Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Helping Hand With Asda

Being a new parent is literally like being thrown under a bus. Pregnancy is exciting, but then the show gets started and it's pretty darn daunting coming home with a little human that does not come with an instruction manual!

Any help is certainly a blessing from family and friends. Thank god we are lucky to have lots of family for support and to ask questions. You usually learn and find things out through your family and friends. However if you don’t have family around who do you turn to?

A few weeks ago I had the honour of meeting the oh so lovely Dr Hilary Jones and having lunch with him at The Ivy and a group of fellow mummy bloggers. Dr Hilary has teamed up with the folks from Asda to help us new parents.

The lovely team at Asda Little Angels and Myraid have put together four short videos full of helpful tips on subjects such baby weaning, nappy changing, bath time and nap rash with the help of Hilary.

I would like to thank Myriad and Asda's Little Angels for inviting me to a fantastic afternoon.

Angela x

* I was invited by Myriad, I was not paid to attend the event. All opinions are my own!


Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Muji And Liz Earle Eye Combo

Do you ever buy something and then think to yourself "why the hell did I buy that??"

Totally. All the time.

A few years ago I picked up these eye patches from Muji. I LOVE Muji, I have bits and bobs from their store everywhere in my house. Acrylic drawers for my makeup, tall storage units with wheels in my bathroom and under the stairs and their little vanity unit containers in my bed side drawer. And to top it off I LOVE their gel pens too. I'm a sucker for a good old pen. What is awesome about Muji is the prices. You're buying top quality items for a really good price that won't make you shudder at the tills when you hand over your debit card. I urge you to check them out if you haven't done so already - they have a lot of stuff and some may float your boat.

Anyway, lets get back to the eye patches.

I thought they'd be kind of cool to use at home to keep me looking younger and youthful and at only £1.50 for 20 patches I weren't going to be breaking the bank. However roll on a few years, I never got round of using them and they sat in my beside drawer gathering dust. I was decluttering one day and thought it was time to say good bye. Then it hit me, a lightening bulb moment and I saw my Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion in the drawer. Ta-dah! I now had a use for my patches.

I take two patches and soak them in the solution and pop them under my eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. Hey presto refreshed under eyes here I come. Unlike conventional cotton wool pads, the patches are really thin and absorbent - they almost resemble a second layer of skin. You can lay back with these on and chill or you can do the washing up as they stay stuck to your under eyes. Whereas cotton wool patches would fall off if you stood up.

Don't I look glam? Fingers crossed these will give me my youthful looks back!

Angela x


Friday, 29 December 2017

One Year Today

Wow. It is one whole year today since I found I was carrying a small cluster of cells in my body that in 9 months time would become my beautiful baby girl.

That day will never leave my memory, because it was such a shock. We'd be trying since January 2015 to have a baby, I'd just turned 31 on the December 2014 and it felt like the right time to become a family of three (four if you include the cat). Months rolled by and I'd peed on countless ovulation and pregnancy tests and still no joy. Trying for a baby can be such a sad journey when you're not getting the result you desire oh so much.

On this day in 2016 I woke up like any other day but with added period cramps as I was due in a few days time. I always had a few tell tale cramps a few days leading up to Aunt Flo coming to town. What instantly ran through my head was 'Oh no well this month will be a no no again'. And a flood of disappointment ran through me like all the other months previously. I generally had this habit of doing a cheap dip stick pregnancy test on the days leading up to my due dates, so I could 100% rule out that I weren't pregnant. This month I did a test like always and just popped it on the window sill and walked away - so hygienic. I didn't even stick around to see the result as I weren't pregnant was I - It was ground hog day. About half hour later I went back to the test on the sill and saw a faint line.

I gasped. 'OH MY GOD' was what immediately ran threw my head 'it must be an evaporated line'. 'It cannot be real?' I then tried to squeeze out the smallest wee and I grabbed a super doper test (I had a whole collection in the bathroom drawer). I popped the First Response test into the tiniest amount of wee and before I even had the chance to throw the test wrapper in the bin two lines we appearing. It had happened. After all the waiting, I was carrying a life. My baby. I was going to be a Mum.

After that, I then rushed down stairs and grabbed my hubby and pulled him into the bathroom to show him the test. Once he realised what I was so emotional about (he thought the cat had died) he said 'Oh Baby' and hugged me so tight whilst I literally cried 'OH MY GOD... OH MY GOD' into his chest.

Roll on a year from that day we have a healthy beautiful baby girl who is 15 weeks old this Sunday and I feel blessed beyond anything in this world. I never thought the miracle of having a baby would ever happen. It's like that scene from Friends when Rachel finds out she is pregnant with Emma and Phoebe tricks her in to thinking she's not pregnant when she really is (clip HERE if you've never seen it). That morning I peed on a stick I thought it's going to be a negative and I was so upset inside. Another part of me had died again. Then my dream came true.

Back in 2014 I wrote a hand on your heart a post asking How Do You Know You're Ready? I always thought in my twenties that being a mum would change my life and I dreaded it and basically put it off. I thought my life would end and it scared the shit out of me. The wiser me now will say I was completely wrong and if I could I would go back in time and give my younger self a serious talking to I would. Yes my life has changed, but for completely ten million percent the better. I would NEVER change my life now, well only perhaps a smaller waist line! Lol. All those worries from my past seem so stupid and I regret not getting started with a family sooner. However they do say good things come to those who wait. We never gave up on our dream and I guess what I'm trying to say is you shouldn't either. No matter how long it takes.

Night night and god bless.

Angela x

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Christmas With UncommonGoods

Christmas this year is certainly going to be a different Christmas to all the others in my life time. I now have a feisty baby to watch over for the next 20 years and with the festive season lurking around the corner I am kind of not looking forward to it! The reason being, I often find Christmas shopping quite stressful when it comes to buying gifts - I always find people like my Dad for instance frustrating to buy for. Men are just difficult aren't they?

Going to the shops Christmas shopping with a two month old is pretty much a no go and I will do much of it all online. So what better timing than to collaborate with UncommonGoods for this post.

UncommonGoods is a US based company which offer a creative array of gifts at affordable prices. There is an unbelievable amount on offer and I don't think there is anything they don't have - something for everybody.

When I read about UncommonGoods mission it had me smiling and nodding my head at so many points. You almost want to fist bump them and say good on you. It is not very often you hear about companies who actually care about so many things.

