Sunday, 31 July 2011

Well deserved dress haul

I haven't really been a clothes buyer in recent months.  I kind of put myself on a ban due to the fact I'm on Slimming World and I'm slowly shedding the pounds.  Nine pounds and counting...woop woop.

My current thoughts are...why buy clothes if they are only going to be too baggy and loose in a few months??  Why waste the money...might as well make do with what I already own.

I have noticed my clothes start to loosen already, so as a small treat I picked up three Primark dresses.  They are only £10 each, three dresses for £30... bargain!!! Some people buy just one dress for £30!

I already wore the navy dress on Friday to work and I had a few nice comments about the dress. Smiles.  The polyester dresses are quite girly, they finish just slightly above the knee.  Pulled in elastic waist and loose flowing sleeves.  Wear with a belt or without, looks good either way. 

I think these are perfect for summer days at work and summer nights out in the pub beer garden.  You could wear these in the Autumn with some thick denier tights and knee boots.

Have you bought any cute summer outfits???

Angela xox

Monday, 25 July 2011

NPOTW - Boots 17 in Pinking Shears

I'm really into painting my nails at the moment.  I have so many colours right now, it's kind of difficult to keep to just one.  If you like pearl-like nails, perhaps this will take your fancy...?

Boots 17 High Gloss Polish in Pinking Shears

Inexpensive at £3.99, this pearly shimmering pink is a pretty colour.  It is very glossy without even applying a top coat to finish.  This looks gorgeous enough with just one coat, but two to three is just perfect.

This is available nationwide at Boots Stores.  They also have more colours to choose from.  Boots always seem to have 'Buy three, get the cheapest for free' or 'Buy two for £5' type of offers which you could take advantage of.  Or if you've saved up your Boots Advantage Points, why not spend no money at all and buy this on your points!!!

Angela xox

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Don't throw it out....

Mend it!! 

Last August I blogged here about how my 2 week old Benefit SugarBomb exploding into a gazillion pieces.

Remember this horror scene...?
At the time I just shoved the box into my vanity draw and forgot about it.  Then recently I finished with my pot that my Laura Mercier under eye powder came in....then almost like a light bulb above my head, it came to me.  Ding dong!  Use the empty pot for my SugarBomb...genius

Empty L.M. pot, pop off the sieve part

Pour your SugarBomb into the empty L.M. pot, squish the bigger bits into a powder....

Pop the sieve part back on

Shake it up baby....with the lid on viola!!!!

Tad daaaa

My advice don't throw things out, try and make it work for you.  This broke into pieces and I didn't throw it out.  It may of taken nearly a year to figure out the answer...but I got there!

Aangela xox

Monday, 18 July 2011

NARS ~ Turkish Delight - I want to love you but I can’t!!!

This is how I feel when it comes to NARS Lip gloss in Turkish Delight. I purchased this last week through House of Fraser online, applied it once and felt like I wanted to gag.

So pretty, a light luscious pink...

Silly me never swatched this before I took the jump and purchased it. I looked through Google pictures of other peoples swatches and what it looked like on their lips. To me everyone seems to rave about this colour on their blogs, so I felt like I didn’t need to check it out myself directly. Oh how wrong was I!!!!!

Swatch on the hand, NOT on the lips

The taste on my lips when I apply this, is something quite gross. I don’t know if it’s just me who feels this way.  I can’t even describe the taste, its something that just tastes chemically. There’s no sweet scent or taste with this.  For the price tag of £18, I am very shocked and I actually feel like asking for a refund. I don’t know if I could though due to the fact I’ve ‘used’ it.

I want to love this because it’s so pretty, but I just can’t deal with the taste it leaves.

Has anyone else come across NARS lip glosses and felt the same or is just me??

Angela xox

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Ebay store.....selling lots of goodies!!!

Hey everyone,

Hope you're having a good weekend. 

Thought I'd quickly mention that I'm selling a few things via Ebay. Bags, shoes, makeup and hair products.

This is the link right HERE!!!!!!!

If this link doesn't work, you can search for me under jollybeachang.


Saturday, 16 July 2011

Essie Polishes from EnchantedBeautySpot

The other day I tweeted that a package of Essie polishes had arrived. Yay!! I’d made an order recently through the Ebayer seller Enchanted Beauty Spot.  I have purchased through the site before here.  The low down is EBS, is an online store which sell a full range of nail polish brands and colours/treatments/tools at U.S. prices...not the extreme British prices.  Ripe off Britain!!!  The only thing as a UK citizen that you may have to think about is the Royal Mail Import fees. 

