised hand luggage???  Hopefully this helpful What's In My Carry On Bag? post will give you some tips.

The one thing I must insist on when packing your carry on is to get some zip lock style bags.  You won't realise how helpful they are until you're looking for that vital boarding pass for boarding the plane.

Every bag has it's job.  Passport, currency and e-ticket in one, electronics like Ipads, Ipods and phone in another, liquids and accessories in their own bags. They are really quite helpful when to track things down in a hurry.  I have links HERE, HERE and HERE of some style bags I recommend and would use myself.

If you'd like to see a video of talking about what's in my bag?? Well carry on scrolling and click the video then :-)

Speak soon peeps!


Saturday, 2 August 2014

Summer Makeup Look

It's summer time finally... hip hip hurrah!

I personally find summer time the best time for wearing makeup ...why you ask?  Because I try to wear less of it!  Thick foundations are replaced by light BB creams or tinted moisturisers to let the skin breath.  And some times if I feeling daring, I might just wear a concealer.  Ooooooo errrrrrrrrr!

The above look is something I have been wearing quite often, so I thought I'd share with ya all.  Below listed are all the items used, which are from the high street/ drug we can all have a go.  It isn't an out of reach look where I'm only wearing a high end brand.

So what's on my face is......drum roll!

Rimmel 9-in-1 BB Cream in Light
Maybelline Age Rewind Dark Circle Remover
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer
Seventeen Miracle Matte Powder
Rimmel Blusher in Pink Rose 
Wet & Wild Eye Shadow Trio in Walking on Eggshells
Blistex Lip Balm in Raspberry Lemonade
Maybelline Master Shape Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
Max Factor Wild Mega Volume Mascara
NYX Butter Gloss in Éclair

A pretty inexpensive face, which any one can achieve.  I'm going to try and create some more drug store looks so stay tuned folks.

See you soon!


You can also watch a video of the look being created here or below >>>


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