Friday, 29 April 2011

A special day for a special couple

Today I have had a permanent smile of my face.  The obvious reason is the royal wedding.  I'm so proud to be British today of all days!!  I love weddings but today was soooooooooo magical to watch.

Could they look anymore happier?????

Catherine Middleton officially became a Princess today and it was an amazing sight.  Who could not be happy for them?  A beautiful moment was when Catherine reaches the altar with her father Michael and William says 'you look beautiful'.  Who could not say a big Awwwwww to that?

One sad thing though, is that William's Mother Diana wasn't there to witness this splendid event.  I'm sure she was looking down from some heavenly cloud :-)  I swear it was her keeping the rain at bay.

A small detail I have to mention, that DRESS!!!! O-M-G!!!!! I thought my wedding dress was beautiful, but Catherine looked like the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet!!! 10 out of 10 to the dress designer Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.  She deserves a huge HUGEEEE pat on the back for that!!!

I hope you had a beautiful day!!!  I'm watching the BBC wedding highlights, even though I saw the wedding live this morning.  But I don't care...I can't get enough!

Angela xox

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Shadow Collection: Urban Decay

Before I even discovered who MAC were, I was a massive Urban Decay eye shadow fan.  I collected their shadows with a passion, then I bumped into MAC and kind of ditched Urban for MAC.  The shame!!!  I'd forgotten how fabulous they were until I dusted them off recently.  I thought I give you a quick glimpse of what I have...

Top row: Eldorado, Blunt, Polyester Bride, Shot Gun Asphyxia
Middle Row: Acid Rain, Sin, Maui Wowie, Last Call, *empty, need to depot S&M to put in there*
Bottom Row: Vert, Baked, Twice Baked, Crash, Stripped

They used to be all in their individual pots, but when I read somewhere that they fitted into a MAC palette I decided to depot to save on the space.

If you want swatches or any of these let me know, and I'll do another post.
I'll have to say my favourite's are Sin, Baked, Gun Shot and Last Call.  The latter two work really well together...I'm considering showing you guys a make up / eye shadow look.
Some of these I 'think' have been discontinued :-( but if you check out online you might be able to still pick them up :)

Angela xox

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Lush Easter Goodies

Last week I was on a bit of a downer as I thought I’d lost my engagement ring. I sometimes take it off especially when it’s slightly warmer as my little chubby fingers swell up.  Long story short turns out my cheeky monkey of a kitten knocked it off my bed side table under the bed. Tut tut.

Any way when it was missing or stolen ( I was convinced it was)  in the time, as a cheer me up my hubby picked me up some Lush goodies.

I’ve liked lush since for ever.  I remember going to Convent Garden on our teenage ‘trips’ into London and sniffing all the bath bombs.  I always thought it was over priced however.  So I found it a little off putting....shame.  Might be about to change my thinking though.

With Easter just gone Lush came out with some seriously cute Easter theme products..... see Lush website here for full selection.

My hubby picked this duo to cheer me up....and so it did!

 How cute!?!

Fluffy Egg Ballistic with the additional Bunny Knot Wrap
Smells like the Snow Fairy shower gel  bubblegum and bananas.  Looks so cute you don't want to unwrap it.

Lush website even shows you how to create your Bunny... see here.

Mums Avobath Ballistic
This was limited edition for mothers day.  Though I am not a mother yet my hubby picked it up for me.  Contains mashed up avocados and a lemongrass scent.

I’m normally a shower girl but I may have to start relaxing with Lush goodies more frequently.

Are you a Lush fan???  I might have to go to Lush and pick up some goodies!!!

Angela xox

Monday, 25 April 2011

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

I thought I'd show you my face of the day, or mostly eye makeup of the day which I wore today.  Thought I'd vamp up a smokey eye.  I am wearing blush in the picture, but I took the pictures in the garden in the sunshine (yes England gets sunshine), so the blush and other makeup looks quite washed out.

Face... eyes open...

...and eyes closed..

Here are the items I used to create the smokiness:

Eye shadows:

MAC Quarry - all over the lid
MAC Omega - in the crease
NYX White - inner corner and highlight

I haven't got a picture, but I used my holy grail eye shadow base MAC's Painterly Paint Pot.  Apply this all over the lid and the lower lash line.

Liner & Mascara used are:

Maybelline One by One Mascara - Two coats top lashes (see my review here)
Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara - bottom lashes
Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner Graphite - Top and bottom lash line
Estee Lauder Double Wear Eyeliner Onyx- Tight line and water line

Natural lighting!

Out in the garden where the sun was shining!!!

This look isn't too OTT smokiness, which I like.  I think you could easily get away with this at work..perhaps.  The MAC Quarry colour is a lovely matte colour which doesn't give the look too much drama.  And Omega in the crease is soft and natural...Omega is Matte and from MAC also.  I think a good choice of colours which are matte, works really well for this look.

