Saturday, 31 March 2012

Boots No7 Voucher - What did I get??

Now none of us can say we haven't possessed a No7 voucher at least once in our life (I'd be shocked if you told me you hadn't, especially if you're a English girl Boots-Shopaholic like me anyway).  Half the time they end up going un-used,  but this time I decided to put the voucher to good use. 

No7 have some what recently lauched their Spring Collection called Floral Brights.  I'm not normally drawn to No7, I've had a few items from the brand before but nothing that's made me feel like it was an amazing must have product.  So when I saw this in all its magnificent glory . . . I just had to touch it because it is stunning.

With its flowery 'floral' packaging the Vital Enlightening Highlighter is certainly a stop you in your tracks product. If you are taken by the the beauty of the packaging, then you'll be even more impressed especially when you open the gorgeous compact.

As for what's inside the beautiful packaging is something else which is just as amazing.  Hello beautiful!!!  A smooth lightweight luminous highlighter pressed into a matching floral shape just like the  flowery design on the lid.  To give you a glow to your face, neck and decollete ...which pretty much everyone needs after a long cold winter.

Now the finger!!!!  But hang on wait a minute . . . I shall not speak so soon - as my only slight concern after swatching is that shimmer you see in the photo only seems to be the first layer. After that, it just looks like a basic powder.  If you see the above picture I have swatched in the bottom right hand corner, now see the lack of shimmer as it's now on my finger! Hmmmm interesting.

The swatch on the hand... it looks great but this obviously has the 'top layer' shimmer so is this really what the product will look like???  Will it still be this glowing once the top layer shimmer has gone?  Who knows ...only time will tell.  But I do like this....for now.

I got £5 off with my voucher, so I got this for £8.00 - which I think is a fair price. If I'd walked past this without the voucher in my pocket and saw I had to pay the full price of £13.00 then I would of kept on walking.  Perhaps this is why my vouchers usually go to waste as I think No7 is slightly over priced??

When you get No7 vouchers from Boots, what do you buy? Do you have any No7 recommendations.

Angela xox

Thursday, 29 March 2012

It's Back to MAC time!

If you saw my latest YouTube video you'd know that I recently done a bit of recycling.  Nothing is quite satisfying than doing a bit of Back To MAC.  The scheme where you return six empties in exchange for a brand spanking new lipstick *smile*.  I did my last Back To MAC some time ago and I've been collecting my empties since then.  I did some depotting last week, so finally had enough containers for two Back To MAC lipsticks. YAY!!!!!

So me and the hubby made a day of it and trekked to Harrods, as we were having afternoon tea as part of  a Christmas present.  It was good timing to do my Back To MAC.  So here's what I got....

(L-R) Plumful and Lustering

Two random lipsticks which you have probably never heard of! Yes.  Not your normal, Snob, Angel, Crème De Nude but Lustering and Plumful.  Both lustres and both lovely.
Plumful, Lustering and Sweetie

Plumful is very similar to a colour I already own called Sweetie which is a lustre finish also.  I have a review here which has completely changed since I wrote it, as Sweetie is now one of my favourites.  Funny how your opinions can change.  The easiest way to describe this colour is berry, plum colour which is slightly vampy.

Lustering is on the red side.  I love lips with a hint of red so I'm hoping this will look fabulous but not too over the top as it is a lustre finish.  The above picture (in the flash part), it looks cutie corally.  Or is that my eyes...LOL!

Swatch time with a flash...

They all look similar, you'd think they were all the same.  Plumful is obviously slightly darker and more pigmented.  Layering the colours when applying will make the colour pop more.  Don't they look beautiful????

Have you done any Back To MAC recently or just bought any MAC lipsticks??

Angela xox

Monday, 26 March 2012

My Liz Earle Experience...

For a while now I have had my eye on Liz Earle.  Lots of beauty bloggers and YouTube guru's seem to rave about her products.  I myself have never had the pleasure of seeing or even holding anything Liz Earle has created.  So after a little research I found out some bits and bobs I might just like from Ms Earle.

Firstly I have to show you the super cute packaging..... 

How well presented is this???  It's like Christmas

Ten out of ten to the people of Liz Earle.  I think the packaging is lovely.  I'm not usually someone who is bothered how hings are packed.  As long as it arrives in one piece and on time is all that matters to me.  The fact that all the people at Liz Earle have gone to so much effort is ammmazing!  Pat on the back to ya!!
Eye treatments

I'm starting to feel like age isn't on my side anymore, so I'm desperately trying anything that will delay any ageing to my precious skin.  In my family; the eye area is one most affected by ageing which I find depressing at the thought that I'll end up with puffy saggy eyes.  So when I saw Liz Earle did a range of eye treatment remedies I was all over it!