They don't sell any goods that may cause harm to animals like leather and feathers for example. As someone who opts for cruelty free products, knowing that their mission is to protect animals had me touched. They also give back with their Better To Give Program where they donate $1 to your chosen no-profit organisation. You just select the who you want the money donated to at the checkout when your make your purchase. How cool is that?! I don't think there are many companies out there who care so much - I kind of wish I worked for them.

Now since out little one came along, I'm quite into personalised items with her name on. I was really taken by the cushions where you can get your babies details added to it. Such a personal touch and would also make a great gift be it a Christmas or a Christening. You can see so many options HERE for personalised gifts.

Our family are quite big fan of opening stockings on Christmas Eve. Lots of little presents, some of the fun and silly and some of them actually useful. If you need some ideas of what to pop into someones Christmas stocking this year - for instance a nice pair of earrings - there is a vast amount of options HERE up for grabs.

Every year I always find it difficult buying for my secret Santa at work. If you're clueless at what to get your secret Santa this year, you can take your pick at tonnes of gift ideas for under £20 - like this popcorn maker. There are lots of Christmas gift ideas right HERE for him and her - you'll won't know what to pick as there is so many choices!

I'm really glad I have been introduced to UncommonGoods and I'm really tempted to give them a whirl. Will you pop along and give them a look? I guarantee you'll find something for your loved ones! Oh just an FYI... as they are based in NYC, I would if you're planning to buy anything - get in there early. We all know what Christmas mail can be like lol!

Angela x

* This post is a paid collaboration with UncommonGoods. All opinions are my own as always!!

Monday, 23 October 2017

What's In My Yoga Bag?

Yoga is far more than standing on one leg, humming and looking ridiculous. It's actually a rather good work out - try it if you do not believe me!  I've been attending an evening class and
 I thought it would nice to share what kind of clothes I wear and what bits and bobs I take with me. So what's in my bag you ask?  

Let's start clothes...

The key thing with yoga is comfort. None of the positions you try to obtain should cause you any unnecessary discomfort and neither should your clothes you wear to class. You need to feel comfortable, nothing too tight or too loose it's falling down round your ankles.  I like to wear a skin tight work out vests - I prefer these to loose fitting flowy tops as there is no fabric falling in your face when you're in your downward facing dog!  The Nike Dri and the Adidas ClimaLite lines are one of my favourites as they are breathable and move along with you - almost like a second layer of skin.

For my bottoms I like my leggings and when I say leggings I mean work out ones, not those causal thin black ones.  The causal ones generally are a little thinner and can show your knickers off - keep that for the bedroom ladies!!!!!  I own a few nice pairs from USA Pro, which have good Lycra in them and are quite high waisted.  No falling down to my ankles!

Now ladies, when it comes to your boobies - please wear good support. Whether you are small, medium or large or even extra large in the bust department - you need support.  I wear my sports bra as I have mountains (as per Shakira - Whenever, Wherever).   The bras I use are from Active D+ range from Shocker Absorber, I love this kind I wear as they are high at the front so I don't fall out.  No awkward moments!

Okay on to the essentials...

You may not necessarily need any equipment to begin with.  If you're attending a new group perhaps message your instructor and find out if they supply matts at the class.  If you love it, want to make the class a regular thing, then you may want to buy your own.  The matt I have is from the Argos Davina McCall range.  I personally didn't want anything too fancy and this does the job perfectly.

On to blocks, these aren't a must - it is dependant on you really. Unfortunately I don't have long luscious limbs like a super model. With some of the yoga positions you need a little help and I certainly do. The two I picked up are from USA Pro (not being sponsored - promise). I've provided the link to an Ebay page as the blocks weren't on the USA Pro site - LINK.

The belt is next on my list to buy. I'm currently using a range of residence rubber bands I've collected over the years. These are great too if you aren't that flexible yet and need help reaching certain positions.  Link HERE if you want to browser at some.

I hope this helps any yoga newbies out there. Have you ever tried yoga? Do you have any yoga essentials recommendations?

Angela x

Friday, 29 September 2017

Tomato Butter Bean Cod Stew

It's officially Autumn now and as soon as it strikes I want to pig out of soups and stews. I always find them so warm and cosy and perfect for this time of the year. Usually I eat stews containing meat, but last night I opted to make mine with white fish as thats what we had in the fridge. This is nothing I've ever attempted before, so I was not sure how it would turn out. Eek!

The meal took no longer than 30 minutes to prep and cook and can easily adapted. If you don't have butter beans, you can use another type or don't have a green pepper - use a yellow one! So what you'll actually need for this is...

A fillet of white fish - I used cod
Cherry tomatoes
Butter beans
Green pepper
Salt, pepper, smoked paprika for seasoning.

I've given no measurements, as I am the type of cook who likes to wing it and throw in anything that I think will work. Luckily on this occasion it worked! So heres what you need to do...

Grab a big old frying pan and soften your chopped green pepper. Turn the heat down and then throw in passata, rinsed butter beans, the cherry tomatoes and your herbs and spices for seasoning. Let this simmer and give the passata a chance to thicken up. Just remember to stir now and again so it does not stick to the pan.

You can cook your fish any way you like, if you want to oven bake it or fry it in a shallow oil - then its up to you. I cooked mine in tin foil in the oven at the same time I was prepping and cooking the stew.  It was just easier than keeping an eye on two pans at the same time.

Once your fish is cooked you can now add it to the wet dish. Depending on your preference, you can either flake it, cut it into chunks or just lay it on top. Give it all a stir and let it sit for a while so the fish can take on some of the flavours and thats it. You're ready to dive in and enjoy. 

This is nice and healthy and not too stuffing like a classic stew. You'll certainly get your five a day with this dish.

Angela x


Saturday, 23 September 2017

Food Temptations And How To Avoid Them

Whenever it was someones last day at work, it seemed like the tradition was to buy cake and lots of it. I know from personal experience it can be very difficult to avoid temptation when they, aka naughty treats are literally put under your nose. What I usually do which - sounds very weird is I sniff the food.  Doughnuts, cakes, chocolate, biscuits whatever is, I'll take a deep breath through my nose...I take in the smell of it and that's enough for me. Strange I know, but there is no calories in sniffing, only when you eat it! True story. I'm quite lucky to have a strong will power most of the time, but I know others can struggle... here are some of my tips for you to avoid temptation.

The Bigger Picture
There is a very good saying... A moment on the lips, a life time on the hips. Just guesstimating, but I think you'll need to do approximately 500+ burpees to burn that slice of cake off.  You fancy doing that really? No? Then put the spoon down my friend! If you eat it then remember have to burn it off!  Keep in mind the bigger picture, don't let one piece of cake ruin it for you... If you eat it you might cave and want more bad things!

