Sunday, 30 September 2012

Max Factor Creamy Blush ~ Soft Pink

I love cream blush, it's so easy to use and great for warmer climates.  You can achieve light subtle looks or big bold beautiful ones. I'm really loving my MeMeMe Pink Rouge especially because you get two colours for the price of one.  Good times.

So with the obsession with cream blush in full swing I thought I'd try a new one.  Years ago, I remember getting a sample of Max Factors Creamy Blush in Soft Pink.  I loved it and used it all up so when I spied it in Boots I thought I'd give it ago again.

Packaged in a teenie tiny pot which you could easily lose as it is that tiny, it makes the MeMeMe tin look huge! At just short of £7, this is a great buy for a drug store item.

The swatch

For a cream blush this hits the nail on the head. The pigmentation is strong, not just for this shade but also for the others Max Factor stock.  They stock five different shades in total.

It is easy to blend and colour lasts all day once applied to the skin.  It doesn't look cakey on the skin, it is very flawless and natural looking.  You just look like you have a a natural flush to the cheeks.  Very English Rose. 

Do you like cream blushes?

Angela xox


Saturday, 29 September 2012

I wish I was American! #3

Roller balls!  Yes a roller ball perfume is the reason why I wish I were an American!  Sad . . .but true!  I think the person who invented the roller ball perfume was a genius.

The UK just doesn't seem to of jumped on the band wagon yet of using roller balls.  They still seem to use bottles like the ones in my Big Pony Club post. Rollers are so much more handy as you're unlikely to spill them and you can easily refill them.


The perfume I have here is Vera Wang Princess, which I got in Sephora in Chicago.  A beautiful scent but expensive if you want to buy the full size bottle.  I have lots of full sized bottles so its nice to have smaller ones, which are more likely yo be used.

I think the roller ball is an excellent idea if you don't know I'd you'll love a perfume but simply just want a smaller version for travelling or a handbag.

So if I were Prime Minster...forget cheaper rail fare requests.  I'd be bringing in the roller balls!

Angela xox

Friday, 28 September 2012

Coconut and Sweet Almond Instensive Conditioner

When I reviewed the Macadamia Deep Treatment back in August here, I received a comment from Stephaniepomfrett. In her comment, she recommended the Superdrug Coconut Oil which was only around £1.50.

Her comment stayed in my mind, so when I finished my much loved Macadamia I had a search for it. Unfortunately i couldn't see her recommendation on Suerdrugs shelves but i did find something else instead.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Coconut and Sweet Almond Intensive Conditioner

When I found this in Superdrug it was on special....two tubs for £1.49. Strangely one tub alone was £1.49, so in affect I was buying one getting one for free! Oh happy days! I have seen this many times before and not really taken much notice, but now I'm pretty glad I did take notice as its quite nice.

Firstly it smells so yummy. I love the smell of coconut but nothing too strong, it just leaves a subtle scent. The feel and texture of this feels luxurious on the hair, with its thick and almost butter like consistency. It feels good to be using this on your hair. I leave this on my hair for 3 to 5 minutes, then give it a thorough rinse, as where it is that thick it takes a good scrub and rinse to remove all traces of it.

Once the hair is dried - the shine, softness and manageability is certainly noticeable. It isn't as soft as my Macadamia, but it is a close second place in the race. Bur for the price you're paying compared to the higher priced brands you don't mind taking a little while longer rinsing it.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

What it looks like in the tub

I know in my Macadamia review i said i'd stick to using that from now on but I am quite liking this. Firstly it's cheap...we're all meant to be making spending cuts and as this is under £2, you cannot really moan about the cost. Secondly, it's from Superdrug. There are Superdrugs everywhere in the UK so it's easy to get a hold of where as Macadamia is not.

I will say one word of warning - try to not get this in your eyes as it hurts :-( just rinse your eyes with warm water if you do get it in your eyes.

What intensive conditioner do you recommend?