I picked the (from left to right in the above picture) ...

Daily Eye Repair  ~ This is a light reflective brightening lotion which helps repairing the end area.
Eye Bright Soothing Eye Treatment  ~ Refreshes tired, puffy eyes.  Full of natural ingredients, it brightens and can also be used to remove light makeup on the eye lids.
Smoothing Line Serum  ~ A night serum which helps to plump and firm skin around the eyes, lips forehead.

I also picked up the Healthy Beautiful Skin Kit (this is the oily/combination set)

Liz Earle Healthy Beautiful Skin Kit

As I hadn't ever used anything from Liz Earle I opted for smalled size items to see if I would like them.  This cute kit contains ... One Muslin Cloth, Hot Cloth Cleanse and Polish Cleanser, Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Moisturiser.

They all come in a small travel size bag and all the items are 50ml which is OK if you want to travel with them.  Also if you new to the brand perfect sizes to see if you like them!

Also as if  Liz Earle could not possibly get any better they give me this...

My feebie from Liz

I got a little gift with my purchase which I'm chuffed about, I think it's a really nice touch.  I was given 30ml tube of Hot Cloth Cleanser with a Muslin Cloth to go with it.  I'm going to save this tube for travelling as it is a 'plane safe' size.

Are you a fan of Liz?  I recommend you have look at her items if you haven't already.  You can look here.

Angela xox

P.S. This post was meant to go open before I when to Chicago but some how it was left alone and unloved in my draft box.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

My MAC Blush Collection

What a beautiful Sunday ....the sun was shining and it felt like a beautiful day.  With the clock springing forward one hour this morning I feel Spring/Summer is on the horizon. So with the beauty of Spring/Summer truly on its way I thought I'd show you my MAC Blush collection.

My small collection has a loving home in a MAC blusher palette which I got a while ago at London's Harvey Nichols MAC counter.  I'm not sure they still sell them as it was ages ago when I purchased it.  I currently own five blushes, the palette can store six blusher pans however I have yet to find 'the one' to fill the place.  So here is my blusher line up.

Dollymix (Sheer Tone Shimmer)

If you want the wow factor of a blush then this is one to check out.  It may look scary to some but this a blush that you have to use on the cautious side.  I recommend a little then build up the colour if you want more pop! Definitely a colour a colour anyone can try.  I wouldn't recommend if you own Benefit Bella Bamba or Illamasqua Hussy...they are pretty much related in one way of another.
Well Dressed (Satin)

This is the baby pink of the collection.  You don't get much colour pay off as it is so light but it is certainly buildable.  If you just want a flush of pink on your skin then I recommend a look at this.  I wouldn't check this out if you have darker skin however as it is too pale in my opinion....sorry ladies.

Style (Frost)

This is my favourite out of all the blushes I have by MAC.  It is perfect for summer and gives you a wonderful glow to the cheeks. I'd definitely recommend a swatch of this beauty.  Goes brilliantly with a tan.  This always reminds me of Benefit's Coralista...a tad similar but this one is more coral where Coralista has a slight pink hue.

Trace Gold (Sheer Tone Shimmer)

The perfect colour for your cheeks and temples in the summertime when you have a tan.  It is an usual choice but however it works. I think anyone could wear this. You could use this as a contour for those cheek bones if you wanted.

Plum Foolery (Sheer Tone Shimmer)

The name for this is a complete give away 'Plum' Foolery.  A beautiful plum colour which looks especially pretty in the autumn winter months and gives you a warmth to your face.  However I have worn this in the summer time and still looks as gorgeous!  This is my second favourite.

So that's my little collection, do you have any favourite MAC Blushes?  Do you have any recommendations? 

Angela xox

Saturday, 24 March 2012

Do your nails need tender loving care????

Well I may have found what you are looking for....

Save The Nail - Toughen Up Base Coat ~ From Boots £7.50

I had a whole list of things that were going on with my nails...
  • Bendy
  • Weak
  • Splitting
  • Peeling
They were not in the best of conditions.  So after having a rant and moan to one of my best friends she recommended this product by the lovely people of Nails Inc.  She had a similar case of bendy, peeling nails and had bought this and said it worked wonders.  With a recommendation as good as that I hopped and skipped to Boots and bought my very own bottle.  And I have to say in all honesty this has truly rescued my nails and brought them back to life!

So to resurrect your nails you can one of two things which the box says:

1... Every day for seven days apply this and then at the end of the seven days remove completely and restart the process. 


2... Just use this as a regular base coat under your nail polish.


