Sunday, 6 November 2011

Cool storage solution

Are you someone who has the lack of storage in your room? I am. Obviously where I am married ...I share a room, so I can’t take up every bit of space. Boo hoo. If I had a dressing room or a bigger home then maybe it’d be a different story.

Anyway for about 18 months I’ve had a cool little contraption in my wardrobe. This week I decided I needed another one for my growing collection of necklaces.

I don’t have any fancy looking stand, just a simple yet clever feature called the.... The Necklace Hanger.

This is what it looks like in the packaging

If you walked past this in a shop you wouldn't really bat an eye lid.  But when I was trying to find necklace storage on amazon this popped up in the results.

The hooks and the faux-suede effect material

It is faux-suede material with hooks attached.  On the under side there is double sided Velcro strips at the top and bottom on the faux-suede.  When you've found your spot where you wish to hang it, you peel off the backing off the top Velcro strip...apply it to the door and make sure it's secure.  Then do the same for the bottom strip. have a hanging rack in your wardrobe/closet!!!

It's about £10 including postage and packaging and it can be shipped in and outside the UK.  An awesome idea for anyone trying to save space me thinks.  Visit their site here.
Angela xox

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