Sunday, 3 July 2011

Natural Collections Apple Blossom

Being a follower of some top beauty guru’s on blogger and YouTube, I hear a lot of chat about certain items.  Which then makes me want to go out and buy them asap.....bad addiction.

Boots ~ Natural Collection 'Moisturise Shine' in Apple Blossom
Natural Collections Apple Blossom is one of the ‘talked’ about items in recent months.  I picked this up last week,  I had a few points on my Boots Advantage Card plus its only £1.99, hardly a bank braker.

The packaging is pretty cheap and basic.  I'm not someone who is overly bothered about packaging.  For me it's all about the item inside the packaging...I don't understand the obsession with wonderful packaging.
Close up
Close up it kind of looks like MAC's Hue...well to me it does.  When I was in store I only swatched this on my hand and i didn't swatch on my lips.  I'm a bit of a hygiene freak when it comes to testers.  I know I've said that before but so many germs out there...yuck.

The swatches

So I swatched it on my hand and ‘kind of' liked it, but on my lips i’m kind of not really sure what to make of it. See... It’s pretty but i’m not sure.  I’m sitting on the fence 50/50 about this.  I'd wear this at home and out and about.  But for work, probably not. 

On the lips...sorry for the big nose.

End thoughts are: I don't love it but I don't hate it.  For £1.99 and available nationwide (in the UK anyway) not that bad.  It looks glossy and gives your lips a lovely shine.  The pigmentation of the colour is brilliant.  But I just don't think this is a everyday colour.  When I've finished this, I wouldn't repurchase.  Sorry Apple Blossom!!!

Angela xox

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  1. That's a shame we don't have this brand here, their lipsticks look amazing!

  2. @ Gaby - If you wanted to we could do a swap?

  3. We don´t have this brand either :(


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