I chose number one to start with... my nails needed some loving so I applied to my nails every day for seven days.  The end result after the seven days was amazing.  My nails felt so strong and hard as nails.  After the initial wearing for seven days I then carried on using it for a second week (same process) then there after I used as a base coat.

Using this I have found I no longer suffer from peeling, bending, splitting.  The result is well worth it!  My nails have got so long I now have to cut them back as they don't seem to break any more.

L-R ~ Before polish and after application

For £7.50 this is definitely a must if you have nails that are just like mine.  I suffer from none of the above now thanks to this.  There are other 'Save The Nail' products which are available to buy online at Boots here.  The line seems to be exclusive to Boots!  I would check them out if you want some nail TLC!!!!

Angela xox

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Yet another magazine offer....

If you didn't know already Cosmopolitan magazine are doing some freebies this month.  I am a huge fan of magazine freebies, as you get to try items for the price of the magazine.  But the even better thing with Cosmopolitan magazine this month is that you get two freebies.  Not one but two!!! And they are from Clinique which is a fab brand.  The magazine costs £3.50. Bargain!

Holly Willoughby is looking smoking!!!!
Have you got your hands on any freebies?

Angela xox

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Tag: Nail Polish Addict

Found this cute tag on Gaby's Beauty Blog ...thought it was cute and I'd copy :-)  Hope you like!!

1...What's your favourite nail polish company
Collection 2000 or Barry M. I love Collection 2000's cute little bottles and range of colours and the fact they are so cheap. Barry M is a UK favourite,, cool colour choice but for me this is great brand because the consistency of the polish and how with some colours you only need one coat...amazing!

2...Glitter or no glitter?
I love the look glitter can give, it's fun and like being a kid again.  But the one think I hate and along with every other girl on the planet is that fact you basically need white spirit and a crow bar to remove it!  It's pretty but a pain in the ......

3... OPI, China Glaze, or Essie?
In the UK you can only buy these brands in department or specialist stores.  You cannot just pop into your local Boots and find these which is a shame.  But I'd have to say Essie.

4... When do you change your nail polish? 
When I'm lazy I can leave some on till it's chipping like hell.  But I basically wear a new colour every week usually.

 5... What's your favourite colour on your nails? 
Hmmmm how can you choose? Hmmmm I love Lady Like by Essie...but this will probably change.

6... Darks or brights?
I'm a darks and neutral girl. But I do like the odd bright orange, green or pink occasionally.

7... What are you wearing on your nails right this moment?

Sephora by OPI - I gotta blush on you... gorgeous colour!!!

 9... French manicure?
Hmmm I do like them but they can look stereotypical on some people, if you know what I mean. I do like it however when people change the colours and mismatch them like below....


10... Favorite Winter Colour
I wear what I like whenever,  I don't think there is a set rule you have to wear darks in Autumn/Winter and brights in Spring/Summer. Where what makes you happy!!!

Hope you enjoyed!! Feel free to copy and do your own version.

Angela xox

Friday, 9 March 2012

BLOG SALE (all must go...well hopefully)

I've recently been sorting out my beauty products and have realised I own wayyyyyy too much.  Some of the items I don't use I have decided to sell.  If you wish to bid on an item either comment or tweet me @jollybeachang
  •  Postage price is £1 for each item. Depending on how many items you buy, a maximum of £2 postage for combined.
  •  Please leave your Paypal email in the comments below or tweet me.
  •  I'll have it posted within 2 days, second class .
  •  Payment by Paypal only.
  •  International delivery available, please leave your country in the comment and I'll email with postage details.
  •  No refunds or returns.

The Body Shop Eye Definer Brilliant Blue Sharpened once
My price £5.00

Benefit Full Finish Lipstick in I Tink I Love You - swatched twice
My price £8.00

MAC Style Snob eyeshadow L/E- Brandnew
My price £10.00

MAC- Hertiage Rouge Pigment L/E- used a handful of times
My price £12.50

NARS Orgasm Nail Polish -Used twice
My price £9.00 

MAC Iridescent Powder - Used once on my wedding day
My price £15.00 

Benefit Lip Plump - 2-3 times have used
My price £8.00

MAC Fascinating Eye Kohl -only sharpened a few times
My price £9.00 

Benefit BAD GAL Eyeliner - Used about 5-6 times ...not even sharpened
My price £8.00

NARS Turkish Delight Lipgloss - used once.
My price £8.00

Bobbi Brown Oil Control Lotion- Used  about 5 times.
My price £12.00

Bobbi Brown Natural Finish Long Lasting Foundation in Beige3- only used twice (colour too dark)
My price £12.00

 MAC Photorealism Palette L/E   - barely used
My price £14.00

Depending on how successful this sale is i might sell more...stay tuned!!!
Angela xox

Thursday, 8 March 2012

What's in your shower?!?!?!