Angela xox



Thursday, 27 September 2012

Topshop ~ Pool Party

For my holiday to Jersey I thought I'd get into the holiday mood and paint my nails with my new polish called Pool Party.  Jersey is known for being the warmest and sunniest place in the British Isles, sadly it's been a bit soggy since me and the hubby arrived.  But Pool Party has brightened my day!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Pool Party

Pool Party is a bluey greeny turquoise aqua - it's a bit of a hard polish to categorise.  When I asked the hubby what he thought he said 'Tiffany Box' sprung to mind.  So I think I'll stick to the hubby's description.  It is very simiular to Nails Inc's Haymarket, if not slightly darker...but they could certainly be relations.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
Nails Inc Royal Arcade ring finger with Topshop Pool Party

Two coats of Pool Party will do perfectly, one coat alone is a little streaky but will do if you're in a rush.  For something extra I have added a coat of Nails Inc Royal Arcade which is a blue glitter to my ring finger.  I think it makes this pop even more.

am building myself quite a collection of Topshop polishes, I think they are amazing quality and the range of colours they have is excellent.
What are you loving right now?

Angela xox

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

The Big Pony Collection

When Ralph Lauren released his new collection - The Big Pony Collection, I was a little annoyed. Not because I hated them, actually it was completely the opposite. I loved them all! Not just one or two but all of them!!

I knew if I ever went to buy any of them it would be a really difficult choice to just chose one. Perfume is expensive these days. I remember when I first spotted them in Boots, I thought 'I wish they did a set of four in a miniature versions'. Well fast forward a few months later and at Gatwick Duty Free my prayers have been answered.

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The collection

When it comes to airport Duty Free shops the best thing for anyone to do is just leave me to it. My holiday has well and truly started when I enter the duty free shop! I never intended to buy perfume, it wasn't on my list. The only thing I actually really wanted was the Ever Matte Clarins foundation but they didn't stock my shade - sob sob.

However when I was in the perfume section I headed over to sniff the Big Pony Collection and to my surprise they were selling a travel exclusive set of miniatures! After a jaw dropping moment of shock, I snatched a set off the shelf and declared that they were mine (Finding Nemo style....mine mine mine!)

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos
This is what the bottles look like

All four bottles contain a different fragrance which are all lovely. You'll agree with me if you smell them it is hard to chose just one.

Number 1 Blue ~ is a sporty scent
Number 2 Pink ~ is a sensual fragrance
Number 3 Yellow ~ is a radiant floral scent
Number 4 Purple ~ is an oriental fragrance

My personal favourite is the purple number 4, it seems similar-ish to Britney Midnight Fantasy - which i love.

Angela xox


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Hello there!! Plus a little shopping

Apologises for the blog silence. Life has been hectic, nervous break down hectic actually!  I have actually been feeling a little ill because of it :-( But now I am a little better ...still brain fried but better as I'm on my holiday in sunny (cough cough) Jersey. It's rained and been windy like hell since I arrived!

I couldn't even really tell you guys i was going away because I was running around like a headless chicken for the past 2 weeks.  But now I'm enjoying a week of sitting around enjoying the sights Jersey has to offer.  Plus a little shopping....that goes without saying!

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My first Jersey purchase was my Caudalie Beauty Elixir.  When i saw the Caudalie sign displayed in the window of a health and organics store called Leaders - I did a little squeal to the hubby to which he rolled his eyes!  We did more exploring around St Helier then afterwards I made a bee line straight back to Leaders. 

I picked up two small bottles for £9.90 each, which is a bargain that I will not say no to!  Because I made two purchases from the Caudalie range I was given a free gift which was a sample of one of their fragrances.  I was given Zeste De Vigne, which isn't for the faint hearted.  It is very strong and full of citrus notes like lemon, orange, mandarin.  I admit when I first tried it when I got back to the hotel my first thought was ewwww, but I will see if it grows on me.  But if you love your lemons, you'll be on to a winner with this!

Angela xox

Monday, 24 September 2012

J' Adore Bobbi Brown

Ever since I went to Bobbi Brown and had my wedding makeup session, I have fallen in love with the brand. Before the bridal session I had little experience with her products. All I had previously was her Bronzer Shimmer Brick and Tinted Moisturiser – both great products I might add! But if I was asked who I’d swear by I’d have to say Bobbi, I admit I’m still a die hard MAC fan, but now I’m swinging towards Ms B.B. much more. Yes her products are slightly more expensive, but hey she’s 100% worth it.

If I had to recommend one product that I’ve been using by B.B. it would have to be the Hydrating Eye Cream.

At £29.00 a pop, yes it’s expensive but you use such a teeny weenie amount the price tag will seem like nothing. For a 28 years old, I don’t look too bad in the eye department, but age, hereditary saggy eyes and near constant squinting at a computer screen all day doesn't do my eye area any good!