I used EL eyeliners, which I'm loving....using a non black colour works great to soften this smokey eye.  And water line and tight lining in black makes your lashes pop more and makes them seem more dense.  Like you've got fake lashes on.

I'm loving the smokey look.  I totally recommend all the products I used, there was no smudging or slippage with the eyeliner.

I hope you all had a good Easter!!!

Angela xox

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Makeup Storage & more . . .

I'm a typically girl,  girly this... girly that.  But my terrible makeup storage was in need of serious man power.  Don't get me wrong I have makeup storage draws and bags etc.  I have a small  table which some could call a bed side table but this is my 'vanity table'.  Storage had become a bit of an issue and all my 'stuff' seemed to be everywhere.

The solution, called for my hubby's intervention.  And a good old road trip to our local ....wait for it....B&Q!!!!  He returned with this beast...

Metal Storage Case, Time Travellers Wife and Chick Ginger Bread Biscuit

At £20 this is a bargain.  To see more information direct from B&Q please click here. It comes with little plastic dividers so you can customize your own case.  Cool huh.  It can hold up to 7kgs of stuff...plenty of room for my junk :-)

He also got me as surprise, (as he's the best) The Time Travellers Wife and Ginger Bread Chick.  He obviously didn't get these in B&Q, Tesco's is right next door. 

I will take some pictures when I've added all my makeup in to the case.

Where do you store your makeup??

Angela xox

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Barry M | Raspberry Nail Paint

For all you Barry M Nail Paint fans out there I’d thought I’d give a small shout out to a polish I got over the weekend.  I also picked up another Barry M polish (Dusky Mauve) as they were doing two polishes for £5.  I’ve yet to try it out, but it’s only a matter of time!

This colour is one of fashions top colours this season.  The good old Raspberry colour.  Barry M have come up trumps with their take on the colour Raspberry 270.  I'd had my beady eyes on the polish for a while and had to get it when I saw it.  Plus it was the only bottle on the shelf, it looked lonely.

 Sorry for quality of picture, took it on the mobile

I really love this colour, 2 coats and off you go....! I'll do a NPOTW post for Dusky Mauve soon...promise.

What polishes are you loving right now??

Angela xox

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Blog Sale Reminder


Just a reminder I have a blog sale that is still on going.  If you click right here, you'll be transported magically to the page.

Thanks everyone and a BIG hello to my new follwers!!!

Angela xox

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Monthly Favourites: March

Ok, so where are 2011's months going???? April already, no way.  It's a bit late, but who cares!  Lets get to it :-)

Herve Ledger Perfume by Avon, Nivea Soft, Estee Lauder Take it Away, Bobbi Brown Extra, Garnier Nutritionist , Barry M Raspberry, Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliner

Herve Ledger Femme
I only purchased this in late February with my Avon Haul.  It's pretty much been my daily perfume.  I really like this, it's strong so I suppose it might not be for the faint hearted.  If you get a Avon catalogue I definitely recommend you do a scratch and sniff of the page.

Nivea Soft
This was an essential item in NYC, and I'm glad I picked this up at Heathrow before I left for the big apple.  With the narrow streets and avenues in New York - being blasted by the odd gush of wind is a definite.  This moisturiser is for face, hands and body.  I used it especially on the face in the evening whilst I was chilling in the hotel room.  Apply on a cleansed face, this will make your face feel like a babies bottom.  Scouts honour!!

Estee Lauder Take it Away
This was a sample I got a while ago with a free gift.  I've been addicted to this, have already picked myself up a full size bottle for when this runs dry.  I feel completely cleansed after using this, you feel like every pore is clean.

Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Cream
My holy grail eye cream, I certainly feel and see the difference when i use this.  I get very dry under the eyes and this product zaps all the dryness and replaces with mostrising loveliness.  A little goes a longer way, day and night.  You will definiatly notice results especially if you suffer from darkness under the eyes.

Garnier Nutritionist Night Skincare
I had this a while but I'd decided to recycle the forgotten contents of my beauty draw.  I'm at that age where I should take better care of my skin, don't want wrinkles.  When i apply this i instantly feel like i'm giving my face and neck a face lift.

Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry
Raspberry is so in right now and this colour is perfect.  I pratically wore this all March on my toes.  I feel this polish deserves a post all by itself as it so gorgeous.

Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliner
Another Avon Haul purchase, glides on so amazing.  Great for the water line and excellent for smudging on the lash line for a smoky look.  This my current eyeliner of choice.

My non cosmetic favourites would have to be Adele's ~ Someone Like You, an amazing song that I could listen to over and over and over.  Adele is an amazing singer and is so talented.  And she's a Brit!!!! Yeah!!!

And finally...


Milly our cat...she is adorable and I love her to bits.  She's 7 months and a beauty, who can play fetch like a dog.  Weird but talented :-)

Hey what are your favourite's???

Angela xoxo

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