Do You Really Want It?
Just because it's there does not mean you have to grab a fork and start digging in. If it was not there, would you rush out to the shops to buy something similar?? If the answer is no, then you don't really need it do you.  Just walk away. Yep just keep walking.

Visual Trick
I like this trick where I visually change what the naughty food looks like.  Instead of seeing cake for example, in my mind I just see a big bowl of sugar with a spoon. Seem very advertising now? Not really hey. No one would eat sugar with a spoon on its own would they?? Technically that's what cake is.... Just think about it.

And finally

Have Some...
...but have a very very small portion.  If you cannot keep the craving at bay or you've been healthy eating for a while then have a small piece and I mean SMALL!! If you've gone without sugar for a long time, it'll be out of your system.  You might only be able to manage a small amount of cake, as you'll find the sugar in it too sweet and your stomach has reduced in size meaning you'll fill up faster.  Afterwards you might think why did I bother?!

If  you had some did you enjoy it?  Was it really nourishing food?  Naughty treats never are.

I hope these tips help someone. Do you have any tips??

Angela x


Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Little Angels Bath and Sleep Time

I love to use cruelty free beauty and home products wherever possible. You can read HERE why I chose to go cruelty free. When I got pregnant and it came to the point of thinking about products for my little one, I knew I wanted to use cruelty free items with them too!

When I went to the Asda Little Angels event at The Dorchester back in July, I was given the most amazing goodie bag. Luckily everything in the bag was cruelty free, which I was SO happy about.  I thought I'd share with you the baby bath time products I received.  There were a few bits for Mama too, but I'll share those on another post. So here's what my little bubba got...

Newborns in the beginning don't become too dirty as they hardly wriggle around that much. However when it comes to the six week point where you can finally use products in bubba's bath, you can use this Conditioning Shampoo. With its gentle no tears formula, this product keeps in mind how sensitive newborn skin really is. There are no parabens and it is hypoallergenic.

I think what I love the most from what I was gifted is the Liquid Talc. I gave this little beauty a shout out in an earlier favourites post HERE as I was loving myself. Guilty! However I needed it for my chaffing thighs when it was hotter and it worked a treat. It provided me with lasting protection and really did the trick. I'd certainly have this on my shopping list when this runs out.

The Extra Sensitive Wipes come in a small packet of 15 wipes, which I think is the perfect size for perhaps little ones hospital bag. They also come in a bigger pack of 64 wipes. Great for at home use or in your nappy when you are out and about. The wipes can be used from day one, as they contain 98% purified water and are very soft and gentle.

Some babies will get a little sore under their nappies, for whatever reason. If your bubba is unfortunate to get a little bit of nappy rash, then don't worry. Asda sell a sensitive Nappy Cream which will help in no time at all. This rich cream is fragrance free and anti-bacterial to help babies bottoms feel better in no time. Like all Little Angels products, this it is paediatrician approved!

Now, if your little one is ready for bed but you just want to give a refresh as opposed to a top to bottom bath, these Extra Soft Bedtime Washcloths are a fab option.  Smelling of lavender and chamomile which will relax and calm baby before bedtime, these cloths are extra soft and larger than the normal wipes. They'll be no need to rinse or dry your sleepy head after using these - a really great option just before bed time.

All the products I mentioned at Mumsnet approved and tested. If real mums love it, then it cannot be a bad thing can it?! What products do you love to use on your little cherub?

Angela x

*All products mentioned are PR samples

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Happy 40th!

Ha it's not my 40th birthday. I'm not at that milestone of my life just yet - I have a few years to go before I reach there. Thank god. Actually bubba and I are at full term! We reached 40 weeks exactly on Wednesday 6th. A milestone I thought I never see, because I never thought I'd be able to have a baby.

The finish line instead of being a blurry dot in the distance is now just a stone throw away - I just can't reach it yet as someone obviously didn't receive their eviction notice. I knew deep down that the little one wouldn't appear on its due date. Many people texted asking for news on the baby, which was sweet. Bless them for caring, but they do realise that not all babies arrive on their due dates. We're not talking a scheduled flight here - we're talking babies. They make up the rules as they go along.

It is little sad our little pumpkin hadn't arrived, as I always imagined that the 6th would be their birthday. I tried to get it out by vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, doing a load of laundry, painting a fence...walking the dog - but no show. I've now got the big exercise ball out to bounce this baby out, whether it likes it or not.

Last Thursday I had my usual midwife check up at 40+1 weeks. They said to me at my previous appointment two weeks before, if I'd be interested in a sweep to encourage things to start. In the end we (the midwife and I) agreed to wait. We thought baby should have a chance to come when it wants to come and to start poking it at only one day overdue seemed a bit much. We booked an examination/sweep for yesterday to see how things were going. It didn't go totally to plan, so I am going back on Thursday for sweep number two. That's if I haven't had the munchkin already by then - however I doubt it.

Ideally I did not want to go so overdue, as I would have to be induced :-( Obviously I know I would have no control over that. If it does happens then the birthing unit at my hospital is out of the question and I'll be stuck on the labour ward which I don't want to be. I had the ideas of birthing pools, darken rooms and flicking fake candles - calm and serene. Now I think we're basically going to be poked, prodded and drugged until baby comes. When little one pops out we are going to be having words I tell you now!

What can I do to get this little one out? Any ideas? Help me!

Angela x

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Things People Say To Pregnant Ladies

I believe everyone thinks they can say whatever they like to you once you're pregnant. Everyone wants to know everything which is sweet, but they then comment on everything. Sometimes they say nice things, but other times they say thing which really make you feel either self-conscious or awkward. They probably don't mean it, but it's almost like their brains and mouths are not linked and come out with anything and everything. This is just a few comments I've received from random folk.

You're Looking SOOOO Big/Small Today!
Are you calling me fat? Are you saying I don't look pregnant because I'm so small? Ha! It's a strange thing when people start to comment on your tummy area and its size. Is it acceptable to make comments? Would they like someone making remarks on the size of their tummies? Rolls eyes...

Your Bump Looks Bigger 
Well I am growing baby... so I will get bigger. It won't get any smaller will it really? I found my bump looked smaller and bigger on different days especially in the beginning due to bloating. Then when I got to my 7th/8th month, I am obviously bigger, so the daily comment of you look bigger subsided but only a little.