The Hydrating Eye Cream is quick-absorbing and literally melts into the skin.  It leaves the skin soft and refreshed and just makes the under eye more moisturised, something I seem to lack.  I use this morning and night.  It is great for helping correctors and concealers stay on for longer.  I have really noticed the difference my under eye, it just feels and looks smoother.

The pot may seem tiny, but this product will last you forever.  You need such a small amount (in the picture above the amount I have on my finger will be enough for both eyes!)  What I will say is the product has a 6 month shelf life . . . according to the box - well it's a lie.  I had my recent pot for 2 years and the cream was fine as I checked with a B.B. sales assistant.  Just because the box says 6, 12, 18 months doesn't mean it correct - it's just there for guidance.  Just give it the sniff test!!

What is you favourite eye cream?

Angela xox

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Revlon Colourstay Shadow Stick

I can be quite lazy when I comes to eye makeup. Sometimes I love experimenting and other times I love just a simple look which is quick and easy to achieve. Recently I picked up the new-ish Revlon Colourstay Smokey Shadow Stick in the colour Torch.

Top: the shadow stick
Bottom L-R: light and dark
Torch is a duo shadow stick, one end a light base colour and the other a darker liner or crease shade.  Torch is a light pinky fresh toned colour whilst the other shade is a dark chocolate brown colour. The tips of each colour are designed slightly different because of their uses.  The light end is slightly rounded, so it is easier to apply to the lid as a base.  The darker side has a more pointer finish so it can easily apply the product to the lash lines and the crease. 

When it comes to the shadows themselves, I find the brown side a little easier to work with as the light side can be a little dry. Every time I have used the light side I have had to warm it up on the back of my hand before attempting to use on the eye lid as I don't want to drag it across my delicate skin.  As the lighter colour is so dry it has already fallen out of the container a few times which isn't particularly good. 

The swatches in different lighting

So would I repurchase this after it's finished?  Yes I probably would as I like the neutral colour.  I bought a darker one recently so I can try to create a darker smokey eye (review to come).  I can see this being great in warmer climates, as it lasts an exceptionally long time.  I can also wear it at the gym and it doesn't move.

Do you like simple eye looks?  Have seen these at your local Revlon stand?

Angela xox

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

L'Oreal Rouge Caresse... the pinks!

Way back in April I treated myself to one of the new (at the time) L'Oreal Rouge Caresse lipsticks in Dating Coral.  Since April, Dating Coral has not left my handbag - it has become a permanent fixture in there.  As I love Dating Coral so much I thought I'd pick a few more to bring home to keep it company.

Cheeky Magenta and Lovely Rose

I love pinks and these two are very wearable.  Cheeky Magenta is much more a brighter hot pink compared to its softer rosy pink friend Lovely Rose.  Due to their sheerness you never get a bold lip but more a soft delicate look which I think is more appealing than the plastered on lipstick look. I think they are very wearable and you can apply them almost like a balm without a mirror.  It's easy peasy!

L-R lip swatches : Lovely Rose and Cheeky Magenta
L-R hand swatches : Cheeky Magenta and Lovely Rose (natural and flash lighting)

These two lipsticks like Dating Coral catch the light beautifully and look very natural.  There are so many good things I could say about them, I think they are excellent and really worth the money.

The Rouge Caresses are pretty much a duplicate of the Revlon Lipbutters in my opinion.  They look the same on the lips and have a similar price tag, but I always feel more drawn to these.  Especially the packaging, I just think it looks more posh and mature compared to the cheap looking Lipbutters.  But never the less I still love them too but just love the Caresses more!

Have you tried any of the Rouge Caresses yet?  What's your favourite?

Angela xox

Monday, 17 September 2012

Goldwell Rich Repair Leave In Hair Tip Serum

Wow that is a mouthful for a product name!  An item I picked up with my haul a few weeks back, this item headed straight to my gym bag as that is the place where I mostly wash and dry my hair these days.

This serum is made with pashmina silk proteins which sounds mighty glamour for a hair product ingredient.  What you do is after washing your locks is remove the excess water from your hair then just before you start to blow dry and style, apply this to the tips of your hair.

This will strengthen the tips of your hair and help keep the dreaded split ends at bay.  Obviously it will not get rid of split end you already have - its not a miracle worker but it help you not get them in the first place. It also helps smooth and give hair a silky shiny look which we all love don't we girls??

At just over £7 on I would say this is definitely worth looking into but it's not an essential in my book if you don't suffer from split ends.

