Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Happy 40th!

Ha it's not my 40th birthday. I'm not at that milestone of my life just yet - I have a few years to go before I reach there. Thank god. Actually bubba and I are at full term! We reached 40 weeks exactly on Wednesday 6th. A milestone I thought I never see, because I never thought I'd be able to have a baby.

The finish line instead of being a blurry dot in the distance is now just a stone throw away - I just can't reach it yet as someone obviously didn't receive their eviction notice. I knew deep down that the little one wouldn't appear on its due date. Many people texted asking for news on the baby, which was sweet. Bless them for caring, but they do realise that not all babies arrive on their due dates. We're not talking a scheduled flight here - we're talking babies. They make up the rules as they go along.

It is little sad our little pumpkin hadn't arrived, as I always imagined that the 6th would be their birthday. I tried to get it out by vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, doing a load of laundry, painting a fence...walking the dog - but no show. I've now got the big exercise ball out to bounce this baby out, whether it likes it or not.

Last Thursday I had my usual midwife check up at 40+1 weeks. They said to me at my previous appointment two weeks before, if I'd be interested in a sweep to encourage things to start. In the end we (the midwife and I) agreed to wait. We thought baby should have a chance to come when it wants to come and to start poking it at only one day overdue seemed a bit much. We booked an examination/sweep for yesterday to see how things were going. It didn't go totally to plan, so I am going back on Thursday for sweep number two. That's if I haven't had the munchkin already by then - however I doubt it.

Ideally I did not want to go so overdue, as I would have to be induced :-( Obviously I know I would have no control over that. If it does happens then the birthing unit at my hospital is out of the question and I'll be stuck on the labour ward which I don't want to be. I had the ideas of birthing pools, darken rooms and flicking fake candles - calm and serene. Now I think we're basically going to be poked, prodded and drugged until baby comes. When little one pops out we are going to be having words I tell you now!

What can I do to get this little one out? Any ideas? Help me!

Angela x

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