Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Jolly news and gossip!!!

Hello blogger friends,  Hope you're all well.  This isn't a beauty post more of a just to let you know the jolly gossip about me at the moment.  And basically  the reason why I've not been about.

If you haven't guess all ready I'm getting married.  And the big day is THIS WEEKEND Saturday, September 18th!!  And my life is some what hectic.  I've been off work since Tuesday trying to de-stress myself.  No one says getting married is easy.

I'm so busy getting my last minute wedding things organised, going to wedding rehearsals, packing my honeymoon suitcase...  I've not had the time or brain power to even think about posting a blog post.  Sorry to be a let down, please for give me :- )

I promise when it's all over, the normal Angela / Jolly will return!!!  So for now I thought I'd leave you all with a few crazy hen party pictures.  Well nothing too crazy haha;

Striking a pose...

Me and my mother hen, my super duper Mum!!

My best friend Claire (and bridesmaid)

Me being a fool again...and why not!!!

and lastly....
Prezzo's Banana Cheesecake...yummy!!!

So the wedding is on the 18th and then I'm off on my honeymoon on the Monday for a week.  So I'll be back and normal again hopefully by the weekend of 2-3 October.  September has basically been a non blog post month for me...can you blame me?!?

So wish me luck, and all pray it doesn't rain!  See you soon :- )

~ Angela xoxo

Oh fyi ...if you're wondering my dress is from Marks and Spencer by Porfolio priced at £29.50.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

MAC Lipstick Collection

This isn’t a bragging post but I have a pretty alright lipstick collection. Lots of drug store lipsticks and a few higher end brands.  I do however have a nice collection of MAC lipsticks. Is 9 lipsticks a collection??

Anyway I thought I'd do a mini review or give my personal thoughts about these glossy babes.  Do you want to meet the gang???

Back row: Cute-ster, Angel, Sweetie, Speed Dial
Front row: Pretty please, Snob, Hue, Politely Pink
Far right: Plink
(Picture with flash)

They are all the in the permanent line lipstick collection, with the exception of one. Let me introduce you closer up to who they are...

Sorry for the dodgy photo, only way to fit them all in :- ) Taken with flash.

So here's my thoughts:

Hue (Glaze)
This is my most recent MAC lipstick purchase. I was torn between MAC’s Hue and Crème de Nude and this was the winner. Which I’m really glad about. I probably used this every day and it's on the top spot with my Plink lipstick.  It's always in my handbag.  When this runs out, I am so repurchasing!  A prefect not in your face nude, exactly what I wanted.  It looks glossy too as it's a Glaze finish.

Speed Dial (Creamsheen)
A gorgeous hot pink notice me lipstick.  If you love a hot pink, I completely recommend you check this out.  It's a creamy lipstick that glides on smooth.  A raspberry colour which has a very very fine, almost unnoticeable shimmer in it.  It's a bit bright for work or school etc, but prefect for a night out on the town with friends.

Pretty please (Lustre)
I’ve never been too sure with this, its nice and gives you a wet lustre lipstick look. It looks like a white pinky pearl colour (if that makes sense).  It's a strange colour to swatch, as it doesn't really show in pictures unless you have flash or bright sunlight.  It might be a better lip combo lipstick, a bit of Snob and this over the top?? Dunno really, but this is not one of those statement lipsticks.  But worth a look, if you want to create a quite natural look though.

Politely pink (Lustre)
This is very similar to Plink, so similar it's quite hard to tell them a part sometimes.  Politely has a more a beigey pink tone where Plink is more coral pink.  Polietly is more pearly looking though, compared to Plink.  So it looks more shiny.  A beautiful soft pink, prefect for everyday looks.

Sweetie (Lustre)
I remember getting this, me and my Hubby2b were at MAC in Convent Garden and he said to me 'do you want something'.  Me Miss panic grabbed the first lipstick that looked ‘good’.  I regret it now, as MAC do so many wonderful lipsticks and this one is just doesn't quite do it for me.  It's a nice colour; a raspberry red wine colour, but on my lips it doesn't look right.  I don't know if thats because it's a Lustre, if it was a Satin it might be better.  Who knows, but once I've used this I probably won't repurchase.  The colour pay off isn't worth the price.