Angela xox

Sunday, 16 September 2012

So long, farewell - Empties #4

Hey everyone, I have more empties for you. Go me!  If you follow me on YouTube you'll know this video has been up for sometime.  However I never posted a mention on my blog.

Yet again I've been using half full or half empty (which ever way you wish to call it) and trying to de-clutter!  I think the challenge of trying to use everything up has made me go into over drive!!

I have made a video of my empties.  I did mean to do a blog post also, however I forgot after I did the video and threw my empties into the recycling bin! Oops!

Hope you like and have a great Sunday!!!

Angela xox

Some more Soap and Glory!!

A sucker for '3 for 2' offers in places likes Boots and Superdrug I have been sucked in.....again!  This time I have picked up some Soap and Glory products.  Slowly I am becoming more and more in love with the brand.  I was never too fond of SG in the beginning as I thought it was an over priced brand and basically chose to ignore it. But now my SG collection is getting bigger and bigger.  I did picked up a full size tub of Flake Away but I'm not going to do a mini review, as I have done a full review here.  So here are the other two items I picked up.

Glad Hair Day and Heel Genius

After picking up a 50ml travel sized Glad Hair Day Hair Conditioner as an emergency gym bag purchase, I fell in love and bought myself a full size in the same week.  This product, like a majority of SG products smells delicious! It has a fruity scent which smells yummy and lingers afterwards.  It makes my hair very soft and shiny and just easy to manage.  The only thing is I feel like I need lots of it for my hair as I have thick hair, so sadly I do not see this tube lasting very long at all.  Very good at detangling and strengthening your hair, I'd certainly buy this again.

The next item I got is the Heel Genius Amazing Footcream.  Unfortunately since what feels like forever I have suffered with very dry feet. It is a constant battle to keep them moisturised and I always feel I'm on the losing side. The first time I used this I put a reasonable amount on my feet after a shower and before bed. I then put some cotton socks on over night so my feet would keep the cream on. By morning my feet were so soft I was really impressed. Throughout the day they remained soft and moisturised too, they didn't instantly get dry again which i don't think i ever seen before with other foot creams I've used.  With ingredients like macadamia oil and menthol this makes you feet like you've got new ones!!!

What's your favourite Soap and Glory products?

Angela xox

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shu Uemura Eye Lash Curler

I caved and purchased something I never thought I’d purchase in a million years.  My new toy is the Shu Umera eye lash curler.

The box, instructions and what the curlers look like

The only reason I have actually taken the leap to buy this is because instead of the £20.00 price tag usually stamped on these, I managed to nab this for £14.50 (plus P&P) all thanks to Buyapowa.  Buyapowa is a site which sells discounted items...the more people who buy the lower the price goes....simples.  When it comes to the curlers, I stuck it out until the end and got them for £5.50 cheaper.  Yay!  Personally I would never fork out £20.00, so I’m pretty glad I spotted them on the site. 

I have always been sceptical when it came to the award winning much talked about lash curlers.  I have always used drug store or my free pair from the Fabulous/Models Own collaboration.  I would  never dream of spending so much one curlers.

Do you own these . . . do you think they are worth the hype?

Angela xox

Monday, 10 September 2012

TAG: Makeup Repurchases

So if you lost all your makeup, which items would you repurchase first?  I've been loving peoples tag about what they would buy again . . . so here I am with my version!

So lets start with my foundation, the Clarins Ever Matte (I’m the shade Ivory 03) has been without a doubt my best beauty purchase and I will certainly buy more.  This ticks every single box, it gives coverage without looking like I’m caked in it.  Also the shade suits my skin perfectly.  My skin in a bottle (full review here).

The next two items are something I have spoken about on numerous occasions, you’re probably bored of me talking about them.  The Maybelline One by One Volumn’ Express mascara (full review here) and The Summer Fever Trio Blusher by Rimmel London (review here) are two products I cannot live without.  The mascara makes my lashes look like I’m wearing false ones.  And the blush is a lovely colour, with its mixture of pink, shimmer and bronze - I always get compliments when I wear it.

The next two items are my favourite lipsticks; Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Boy (review) and MAC's Lustre in Sweetie (review).  Both stunning shades, Boy is a my lips but better shade - it is truly gorgeous.  Sweetie is a plummy lustre which makes the lips look 'wow-wee' without looking too OTT.