How Is The Baby?
I don't know why don't you ask it? I don't mean to sound bitchy and almost that I don't sound very appreciative saying this, but I sometimes think people forget you are still a person and not just an incubator for this little human growing in my tummy. Perhaps ask how I am first, then move on to the baby? Just an idea.

Your Life Is Going To Change - ALOT!
Well duh! I know. I'm not going through this pregnancy with my eyes closed. At the end of the day me and my hubby are bringing a new life into the world. I know it won't be a doddle or easy peasy. I trust to will change for certain.

You Look Glowing
Lol, thank you. It's not a pregnancy glow, it's makeup. I looked crap when I was suffering with morning sickness and full on mega tiredness. I didn't really care what I looked like and makeup became something I really did not think about. It just was not a priority in my life. Then later on when I hit trimester number two, it was like I had new batteries - I felt ALIVE! Back came in the makeup, followed by 'wow you look good/look glowing'. This is now because I care again.

It's Going To Hurt
Yawn, really you don't say. Pushing out a human child from my lady garden I can safely assume will not be painless. You really do not need to point out the obvious to me to be honest. However I know you will anyway.

You Look Tired
No shit Sherlock! I'm pregnant, I'm growing a human that is sucking the life out of me like a parasite (sorry baby but you kind of did) and probably no doubt suffering from morning sickness at the same time. I think people do not realise how much pregnancy can take it out of you and make you feel like crap!

Sit Down And Rest
Yes I know I know, but life does still continue when you're pregnant you know. The fairies aren't going to come along and do the washing up and laundry for me. You still have to go to work to earn money to pay the bills. I mean I do rest when I can, but I cannot put my feet up for 9 months and do nothing. Not very realistic.

You've Dropped!!
A fully packed out womb with baby and all isn't very light, especially when you're nearly full term. So it is a given that you might drop south because of gravity. Everyone then gets excited thinking baby is literally on its way because you've dropped. Keep calm people, keep calm.

I'll probably end up writing another post after the baby comes, no doubt called things people say to ladies who have just had a baby! I bet I'll some funny things to write on that post.

Angela x

Friday, 8 September 2017

Vionic Shoe Review: Minna Ballet Flats

For starters excuse the photobombing paws above, but they are so cute I had to leave them in! Cat lover over here.

Any-ho, our poor little feet go through a battering during our lifetime don't they? They very much are used and abused and at certain stages of our lives they need a little help and support, especially during pregnancy. Vionic is shoe brand which has everything from boots, sandals, flip flops, trainers and more that has specialist technology designed by experts of all things feet.

Now you might assume that shoes designed and made by a podiatrist for chiropody and podiatry purposes might be ugly or granny like - wrong! They are actually really nice and you may be pleasantly surprised by how many styles there is to be had.

When I was given the chance to try out a pair of Vionic shoes... I couldn't say no could I? My pregnant feeties needed the help! I opted for the Minna Ballet Flats in Grey Snake* colour as I'm quite a fan of the good old ballet flat. My first impressions were 'ooo these are FANCY', as I'm so used to wearing a cheap pairs of Primark shoes. You could instantly see the quality in these shoes. 

Made from durable materials with a faux snake skin pattern and the bow detailing on the leather toe cap - these are FAR from granny like I can tell you now! There is a firm yet flexible rubber sole that has the perfect grip, which is fab considering we're heading to the wetter months of the year.

Orthotic technology is high on the agenda with these shoes. They feature FMT technology, a biomechanic removable evaluated foot bed support that will help with the natural alignment of the foot. Because it is removable, on days where you might not feel up to having the extra support - all you got to do is remove the foot bed. They also come with a deep heel to help with support and stability - no more excuses for falling over.

It may feel kind of strange at first wearing the shoes with the support which I discovered. If you're used to wearing a certain style of shoe, then wearing a pair of Vionic's for the first couple of times might seem uncomfortable. However you will soon adapt and they will feel like a dream to put on your feet. As I'm used to putting on flat flip flops or ballet pumps to begin with these felt a little odd, however I got used to them after a few wears out and about.

Another great thing about Vionic is they also sell half sizes, so if your feet are not the standard size then not to worry Vionic have got your back or your foot should I say?!

If you want to browse the digital aisles of what Vionic have to offer (and there is a lot trust me) well the link is HERE.

Angela x

* AD/PR Sample (All opinions are my own as always!)


Thursday, 7 September 2017

Why I Decided To Go Cruelty Free

Firstly I write this post not with the intention of spreading my opinion around and forcing people to chose my way of life. That's not what I'm about - I'm not a bully or a brain washer.  Everyone has the right to make their own choices in life and do as they wish, however I am about educating people wherever I can. So if I do end up changing your mind, well that will make me a happy trooper.

I'm a big softy when it comes to animals, ask any one who knows me. When I took the above picture of the bunny in Cornwall I pretty much said ahh at every picture I took of it. I'm so soft that if I see a bee walking on the floor I have to try and move in case someone steps on it and kills it. I'll jump over a line of ants walking in the garden and I am always chatting to my cat like she knows what I'm saying to her - I swear she does. I'm a soppy animal lover through and through and I'm proud to admit it.

I've currently been cruelty free (CF) for approximately 2 years. I first got an insight to the CF world when I went to a blogging event years ago for the Tara Smith. I can remember when she was introducing her brand to us all, that she was so PASSIONATE about the products being CF and containing no animal products. I think I fell in love with the idea of being CF from that moment onwards thanks to Tara. Here was a hair stylist to the stars of Hollywood telling us all that you don't need products containing animal products and that have been tested on them to look good. She changed me, forced my eyes open wide and I'm very grateful for it. After that moment I started to research brands and look at everything I owned.

Before I become CF I loved big makeup brands - posh expensive brands that look friggin' amazing. You know the ones I'm talking about right? If you see back on my blog and YouTube channel there are lots of posts and videos I've created which contain brands like them. Sadly a lot of them test on animals. Sometimes it's not the companies themselves that do it, but third parties when it is required by law - namely China where it is the law. Before any foreign beauty product can be sold in China it must be tested on an animal - sad but true. You can read this post from Cruelty-Free Kitty which talks more about brands and the whys. Cruelty-Free Kitty is a great source I like to visit to keep up to date with all things CF.