Each time I have bought from EBS, I haven’t luckily had to pay any import fees.  I only ever order a small amount each time, so the package isn’t heavy or costly.  You’re safe to order 4 Essie’s and Orly treatment and not be ripped off by the Royal Mail ;- ) Money in your pocket is better than being in theirs ...yayyyy!

So here are the 4 Essie’s I ordered.  They all look similar-ish colours (it's the dodgy lighting)...but trust me...they are not.

Au Natural, Pop Art Pink, Demure Vixen and Mismatched

As Essie isn’t really available in the UK I often trail the Internet/Google/blogs for pictures of their polishes so I can see which ones are good to buy. That's all i did with these.

Top row (l-r): Au Natural, Pop Art Pink, Mismatched....and the thumb is Demure Vixen

I have painted my nails with approximately 2-3 coats.  My favourites are Mismatched (off white with a hint of lilac/pink), An Natural (a natural skin tone colour with a slight hint of pearl).  Pop Art Pink (a pale pink with a pop) and finally there is Demure Vixen (Lilac purple with added shimmer that catches the light).

Say hi to my new friends

If you're based in England I'd definitely recommend EBS,  Their fees are great and the package was sent from gloriously sunny LA and it arrived on my door mat with 10 days.  Speedy service, keep it up EBS!!

Angela xox

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Benefit - Skinny Jeans Eyeshadow

This has been around a while now, but I got given this recently and I thought I would share this with you.

If you do not know what this is, let me explain.  Benefit's Creaseless Cream Shadows/ Liner (yes it is a mouthful) are a creamy product which you can use as an eye shadow base or on its own.  They can also be used as an eye liner.

The box...

Other famous makeup brands have similar items; Makeup Forever, MAC, Estee Lauder to name a few I know.  I love MAC's paint pots, but I think their collection of colours are quite poor.  Do you hear me MAC... where is your Skinny Jeans?????  Benefit has big-ish colour collection.

Inside the box.... very cute.  A glass jar with a retro-y picture of doves on it.  It certainly is pretty packaging. 

This swatch is only one layer, which looks good already.  How I describe this colour is a pewter-dirty-grey-metal colour.  It isn't matt it has a shimmer to it.  They can be applied with a brush or fingers, i prefer fingers but I would recommend a MAC 217 or Benefits Talent brush.

The creaseless shadows are builderable in colour and are very are blenderable.  From my experience I would apply an eyeshadow base before applying this.  I know the name is 'creaseless', but from my own past experiences, my shadows once applied to just the skin - they tend to crease.  I have oily skin so a base for me is a must have.  MAC Painterly is what I use.

The only bad bit of news I've heard about these shadows is they can dry in the pot quite fast so remember to seal the pot afterwards!!!

The Benefit shadows can be purchased for £14.00 and there is currently 11 colours to choose from :-)

Angela xox

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Natural Collections Apple Blossom

Being a follower of some top beauty guru’s on blogger and YouTube, I hear a lot of chat about certain items.  Which then makes me want to go out and buy them asap.....bad addiction.

Boots ~ Natural Collection 'Moisturise Shine' in Apple Blossom
Natural Collections Apple Blossom is one of the ‘talked’ about items in recent months.  I picked this up last week,  I had a few points on my Boots Advantage Card plus its only £1.99, hardly a bank braker.

The packaging is pretty cheap and basic.  I'm not someone who is overly bothered about packaging.  For me it's all about the item inside the packaging...I don't understand the obsession with wonderful packaging.
Close up
Close up it kind of looks like MAC's Hue...well to me it does.  When I was in store I only swatched this on my hand and i didn't swatch on my lips.  I'm a bit of a hygiene freak when it comes to testers.  I know I've said that before but so many germs out there...yuck.

The swatches

So I swatched it on my hand and ‘kind of' liked it, but on my lips i’m kind of not really sure what to make of it. See... It’s pretty but i’m not sure.  I’m sitting on the fence 50/50 about this.  I'd wear this at home and out and about.  But for work, probably not. 

On the lips...sorry for the big nose.

End thoughts are: I don't love it but I don't hate it.  For £1.99 and available nationwide (in the UK anyway) not that bad.  It looks glossy and gives your lips a lovely shine.  The pigmentation of the colour is brilliant.  But I just don't think this is a everyday colour.  When I've finished this, I wouldn't repurchase.  Sorry Apple Blossom!!!

Angela xox

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