Now for the eyeshadows.  A definite repurchase would be my Naked Urban Decay Palette.  It has every single colour you need.  You cannot go wrong by purchasing this, expensive but certainly worth the pennies!!  Also I'd buy again the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos.  Bad on Bronze and Tough as Taupe (review) are my favourites and most used.  I also love the MAC Paint Pots especially the nude shades - however if Maybelline bought out nude colours I swap my MAC's for them hands down.

My primer repurchase would be my Face Base from Bobbi Brown (review) I love this base.  The pot pictured is my second pot and I'm almost finished.  It just leaves my skin feeling lush and moisturised and the foundation applied over the top lasts all day.  Plus it smells beautiful.

Finally for concealor I'd pick up Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection (which I have yet to review)  for a high street / drug store concealor this is so amazing.  The consistency, longevity - absolutely amazing.  However they could do with releasing a few my shades as they only seem to have light to medium colours at the moment.

So that's everything I purchase again . . .I have also made a video version of the post if you like to view that:


What would you buy again??

Angela xox

Sunday, 9 September 2012

MUA Blusher

I have finally treated myself to a new blusher.  I have loved my beloved Rimmel London Summer Fever for so long now I thought it was time to treat myself to some new.  Behold my bargain blusher purchase.
Makeup Acadamey blusher number one

At a seriously ridiculous price of £1 not buying this blush would criminal. Even if you hated it, at £1 it is hardly going to something to cry about if it doesn't fulfill your expectations. However even though this is cheap and cheerful it is quite a pretty blush. 

A light baby pink with a hint of shimmer it is perfect for those of you who like a little blush with a whole lot a pigment. It can look a little chalky but for £1 it isn't something too annoying. The colour lasts quite a while and looks very lush on the cheeks. 

Do you have a favourite MUA purchase?

Angela xox

Saturday, 8 September 2012

New Look Technology

When we think of the high street chain New Look we think clothes, shoes and accessories right?  So it seems New Look are expanding their range of accessories in to the technology fashion department.

This week I picked up a groovy faux-leather studded black case for my iPad.  It has a padded diamond shaped stitching detailing with gold studs.

Look at the gorgeous detailing, you would think this fashion accessory was expensive.  But high street giants New Look have this beauty priced up at a bargain price of £12.99.  The inside is just a simple dark purple material. The padding is very good so there is no risk of damaging your valuable iPad.

I'm really loving my new purchase, I think it looks and feels really stylish.  I believe this will look fabulous in anyone's handbag.  They also sell Kindle cases which are the same design.

Have you got a cool fashion accessory?

Angela x

Friday, 7 September 2012

Emerald Isle NPOTW

This is my final polish from the Primark haul of polishes which you can see here.  I have also shown Foiled Again which is another Primark polish here.

This is the least impressive polish of the bunch.  To get any kind of coverage you have to really layer this up. This picture above has at least three coats of polish and it still doesn't give the great coverage of the nail.

I would probably team this up with another polish as a base then use this as a top coat.  If you're planning on buying this polish and using it alone then I wouldn't recommend it.  I might do another post/NPOTW showing this as a top coat, then I might start to like it!  But for under £2 it's not a big loss if I don't use it ever again.

Angela xox

Friday Favourite # 2

I thought I show you one of my favourite foundation brushes for this Fridays 'Friday Favourites'.  It is the delightful Sigma F80 Flat Top Kabuki Brush.  This synthetic brush is the quality of some high end brand brushes but it is literally half the price.

A great brush for buffing liquids into the skin and giving a flawless and even look to any foundation you apply.  It has very soft bristles which are very gentle on the face and do not irritate.  They are packed together tightly and are very dense - giving the flat top kabuki look to the brush.  I've had no shedding experiences with this brush so far and it still looks as good when I first bought it early last year.  If you wish to achieve an air brushed makeup look then this brush is something I definitely think is worth investing in.

Available from US company website here, they do international shipping on all their products however there are also online stores in the UK which sell the brush and other Sigma brushes.  I ordered mine through the Sigma site and luckily haven't had to pay any Royal Mail/Customs import fees . . . yet!

Do you have the F80?  What's your favourite foundation brush?

Angela xox

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

MAC Lipstick ~ Sweetie

When I first got this lipstick it was one of those shades I wasn't quite keen on and said to myself why did I get you??  My initial thoughts were not positive, I liked it but wish I'd chosen something else instead.  Well times have changed and now this lustre is one of my go to MAC lipsticks.