Annoyingly you really have to have your wits about you when choosing brands. I've had to check their small print on their websites. Some give the impression they are CF in the policies, saying things like 'we do not test on animals or ask anyone else to do so on our behalf - unless required by law'. Argh! The reason why these brands sell in china is because of the money - pure and simple. Greedy people want to line their pockets with as much money as possible at the cost of the animals. It makes me angry and so sad that is the reason. China and it's beauty market is huge and worth billions. However there is some hope as not all beauty brands opt to sell there because of their laws. They still make money and not at the expense of animals in laboratories.

Luckily in the EU it is against the law to test on animals for the beauty industry. Praise the lord! I'm not sure why China cannot follow suit - If the EU doesn't do it then why them? Perhaps in the future China will rethink their policies and follow in the EU's foot steps.

The reason why I chose to become CF is because I didn't want to be apart of it any more. Putting money in the pockets of the greedy and the animals being used as beauty product testers. It made me feel sick ... how can a animal lover like myself do it? To use a product, that an animal has had to suffer bad treatment and testing to make sure its good enough for us humans? It made perfect sense to me now to end my association with these companies.

There are so many brands that are CF, so there is no need to worry your little socks thinking where will your next tube of foundation will come from if you merge into CF products. There are plenty of cool amazing brands out there which will surprise you. Why do you think I'm always having Lush baths? ;-)

Anyways, I hope this post sheds some light on the decisions I have made to be CF. Perhaps this will encourage you to think about the products you use.

Angela x

Monday, 4 September 2017

Hello September

Wow it's September. The month of change, so I thought a little life update was in order.

It feels like it has taken ages to get to September and now it is finally here. I love September, it is the change in the air as it gets nippier. The leaves on the trees changing from the lush greens to the oranges and burnt reds. The nights draw in and the need to put the central heating on becomes a real thing!

September also marks the time our bubba is nearly due, which to be honest scares the shit out of me. I want to meet baby, but its the in-between stage that doesn't really feel me with the joys of spring. I feel like a ticking bomb. We are basically ready and waiting for little one to decide to pop out whenever it wants to. I just hope I don't go to over due as I don't want to be induced. Eek.

Another change happening this month is that I am finally being made redundant from my job on the September 29th. Myself and colleagues first got told back in February and now it's officially D-Day looming over the hill at the end of the month. It's different for me as I'm obviously on maternity and I haven't had to stay at work until the end as such. It will be weird when my maternity leave is over next year, as I won't have a job to go back to. I've never not had a job before and I am already being asked when I go back what is my plan. Let's have my baby first before we give that a thought.

Angela x

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Prepping My Bits With My Expert Midwife

As D-Day looms ever closer, the affects that labour will have on my body is at the forefront of my mind. The pain part doesn't freak me out as such, as that's a given really. It's more the thought of the physical affects on my body afterwards. For instance tearing or being cut down there in my lady garden area - crosses legs and shudders! The thought of tearing down there is more on my mind than labour itself. I know there is going to be some kind of 'damage' if you want to call it that - I mean we are attempting to squeeze a grapefruit sized head out of an opening a tad smaller. It's not going to be easy.

My Mum suggested to me a few months ago about perineum massage to prep myself - yes we talk about all kinds of random things... lol!  This is a technic where you massage the skin between your vagina and bottom. Now you might think ewww about massaging down there, but I kind of like to think whatever helps right? I searched for different brands and went to Boots to have a look, but then while on instagram one day I came across My Expert Midwife. A company created by experienced midwives Claire and Lesley which I like, as they know what us ladies wants and needs are - especially down there!

I noticed they sold a oil for perineum massage called Peri Prep Your Bits, a natural based oil to help promote suppleness and elasticity of the perineum skin. You can do daily massage down there from 34 weeks. Now your probably thinking how would long would the 30ml bottle last if you're using it every day to every other day? Don't worry - there is a specially designed lid which controls the flow of the oil so you cannot waste it. A nice touch.

As well as the Peri Prep Your Bits they sell a small range of other products from nipple balm, stretch mark lotion and a spitz spray for your bits to help soothe them after birth. You can visit My Expert Midwife website HERE and browse their Pre and Anti-natal goodies. I also order the Spritz Your Bits after birth spray which I'm looking forward to trying out when the time comes.

Did you do anything to prep yourself down there for labour?

Angela x

Sunday, 27 August 2017

Why We Didn't Announce Our Pregnancy On Facebook

My hubby and I are not the biggest social media enthusiasts. Yes we both have Facebook, but we don't post every waking moment of our lives on there. A few pictures here and there, but it just isn't our thing to post our personal lives on there.

These days it seems FB is the source of everything, no one does anything in person especially when it comes to pregnancy announcements. We told no one when we first got pregnant - our own personal little secret growing in my belly which no one knew about apart from the cat! It had taken us a while to see those two lines on a test and we just wanted to cherish it in secret before everyone else found out.

After 13 weeks we told family, with the strict instructions that NOTHING were to be put on FB. If we weren't posting on there then no one else should be. Sounds fair right? This seemed to be a difficult concept for people to appreciate - they almost seemed confused. Yes family members and friends get excited as they as basically apart of it all, but I think they fail to remember that they weren't actually there at the conception themselves.

Then one day it happened - we were outed :-(

We were outed on FB first by my Mum who checked herself into a baby show we were attending. She didn't tag myself or the hubby who were with her, so we didn't know until she verbally said 'I've checked us in!' Why... when you know our wishes? The secret was out to her FB friends then! The next time a work colleague put a picture up of me in an album which had a baby related name and this time I was tagged. We got her to rename the album but the damage was done.

Both times I was annoyed, but more so I was quite upset and disappointed. We'd expressed our wishes and they weren't being respected - just a simple request. It was our news and other people started spreading it about like it was theirs to share. This was our little baby, we made it and we still hadn't uploaded a grainy picture or said a word on social media ourselves.

We had our reasons for not posting like I said earlier. Firstly due to the fear. This baby of ours didn't just appear in my womb over night. It was a long journey of tears and frustration. Days staring at lines on ovulation sticks and countless nights of rumpy pumpy with the hubby - not like he ever complained. Making a baby for us just wasn't happening. Then we were pregnant after over two years of wanting (I'll go into details hows and whys in another post). Given all I just wrote, I suppose the reason is obvious - the fear of losing something we wanted so badly certainly out weighed the desire to announce all over the Internet.