So what's in there?  Do you have any goodies?  Would you like to see what's in mine?  Well now you can!


Angela xox

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

February Favourites

It's that time again when i tell you my loves of the month.  I know everyone says this and it's pretty much said every month, but where did the month go??  So here they are...sorry for the pants photo.

..1... Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Glisten 
Oh my god, this is so lovely.  It gives a lovely beautiful glow on the cheeks.  It makes you look fresh faced.  It looks shimmery in the close up picture, but it is so fine and not too noticeable. Love it!  I heard of this brand from the lovely Amarixe aka Allison who I follow on YT and Blogger.  If you don't know who she is I suggest you check her out :- ) On the blog and YT channel she has spoken about Tarte Amazonian Clay Blushes.  So when I was in Ulta and saw the Tarte stand I instantly went looking for the blushes.  Glisten caught my eye, the colour is so beautiful.  I use it on the apples of my cheeks and it gives you an fantastic glow.  It just makes you look healthy.

..2... Macadamia Healing Oil Spray
All I can say about this is O.M.G.!!!!  My hair just looks amazing when I use this.  I'm going to use this now till I die I think.  Spray in damp clean hair, style, spray again. You're done.  It soften, protects, gives manageability, moisturises, hairs life saver.  A little expensive but soooooo worth it.  Give it ago.

..3... NYX Trio Eyeshadow TS15 -Aloha/Mink Brown/Deep Bronze 
I'm a sucker for all this neutral and when I saw this in Ulta in the US, it was instantly a hit.  The colours are all me colours.  Perfect for work as very compact.  Colours are very pigmented. I wish we had NYX in the UK :-(

..4... Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Lengthening Mascara 
I had a sample of this for ages loved it, so purchased a full size one.  I only use this on my bottom lashes as normal mascaras smudge on me.  This one do not move an inch, stays on all day.  I love this

..5... Kiehls Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
This is one of my SMS (shopping my stash) items.  I'd used it tonnes, left it then found it again.  Lovely creamy consistency which really moisturises the eye cream.  Only downside, it's an expensive little pot.  Otherwise it's great.

..6... Blistex Raspberry Lemonade Blast 
Another US purchase which I love it's probably the cheapest item in my favourites.  Tastes so yummy you just want to lick your lips all the time.  Contains SPF15 and makes your lips super soft.

..7... Victoria Secrets Luminous Mineral Blush in Surrender 
This two tone mineral blush with baby and hot pink gives an amazing natural glow to the cheeks, a bit like the Tarte.  Makes you look amazingly fresh faced, but I think this is more on the highlighting side than a blush side.  It is definitely illuminating.

..8... Sephora by OPI in Wild About Shimmer
I almost didn't get this polish.  I only purchased it when I noticed the sales assistant in the Sephora I was at had a beautiful manicure.  We were having a bit of a chat and I was like 'oooooo i like your polish' to which she responded and said 'yea we sell that here'.  She ran over and picked out the colours for me.  It is so beautiful.  Completely worthy of its own NPOTW post, which will come soon.  A sheer shimmery champagne with micro/small gold shimmer glitter.  Truly amazing.

..9... Olay Total Effects 7 in One Touch of Sunshine Light Sunkissed Glow 
Well Olay could of shortened the name, but I suppose they can get away with it.  This is one of those products I  bought and then stopped using as I forgot about it.  Happy i found it again as I'm loving this.  This product gives you a sun kissed glow as it has self-tanner in it but also has 7...yes 7 healthy skin benefits from pore minimisation, evening, moisturising , toning, brightening...need I go on???  I think this is definitely looking at.  It even has SPF 15, a true wonder product!

A few pictures...

NYX Eyeshadow trio 

VS Surrender and Tarte Glisten

What are your favourites??

Angela xox

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Haul time....

Hiya, I have added two new videos to my YouTube page, yay!!!!  I hauled at Lush, Liz Earle, Sass & Belle, H&M, Forever 21 and Dorothy Perkins.

It is basically one huggggggge haul, but because I purchased waaaay too much Lush.... I did that as a separate video.  I filmed them a few weeks ago just haven't had time to edit and post as it can take forever.  Some of the bits from my haul you may remember from my recent Mum's the word post.  Online everything is still availabe.

So if you want to see my random hauls from  Liz Earle, John Lewis, Sass & Belle, H&M, Forever 21 and Dorothy's that video.

And If you'd like my long Lush haul then here is that haul.

I hope you enjoy...let me know your thoughts!!!

Hope you are all having a good one.

Angela xox

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