Saturday, 16 April 2011

Makeup Storage & more . . .

I'm a typically girl,  girly this... girly that.  But my terrible makeup storage was in need of serious man power.  Don't get me wrong I have makeup storage draws and bags etc.  I have a small  table which some could call a bed side table but this is my 'vanity table'.  Storage had become a bit of an issue and all my 'stuff' seemed to be everywhere.

The solution, called for my hubby's intervention.  And a good old road trip to our local ....wait for it....B&Q!!!!  He returned with this beast...

Metal Storage Case, Time Travellers Wife and Chick Ginger Bread Biscuit

At £20 this is a bargain.  To see more information direct from B&Q please click here. It comes with little plastic dividers so you can customize your own case.  Cool huh.  It can hold up to 7kgs of stuff...plenty of room for my junk :-)

He also got me as surprise, (as he's the best) The Time Travellers Wife and Ginger Bread Chick.  He obviously didn't get these in B&Q, Tesco's is right next door. 

I will take some pictures when I've added all my makeup in to the case.

Where do you store your makeup??

Angela xox

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  1. I have an amazing contraption from QVC by Lori Greiner to store all my makeup in! Check it out - its amazing :-)


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