Another reason for our silence is to be respectful to others. I can personally say myself that seeing other peoples pictures of their little miracles pulled on my heart strings very very hard. Why am I looking at someone else scan picture instead of our own? The journey to parenthood is not plain sailing and I personally know of others who have and are still going through countless rounds of IVF to achieve the goal of becoming parents. If you've never struggled, then you will never know the feelings that come with it. The last thing you want is some excited announcement showing casing what someone else has got instead of you. I know you cannot stop everyone else's lives from happening, but a little compassion wouldn't go a miss sometimes.

When bubba finally has the desire to venture into the world, we'll pop a small post and picture onto our pages. Until then we'll still remain silent, like we have done from the beginning. Social media isn't the be all and end all.

Angela x


Monday, 21 August 2017

Can You Eat Out And Stay Healthy?

The simple answer to this is yes. It is all about making better and wiser choices. Plus having the meal out with someone who understands your journey, there is nothing worse than peer pressure to eat a Banoffee Pie - true story!

If you're leading a healthy lifestyle there is nothing worse than temptations, especially if you're someone who can easily cave in to it. Here are a few helpful tips.

If you're going out for a meal, plan ahead. Agree a restaurant which has healthier options on the menu. You can even pick the meal before you step foot in the restaurant. This way you won't be looking at everything on the menu. Don't put temptation under your nose!!

Avoid The Bread Basket
I, like the next person loves a chunk of bread with balsamic and olive oil. However most restaurants give you the white bread option. Go for olives instead as they contain healthy fats. Plus you'll be saving yourself from the bread basket bloat.

These days I'm all about the water. I rarely have soda/pop/fizzy (whatever you call them) drinks at all. However with a meal I may have the occasional glass of white wine - when not pregnant obviously! If you're going down this road have water too, as it's all about balance. Plus water fills you up.

So your dying for a steak, but the only options on the menu is they serve it with chips and covered in sauce. Ask your waiter if you can swap items over or have the sauce on the side. Restaurants are quite accommodating these days and are more than happy to chop and change chips or French fries for let's say a jacket or boiled potatoes. If you don't ask, you don't get!

If you're dying for a side dish of chips then have them, but perhaps share them with who you are with. You won't feel like you have to eat them all if you're sharing with a friend.

Two Out Of Three
When you're at a restaurant there is normally the traditional of starters, mains, dessert. Well my friend just have two... either starters and no dessert or indulge in dessert but skip the starters. Less is more.

Hope this helps and inspires.



Thursday, 10 August 2017

Smear Tests - Yay Or Nay?

I recently got a reminder letter from the NHS that my smear is due. Yayyyyyyy fun times.

Having a cervical screening is not something that have ever bothered me that much. They are not the most enjoyable, I mean if you've had one you'll know what I mean right? However no matter how much I might not find the whole process pleasant, I will still book my appointment at the soonest possible time. I've never ignored a request to go.

Quite a few years ago, my Mum had a her smear like normal. The result came back with a request for further investigation and it turned out she had cells on her cervix which showed abnormal changes. That was then followed up with a colposcopy and having regular smears to keep an eye on her cervix. I personally know from my Mums experience that smear tests DO MATTER!

Back last year I made a video on my YouTube channel talking about smears. A fourteen minute ramble about why I think smears are important. It got a good response, which I'm happy about as ultimately that was my goal. I still find it shocking that some women do not opt to go for their cervical tests. Yes it can be uncomfortable, but I would rather have a few moments of being uncomfortable than the fear of being told the worse news ever!

It is a life saving test and it's not something to be ignored. There is stigma and fear associated with smears, but it's not embarrassing or painful. Yes it may be a little awkward as at the end of the day it's your lady garden area, but there is no actual pain with a smear test. At the of the day just bite the bullet and just do it, it may save your life.

I currently cannot go for my smear at the moment as I'm 36 weeks pregnant exactly right now. After a conversation with my midwife, she basally said 'not right now'. Apparently there are a few reasons why you shouldn't have a smear whilst pregnant. One being the results might not be 100% and two, at this stage of pregnancy no one wants to play around with my cervix right. Don't want to encourage anything to start off early do we now. My midwife advised me to book my smear a few weeks after my 6 weeks check up. I've made a note in my diary to book an appointment towards the middle and end of November. I'm determined not to forget this life saving test!

If you take anything away from this post today, please go for your smear when asked. Or if you brushed your smear request under the carpet last year, call your doctor and book an appointment as its not too late.

Stay safe ladies!

Angela x


Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Beauty Bits I'm Always Repurchasing

You know you love something if you always go back for more - bit like me and Ben and Jerry's Cookie Dough ice cream or Oreos. You can't just have it once! There are some beauty bits and bobs that I always buy or gravitate back to... staples that I use again and again.

There are two themes for a few of the items I'm always repurchasing and it's Superdrug and cruelty free. The main reason why I love Superdrug and their own brand products is because they do not test them on animals and this is something I'm really quite passionate about.  I have a few Superdrug items that I always buy, but I thought I'd share my top three.

Firstly there are the Essential Cleansing Wipes which are not only great, but super cheap. I used to be a die hard Simple wipe fan, but since I started to go cruelty free with my beauty products I had to find an alternative. For a while I bought the Yes To Grapefruit Wipes, but these were a little more than I wanted to spend.  Then I discovered the Essential Wipes.  They keep moist for ages, you never get that annoying bone dry wipe at the bottom of the pack and at 99p per pack... well you cannot go wrong can you?

The next two items I love from Superdrug are from the Vitamin E Skin Care range.  When micellar waters first became a 'thing', I was into the Bioderma and Garnier ones. Then I found the Vitamin E Gentle Micellar Solution and have been using that ever since.  I love to use it as it removes all the makeup on your face including stubborn mascara, but it doesn't strip your skin and make it feel dry. It helps with environmental damage and premature skin ageing which we all want right?!

The other Vitamin E item I've been enjoying is the Moisture Boost Facial Serum.  I've only just purchased my second bottle as the first one lasted forever, even when I used two to three pumps morning and night! I sometimes find thick moisturisers a bit too thick and they take too long to be absorbed.  The facial serum is the best product to use if you're putting your face on in a hurry and haven't got time to sit and wait for it to sink in.  It's really light and silky and I just love it.

Another goodie I'm always picking up are cotton pads and my favourites come from Primark. Cotton pads are just something I hate sending lots of my pennies on.  When I saw Primark bring out their own version a few years ago now, I firstly thought they are going to be crap because they were cheap at 50p per pack. Ha, how wrong was I.  These are actually really good quality and I have bought too many packs to remember how many I've actually bought.  They are quite strong and don't just fall a part like some brands out there.