Snob (Satin)
I was typical follow the crowd with this and bought from online without swatching.  I initially hated this. But now I actually like it. I like to wear this by applying a gloss to my lips first then adding this on top.  I do that because, i find if i apply this to my lips on it's own it can look a bit full on.  It has a blue/purple undertone which looks nice but less is definately more.

Angel (Frost)
I’ve only used this a few times. I’d heard tonnes about this lipstick being the bees knees, so I had high expectation that it’d be ‘wonderful’. I have never really seen it’s full potential.  So it's been in my makeup draw for months gathering dust.  But getting it out of the draw for todays post has made me have a little play about with it.  It's not so bad after all.  Like the Snob lipstick, less is definiatelty more.  You can't cake this on, unless you're trying to look like Barbie!

Plink (Lustre)
This was the first ever MAC lipstick I bought (well it was a Back2MAC actually). This is my holy grail, love of my life pinkie natural lipstick. As you can see I’ve used and abused it. When I do a Back2MAC soon, I’ll be repurchasing this as I looveeeee it!!!!

Cute-star (Lustre) *L/E Hello Kitty collection*
Limited edition pink/coral coloured lustre with a Hello Kitty on it, need I say more?  This gives you a wet looking lip.  The consistancy is very wet and soft, so it has broken in half in the container ....boooo!  It has a coral coloured fine glitter/shimmer in it, so it is very reflective.  Sadly it was L/E so there is no more once it's all gone :- (

I recently noticed on Milly’s Pearls and Poodles page that she did a Back2MAC. I’d been told at a MAC counter ages ago that Back2MAC had been stopped in the UK. So happy days it hasn’t, because i’ve got tonnes of depotted eye shadows and blusher containers.  If you don't know what Back2MAC is, you collect 6 empty MAC containers (eyeshadows, blusher, paint pot, brush cleanser, fixed name it) return it to a MAC counter and tell them you want to do Back2MAC.  You then exchange the empties for either a lipstick or lipgloss.  A very rewarding way to recycle indeed!!!

Do you have favourite MAC lipstick?  Or another brand lipstick?  When I do my Back2MAC, what do you recommend to have a peek at???

Bye for now blogger friends,

~ Angela xoxo

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I like a bit of gas....

With the untimely death of my beloved Braun Gas Tongs, i thought it was time to repurchase something new and up to date. RIP Mr Braun Tongs. Cause of death, old age... they were about 10 years old and the ignition failed to work any more ;- (  sniff sniff.

My faithful Braun Tongs curled my hair like....nothing i have ever used before and when they finally went to Braun Heaven – tears nearly fell. I started to look for a new Gas Tong and on the weekend i popped into Argos Extra to pick up this beauty...

Babyliss Pro Tong RRP £14.99....200C temp... ya-hooooooo!!!

When buying items like this, please do research first before handing over any cash.  I first spotted these in Boots electrical section priced up at £19.99!!!  When i found them in the Argos Catalogue, they are shown at £14.99 – a whole £5 saving...happy days!

Now you’re probably wondering, why use gas tongs when you can use electric curling tongs?  I have electric tongs,  but i never have found ‘the one’ in terms of creating lasting curls with my hair.  I have shoulder length thick thick  thick hair,  when anyone cuts my hair i am always thrown the comment..'wow isn’t your hair thick...??’  yes i know!!!

I have always found that gas tongs create lasting curls in my hair,  i can hold the tong in my hair for 20 seconds and hey-presto  a curl has formed.  But with a GHD or a electrically tong i find it harder to create curls and especially ones that last all day.

The tongs look like this.... 

Top / middle / bottom: Tong / brush attachment/ in the case.

The positive of these gas tongs is, they heat very fast to a high temp of 200c, it is ultra light (no arm ache when curling, yayyy!!!), you can take them anywhere, and i mean anywhere.  You could climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa and still be able to curl your hair at the summit.  Need i say more.  Yes.  They are a good size, can easily put in your handbag and take to work or to a club. 

The negative part of gas tongs is they obviously will run out of gas eventually, so you'll need to purchase more cells. Extra money of course.  But the cells do last a long time.  I don't curl my hair all the time, so they will last for me.  The cells screw into the inside of the tongs at the base.  See you do get a lot of gas....

For the £14.99 price as well, the tongs include a therma cell which powers the tongs.

Do you wish to see the curls I created? Go see....

Do you like curling your hair?? What do you use?

~ Angela xoxo

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