Sunday, 30 October 2011

Burn baby burn......

Now it is officially Autumn it has been time for me to dust off the candles and start burning them hardcore.  I love candles.....FACT!!!

In the bathroom when I'm relaxing in the bath.  In the living room when I'm snuggled on the sofa watching the TV.  On the dinning room table when we're having dinner.  In the bedroom to make it feel lovely and calming before bed.

Now I don't really just burn my candles in the winter months, I do it all year round....candle burning is part of the normal day for me, I do it all the time.  I especially love candles which have a gorgeous scent.  They fill the air in the room with their yummy fragrances.  I completely recommend Yankee Candles, they do lots of different sizes and scents and they can burn for a really long time.

There's another brand of candles I'm really loving which is Lily Flame.  My current favourite is Daisy Dip.

This is what the little tins look dainty and cute

If you know what Calvin Klein's perfume Eternity smells like, then you'll know what this smells like!  I could quite happily stick my nose in this pot and sniff's delicious.  The above picture is a new candle I bought as I was getting to the end of the candle I'm currently burning

On the Lily Flame website they describe this 'with a hint of grass, flowers, honeysuckle and violets'.  I describe this as CK Eternity.  My way is easier :-D *smiley face*

Prices range differently depending where you see them.  I know some John Lewis stores stock these.  They sell them at a more expensive price than I have ever purchased them (only by about a £1, but its still more money).  I pick mine up at my local garden centre,  they have a kind of 'shabby chic' section.

Have you ever bought this or any other candles from Lily Flame???

Angela xox

Friday, 28 October 2011


Most people in the early morning are too sleepy to take anything in.

But how ever i couldn't help but notice this beaut.


Sun rise on the tube to work.

Lovley sight!!!

Angela xoxo

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lets tame that crazzzzzy mane with Mr Freida!!!!

I am one of many people who suffers for frizzy hair.  I struggle with the glossy sleek look.  When I say 'glossy and sleek' I mean the non-greasy kind of mane which is luscious and you don't want to stop touching your hair because it is so soft.

I read about this wonder product on the gorgeous Milly aka Pearls and Poodles blog right here.  She completely recommends it on her post. 

John Frieda Frizz Ease - Serum Finishing Spray Glossing Mist

The name is such a mouth full but who cares, the job it does it amazing.  When I use this I do not spray it directly onto the hair, I spray to into the air and wave my locks into the falling mist.  The doubly good thing about this is that your hair doesn't feel greasy afterwards....just silky and glossy.

I use this a long with my VO5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir With Argan Oil I did a review here if you want to have a little read.  I wash my hair blah blah then leave my hair to dry natural.  When it's still damp I use the VO5 on the ends of my hair then a bit of Tresmee spray for the hair drying.  Once I've finished the hair drying and styling then I spray this and then brush it through.  As simple as that ...honest!

So do you suffer from the frizz?  I would recommend you give this little miracle in a bottle a whirl!  At £5.59 (in Boots) it is a complete miracle worker available from other places like Superdrug and your local supermarket.

Angela xox

Sunday, 2 October 2011

MUA Eyeshadow Trio Pink Sorbet Rocks!!!

When I recently attempted to hunt down the famous sellout MUA or as know as the Makeup Academy palette called Heaven and Earth, I saw this trio of pink shadows called Pink Sorbet.  Because Heaven and Earth was soldout, I decided to get this instead as it looked super pretty.

Pink Sorbet with a dark, medium and light pink to choose from

All the colours are very shimmery.  I personally love shimmery shadows as I like how they reflect and catch the light.  They make my eye area look bright and a wake.

You don't get major fall out with this which is great.  I think it would of been nice if they had a matt shadow in the trio to try and spice it up a little but I like the palette still regardless.

Little domes of gorgeous pinky-ness

Colour descriptions:  The darkest colour is a shimmery dup of  MAC's Cranberry, the medium colour is MAC's Naked Lunch and the lightest is a MAC Shroom/Vanilla.  Obviously they are not identical to the MAC's...just look similar.

They are not super pigmented, I find it difficult to pick up colour with a brush I actually find it easier to apply the shadows with the sponge applicator which comes with the trio.

Top, Middle & Bottom: Light Medium and Dark

I've really been enjoying this trio, I used it quite a lot in September and it will be in my favourites of the month.  The MUA brand is great for people just starting to experiment with makeup.  When the brand launched everything was £1.  Most things are still a £1, but this trio is £2.50.  Still inexpensive.  When I was in Superdrug I also spotted a similar trio by Bourjois.  Looks identical right?

Image taken from

I swatched these three and compared in store next to the MUA threesome.  The MUA actually had nicer colours/swatch qualities compared to the Bourjois.   The Bourjois trio is £7.99, has very similar colours and packaging.  So MUA is £2.50 and Bourjois £7.99....a whole £5.49 difference.  Think I made the right choice :-)

Angela xox

Saturday, 1 October 2011

NPOTW ~ Rimmel 193 Black Cherries

The polish in this little bottle has been a firm favourite of mine for many years.  It's the perfect autumn/winter shade.  Fingers and toes look lovely with this shade.

And this hue is the gorgeous Black Cherries by Rimmel London.

The nails plus top coat

I love Rimmel polishes, the brush size, the consistency of the polish, the colour range, the price! The colour is called Black Cherries but I describe this colour as a dark black with a hint of aubergine.  Or Eggplant if you're from the good old US of A.  Does that describe sound strange...I'm never good with colour descriptions.

Rimmel polishes are very long lasting and they are chip resident, not bad for a drug store high street brand that comes in less than £3.00.  I have finished this look off with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine Top Coat.  Look how shinny it is??

Sorry for the lack of post in September it's been very busy hence why I've not been about on Twitter and Blogger.  Hopefully all should be normal again :-D

Angela xox

Want to see something pretty...?

How about this.....

Stop and stare....

I had just finished work last night and started to make my way a cross London's Blackfrairs Bridge when I saw this magnificent wonder.

Me and about 50 others all whipped out our mobiles, cameras and camcorders to picture this gorgeous moment.

How I LOVE a beautiful sunset.  England believe or not is one of the best known places in the world for brilliant sunsets and rises.

Sorry it's completely non-beauty related in the cosmetic sense, but still a natural beauty any how.

Hope you like.....

Angela xoxo

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