The final product I want to gush about is for the eyes. Your eyes always show the first signs of ageing and I've been into eye creams and serums for years because of it. I want to look as young as possible for as long as I can. Years ago I used to love the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream.  Even though I love it, it's expensive and not cruelty free so I had to say goodbye. I then found Dr Organic Rose Otto Serum which I first fell in love with the back in 2015 when it came free with Healthy magazine.  I even blogged about it HERE.  The rose scent can be a little strong, but you get used to it.  I like that a tube lasts forever as you don't need a lot of product.  I also like that it doesn't take ages to sink into the skin, which is what you need if you planning on dolling yourself up with makeup.

That's it folks and I hope you enjoyed my little beauty loves post.  Fancy sharing your loves?  Comment below!  Until next time.

Angela x


Sunday, 6 August 2017

Well It's Official...

I have started my maternity leave. The Friday before last was my last day at work. A company I have worked for for 11 years. Some have said I have been lucky to be made redundant at the same time I have gone off on maternity leave, but it really hasn't been easy to say goodbye. Lets say it was a tad emotional and I did sob like a baby when I finally got home. There was cake, balloons, tears, speeches and lots of hugs. I'm really going miss some of the people I have worked with for so long.

Now I'm on my month long rest before bubba turns up, I have a little list of things I want to do in that time.

Getting Out And About
I am determined not just to sit at home the entire month until baby arrives. I want to try and see and do things even if it's just walking my cousins dog for some gentle exercise. Swimming is also something I want to do, all depending if my swimming costume still fits lol! I'm up for anything really, I just don't want to get cabin fever. I'd quite happily pop to the seaside, visit a garden centre... I don't know... anywhere. 

Gardening And Cleaning
Yes, I should be resting but the weather has been nice on the some of the days so far. I'm the gardener of the family and I know once baby has turned up, I'm quite unlikely to care what the garden looks like for a while. I need to get out there and give it a little TLC. I'm also in clean everywhere and everything mode. Again I should be resting, but there is always something to be done. I know no home is perfect, but I want mine to be. If I could have a 60 minute make over on my hall way and my bathroom I would be one happy lady - sadly I cannot. I've tried to keep myself busy by cleaning and decluttering anything I no longer need or want. Wiping down the shelves in my kitchen cupboards, deep cleaning the bathroom you name it... I want to give it a go - plus its exercise again.

Pampering Myself
I got my barnett chopped the other day which felt good - no split ends for the birth! I also got my eyebrow threaded, so at least I will look semi good for our pictures once the baby arrives. I'd love to fit in another massage like the one I had at The Dorchester, but I'm not sure when to try and squeeze that in. I think a few Lush bath bomb baths will be on the cards!

Babys crib has now arrived, so that needs to be made up. I want to make it up myself as it will be something to keep me occupied. The pram and a electric swing also need assembling, but we're going to wait to do this until about a week before my due date. They are quite big items and they'll just take up space other wise and get dusty.

I've finally finished washing all of bubba clothes and bedding. I feel quite happy now because of that, due to the fact I don't have to think about it now. And all the clothes done and ready to be worn and vomited on - haha. Now they are washed I need to pop them all in the drawers in the nursery. This will take sometime as the clothes vary in ages and will need sorting. I can't wait.

I have piles of bits for mine and babys hospital bag, so I need to get round to packing them both up. I feel like I have so much stuff to pack, almost like I'm going on a two week holiday. I'm probably really over packing. I think I need to do a little research on what to take for us both :-)

Now that's what I'm up to... what have you been up to on your maternity leave?  What bits and bobs did you do?

Angela x


Thursday, 3 August 2017

A Few Of My Recent Faves

It has been a seriously long time since I last ever wrote a favourites post, I honestly cannot remember when I last did it.  I thought it was about I shared some of my favourites.  Most of the items are beauty and pregnancy related, but there are some other little gems lets get started.  First up...

Asda Little Angels Liquid Talc*
I mentioned this miracle worker recently on an Instagram post. Technically for little bubbas bottom, I have been using this on my thighs to stop chaffing. Where it has been warm and I've been wearing skirts a lot, this has worked wanders and I really recommend it over a dry powdered version of talc.  I don't know what it is but the I think where it is a liquid, it's absorbed into the skin more. Where as a powder only lies on the top layer of the skin.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner in Light Me Up
I don't tend to wear a powder eyeshadow much any more. It's always been a two step process for me due to oily lids and I always have to wear a base.  I think the older I get, the lazier I have gotten when it comes to makeup.  I just want quick easy but still looks good. This is the second Essence eyeshadow stick I have got and for something that is really inexpensive - it's really good and long lasting. Plus it's quite pretty too!

Wilko Premium Stippler Foundation Brush
Personally I wouldn't class this as a foundation brush like it says it is, as it's a little too soft and flexible for that. However It's perfect for powders and I've used this for loose setting powder, bronzer and highlighter.  Like I mentioned it's really soft and I've found it doesn't collect too much product on the brush.  It pops on just the right amount of product.

Liz Earle Hand Repair
I know this says hand repair, but I've actually been using this on my feet. And why not?! In the summer months I always tend to get really dry and cracked heels. I do have dry feet anyway, but in summer it ramps up into overdrive. This doesn't leave a greasy residue on the skin where you have to sit with your feet up for ages until it's absorbed. It just leaves them really soft. This has been a life saver and I'd quite happily buy this again for my feet.

Laceless Shoes
Every pregnant girls favourite thing - well at least for me anyways!  With a bump as big as a watermelon now, laceless comfortable shoes are totally the way forward. Shoelaces are not my thing right now for obvious reasons.  I picked up these shoes from Primark for a bargain of £8.  They are really comfortable and have a nice padded sole which supports the foot. However the best bit is they slip on and off really easily. Thumbs up from me!

NSpa Nourishing Stretch Mark Oil
Another must have for us pregnant girlies right?? So far (fingers crossed) I have not got any stretch marks appearing on my growing bump. I've been using this morning and night and I really like it. Even though this is a oil, it's not an oil that leaves you...oily! It has a nice fragrance and is quite hydrating on my stretching skin. I also love rubbing and massaging my bump with it, as it a nice way to bond with my little bubba.

One more thing I'm loving also is these new LED lights I picked up from Primark for a little bargain of £2.50.  I've used them as intended - to make my blog pictures look a little more fancy. What do you think?