Swatches and the tube

A plumy raspberry colour Sweetie is not a MAC lipstick you hear about all to often.  I like this personally as it can appear quite bold and I'm not too fond of bright reds, so it's nice to chose something else that I feel makes a big impression.  Sweetie is quite similar to Lustering and Plumful which I picked up a while ago after a Back2MAC session  - click here.  Also in the lipstick there is a very fine mirco-glitter which cathces the light perfectly.

Here are some swatches for you to look at. . .

Considering this was a Back2MAC, I'm pretty impressed with my buy.  I would certainly pay full price for this lipstick.

What is your 'go to' lipstick?  Do you any favourites?

Angela xox

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Topshop ~ Moonstone

I have been lusting after this polish for quite some time and recently I gave into the lust and treated myself . . .which I seem to do a lot evidently.  Having a large Topshop on my door step in London usually always leads me into temptation.

The bottle and two coats

Moonstone is an out of this world polish.  A stunning pearly shade which can look so differently depending on how many layers you apply. 
One coat gives a nice pearly wash to the nails a subtle look.  Two coats gives you a more bold shimmery pearl nail which I think is gorgeous.  I am definitely taking this baby on my holiday!

This is only £5, I dare you to treat yourself to it, you'll love it!

Angela xox

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Estee Lauder ~ Sensuous Nude

I own a lot of perfumes - too many to many to be honest . . . I am a bit of a magpie for them!  However I dare say there is another girl out there with more than me so in the end it doesn't make me feel too bad!

One of my go to scents at the moment is the Sensuous Nude parfum spray by Estee Lauder.  Don't get this confused with the other Estee Lauder Sensuous fragrances (there is also Sensuous and Sensuous Nior) this is the Nude version.

The bottle

When describing perfume smells I am terrible, I'm hardly a genius at it unfortunately.  Beautiful is how I would describe it essentially.  But i will say it has a warm smell which is kind of feminine and woody - musky if you prefer but not too strong.  Not to sound silly but the name I think fits this perfectly,  it does feel sensuous on the skin.  I feel like I would be quite happy to literally wear just this perfume if you know what I mean.  A strange way to describe it but it just feels like how your skin would or should smell.

If you are a fan of sickly sweet girly smells then Sensuous Nude will not be for you.  I feel like this is more for a mature late 20's early 30's woman.  It is quite a subtle smell which lasts on the skin for around 2 hours (not long sadly) so it does need a top up through the day.  This is probably the only negative that it doesn't last all day :-(

I love the packaging as well with its rose gold cap and light pink bottle.  There is also ribbing on the back of the bottle in a sensuous curve shape. . . a very pretty bottle to have on any ladys dressing table!

What's your go to fragrance??

Angela xox

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Korres Lip Butter in Plum

I have popped my Korres cherry finally!!!  After hearing people talk about the Korres Lip Butters for so long, I have finally bitten the bullet and purchased myself one.  I’ve never even seen the lip butter range in person so I literally chose this one by googling and looking at blog reviews.  Ahhh the powder some bloggers have ceases to amaze me!

I chose the colour Plum which as the name suggests is a plumy shade.  At first glance it looks very dark but when you apply to the skin/lips it doesn't apply quite so dark.  By all means it is still dark just not so wow-in-your-face dark like it appears in the pot!  When you apply to the lips I like the fact it isn't too bold more like a tinted stain look almost like you have just eaten an ice lolly.

The pot and the swatches

The lip butter itself has the most yummy smell, for such a small pot this packs in a lot to excite the senses.  I cannot quite put my finger on the name of smell yet, but it certainly is lush!  The shine you get when you apply to the lips is almost gloss like - you could definitely wear this alone.

The butters are full moisturising and soothing ingredients like shea butter, rice wax and natural oil extracts making the lips super soft.  Korres sell many other colours so if Plum doesn't quite take your fancy there are six others to chose from.

I will say one or two things though, firstly as this is quite pigmented I wouldn't apply this without using a mirror in case I made a bit of a boo boo when I put it on.  If it were a clear balm then that would be a different story.  Also it says this is great for chapped lips, I'm not sure personally if I would want to use a balm that is so dark like this on chapped lips in case it sat on the lips strange.  I would prefer a lighter or clear version if my lips were very chapped.

Have you ever tried the Korres Lip Butters??

Angela xox

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