Angela x

* PR Sample

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Little Angels Newborn Nappies by Asda

As a first time mum-to-be there are quite a lot of things I'm quite unsure about - actually a lot of things!  I couldn't tell you how many things I have googled! What to buy, do I need this, do I need that?  I'll be honest I kind of feel like totally in the dark - if only having a baby came with a manual!!  A lot of my friends and family had their baby's a few years back and obviously things have changed since their day.

When the lovely PR company Myriad tweeted if any expectant mummies would be interested in coming to a Little Angels Nappies event hosted by Asda I kind of leaped on the chance. It might sound a bit naive, but when it comes to nappies the first brand that came into my head was Pampers.  I'm a total newbie like I said, so to learn more about different brands and not just jump on the well known brands and explore others is really great.  As a bonus as well, it was also an amazing chance for me to have a chit chat with other mummies-to-be.

The event was hosted at the amazing Dorchester Hotel in London, where they have the most amazing spa for expectant mums to enjoy.  We were also treated to a Wimbledon themed afternoon tea (I loooove an afternoon tea!)  I'll talk more about The Dorchester and my wonderful goodie bag I received in another post I think. There is so much more to talk about! Anyways back on to the nappies!

The Asda team Claire and Nicola spoke to us about brand whilst we tucked into our sandwiches, tea and cakes. They are really passionate about the brand and any feed back we gave them about our experiences they took on board. I personally think this is a sign of a great brand who are always trying to improve themselves.

The Little Angels Newborn Nappies* come in sizes 0 to 3 catering for even tinny tiny premature babies. Sizes 0 to 2 have a section at the belly button to protect the umbilical area, which can be a little sensitive after birth. As our little ones don't always stay put in their mummies tummies until their due dates, Asda stores have policy that they will happily refund or exchange any unopened Little Angels Newborn nappies which is a fab idea.

What surprised me the most was how soft the nappies actually were. This is a real positive for me, as the nappy is going to be touching your child's skin - so you want it to be as soft as possible and not cause any unwanted irritation. Even the areas at the back and around the legs where there is elastic are soft to the touch.  Yet they still feel secure enough to prevent leaks, but flexible enough to move with your baby.

The Little Angels range doesn't just supply affordable nappies for newborns, there is an extensive range for the slightly older kiddies too with the Comfort and Protect range, Swim Nappies, First Pants and Day and Night Pants. They also have Bed Mats which I am thinking of getting myself... not because I plan to wet the bed, but if my waters decide to pop in the middle of the night my mattress has some protection. Just in case!

These cleverly designed nappies feature a helpful coloured waist band which helps gauge what nappy size your little monkey should be wearing. If the tabs are in the coloured area then they are the perfect fit. However if they are towards to outer white edges it is time to go up to the next size. I haven't ever changed a nappy before, so to have handy little guides to help are a real bonus.  There is also a handy wetness indicator line which changes from yellow to blue once wet.

The Newborn and Comfort and Protect range offer 12 hours of dryness to help bubba sleep through the night. Absorbent beads hold up to 30 times the weight of the nappy so fingers crossed your little one (and yourself) should get a good nights sleep.

Asda nappies start off in price at £1 per pack. With the average of parents having to change nappies approximately 4,500 times in the early years, the fact the Little Angels brand is so inexpensive and are a high quality is really great indeed.

Another fantastic thing if you do decide to start using these nappies is that any one who buys Little Angel Nappies - Asda uses that money to support Tommy's which only exists to save babies.  They provide life saving research in to preventing stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage. Asda donates £100,000 every year only because parents purchase their Little Angels nappies! Is that not amazing?! All the more reason to pop along to your local Asda store.

I just want to thank the lovely ladies Vanessa and Lauren at Myriad for pampering me and letting me have the chance to have a good old relax before the big day!  I'd also like to thank the Asda Little Angels Team Claire and Nicola for sharing their love for all things Little Angel!  I cannot wait to try these nappies on my real bundle of joy as opposed to my Jelly Cat bunny!

Angela x

* AD/PR Sample (All opinions are my own as always!)


Friday, 21 July 2017

Motivation Tips

Motivation is a hard thing to come by if you're lacking in it.  Be it in eating sensibly, having a work out routine or writing blog posts.... Or life in general basically.

For the last couple of days my writing mojo has dropped.... I've drawn a blank.  And then this post came to me.  House chores, work, exercise health and fitness and maintaining a blog all have the same principles.

This is a few tips to help you with motivation and hopefully to succeed.  You never know you becoming motivated may inspire others to join in with you.  I've said motivated/motivation/motivate a lot haven't I???  Lol!!!  Here goes.

Planning is the key to most things in life.  Holidays,  money,  the weekly shopping at Asda .... They all take some kind of plan.  A popular saying is 'if you don't plan,  you plan to fail'.  I believe this is completely true.  At work the post-it and pen are my best friends.  I'm always planning my day and what needs to be done.  I also write my plan/list in order of most important first....does it have a dead line??  Prioritise things depending on their urgency.  

Planning in the blogging world is important when it comes to picture taking time.  I'm all for natural lighting photography.  Take your pictures or film your YouTube video during the day... Edit and write blog posts in the evenings???

Make Achievable Lists And Be Realistic
The age old saying 'Rome was not made in a day' comes into play here.  You can only plan so much as some things in life take time and money.  You are not superwoman... You are only human and don't be so hard on yourself.  There is always tomorrow!  :-) 

Don't Give Up!!!!
You published a blog post,  putting your heart and soul in to it and no one commented.  Welcome to my world lol.   No seriously... Just because it didn't go to plan,  doesn't mean you should give up.   Full off the bike,  get back on the darn thing...That's right.  Don't have a paddy if it didn't go your way or you didn't get the response you were hoping for. 

It is the same with the dreaded scales.  You only lost 1lb or you remained the same.... So  you feel a failure???  That cookie ain't going to help you -  it's your enemy!  Things take time it will not happen over night.  Miracles are rare.   You cannot make changes if you stop can you?  No one can make changes in your life except for you?   If you have a dream,  go grab that dream.  We only live once... Lets make it a good one.

What DO You Love??
Don't follow the herd,  be yourself. If you are a beauty blogger and you love to write about nail polish and nail art.... Why try and review the latest lipstick?? Is it because everyone one else is???  Be yourself and write about what you love.  This blog itself used to be beauty beauty and yet more beauty.  Then I changed with time and age.  Yes I still write about beauty but I also chuck in a few posts here and there about fitness, food and life.  You don't have to stick to one subject.  Just be you... Hopefully your readers will love it!!

I hope this inspires someone out there.



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