Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Monthly favourites: August 2010

Hey everyone, I hope you're Monday Bank Holiday was a good one.  The sun came out eventually this long weekend, whoop whoop! Guess what.... we have no more bank holidays left now, until Christmas.  Sad thought!

Rightyo so this is my very first monthly favourites post my little blogger friends.  Hope you enjoy this, because I've been loving these this month...

List of the products are:

1  - Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends
When it comes to hair products I usually rotate them every couple of weeks, as to me it seems my hair gets ‘bored’ of them quite easily. This product I’ve been using since about April, and now I don’t know where I’d be without it. Obviously you don’t get rid of 100% of your split ends, you do need regular hair trims for that. But on a whole this has given my hair a vast improvement.  Before I used to see lots of split ends, that made my hair look tatty.  Now I feel like I can go longer with out hair cuts.  Just one small grape sized drop, rub between your fingers and apply to damp hair at the ends and then style as usual.  You will see an improvement, I promise!

2 - MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
This is my second pot of this, I use this everyday without fail to prime my eye lids before I apply shadow.  it's my MUST HAVE ...HOLY GRAIL eye shadow base, so I cannot live with out.  I could not...I say again. I could not recommend this or any paint pot more. Obviously go for Soft Ochre if you want more of a yellowy toned base.  I much prefer this to Urban Decays and Too Faced primers.

3 - Benefit Dr Feelgood
An oily/combo girls (or boys) best friend. Always in my handbag, I take this baby everywhere with me.  I don’t think I can ever see this product running out, as you only use a little bit here and there when you’re having a shinny moment.  It can be applied alone or over makeup.  Only problem with the over makeup part, is the sponge that comes with it gets a bit grubby.  So you may want to clean it now and again.  It retails for just over £20.00 which you might think is expensive.  But when you think how long this pot will last it’s not a bad investment.

4 - MAC Lipstick in Hue
A beautiful glaze MAC lippie which I cannot get enough of.  I am really pleased with this and would definitely purchase again.  I’d have to say it’s probably knocked MAC’s Plink off the top spot, as I love it so much.  For me this is the best blend of nude and light pink, with a beautiful glaze affect.  I always feel good when I apply this...makes you just want to smile.

5 - FCUK Body Spray in Polished
A lovely refreshing body spray from FCUK. This small bottle cost £2.79 from Boots and I keep it in my handbag when I need to refresh myself.  There are products available from the FCUK range. Body butters, body washes.  I’d recommend a look...

6 - Bobbi Brown Extra Eye Cream
My morning and night dark circle and wrinkle combater!!!!  I’ve been using this for 3 weeks now, and I do see a improvement.  I was originally was given two sachets by Stephanie after my Bridal Makeup session.  I used one sachet in a week and decided to invest in the full size pot.  It’s a big investment as it’s around £30.00+, but if it works it’s worth the money I say.

7 - Top Shop Cream Blush in Neon Rose
When have I not used this?  It's my holy grail cream blush.  I've never tried anything so pigmented, long lasting and natural looking.  This is really a lovely product.  Part of the Top Shop Makeup range and at £6.00 this is a good price too.  Also has oh so cute packaging with the little spots.  I have also just bought more of Top Shops cream blushes; Flush and Butterscotch. I love using this on its own, or you can put a powder blush over the top for more staying power.

8 - By Lauren Luke Lip Gloss
I purchased Lauren’s Smokey Eye palette from ASOS and this came free with it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Lauren decides to sell these glosses as individuals.  Why, because I love them. They are very glossy but they aren’t sticky.  They have a yummy flavour too.  Also ASOS are selling her palette at a ridiculously cheap price...see!

9 - CHI Kerstin Mist
Not readily available in the UK, but I’d definitely recommend this if you have damaged hair which needs strengthening.  Spray and leave in this lovely smelling spray onto your damp hair and style.  This conditions and softens your hair with the added Kerstin and gives you hair extra strength.  I purchased my bottle for about $13.00 which on XE.com equals approx £8.45.  You get lots for your money as this is a 300ml bottle.  I purchased my bottle right here.

10 - Palmer's Shea Butter
You can read my thought on this here, as I have already given this a massive thumbs up!!!!

Swatches of the makeup:

Isn't Neon Rose a beauty???

So what did you love using in August??

~ Angela xoxo

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Me bad :0(

Right .... I was very bad...ages ago I was going to tell you what was inside this box and envelope...

I admit, I completely forgot to post the follow up and have only just remembered. Silly me.  But my live and die by saying is 'better late than never'.  That's my motto!

I bet you want to know what's in there right...??? Both these purchases were from online.  The white box is an order from a Texas based company called Hair Boutique Market Place.  I'd eyed up this gorgeous nail polish and this store seemed like the only place to sell it.  Inside the box is...

L-R : Zoya's Felicity, CHI's Keratin Mist and OPI's Apricot-cha Cheating.

I was mainly after the OPI polish as it's a pretty apricot colour, I never seen a to die for polish colour like this before...so I knew I had to have it! Hehe.   The others items were spontaneous add into my basket moments.  And I'm pretty glad i did add them.  

The CHI product I've heard lots about it being great for strengthening your hair and giving a shine.  Well I can vouch for the reviews ...it totally is the best item I've ever bought my hair!!!  I've basically used it every time I've washed my hair since July and my hair is showing the benefits.  It's just so ..nice!  It's a huge bottle too, 300ml.  This baby is going to last a while.  All I do is spray it into towel dried out and then blow dry.  It's lush.

The little polish on the left of the picture is a pretty baby pink shimmery polish by Zoya.  I've never had Zoya before but this polish is totally girly.  I'm hoping to do nail polish swatches for my nail polish collection post.  Coming soon.

In the teeny weenie brown envelope was these 3 amigos;

L-R: OPI's Jade is the new black, Samoan Sands, Royal Rajah Ruby 

These are all purchased from the Ebay shop Enchanted Beauty Spot.  I found this place via Lollipop26 aka Laura.  It seems to be her place to shop for OPI polish as they are cheaper than the sky high UK prices.   Samoan Sands I heard is the PREFECT nude polish.  At the time I ordered these, I was going through a nude phase hence my purchase.  The Jade is the new black.  Now I only got the Ruby colour, because I couldn't decide which Lincoln polish to get.  After dark or After midnight hmmmmmmmm? Undecided, I opted out of getting any and went for the Ruby instead.  I am a fan of the dark sexy reds, especially on my toes :-)

So that's what I got.  Just to let you know I didn't pay any UK Post Office rip off Import fees for these, they were pretty light weight :0)  That's just in case you fancy ordering for yourself.

See you later alligators ;-)

~ Angela xoxo

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Jolly Rave: Palmer's Shea Butter

Last night after work, it was get to know your colleagues time with everyone I work with.  It wasn’t a company arranged thing, it was just where we all say “down the bar, 5.15pm have a few drinkies etc”. Good times!!!

So that lunch time I ran out side and went to my local pharmacy two doors down and picked up some things that I felt like I just needed.

Shopping list consisted of deodorant, those gel insoles for your high heels, nail vanish remover and this...

Palmer's Shea Butter Formula with Vitamin E

I only grabbed this as it was £1 and it was by the till as I waiting to pay.  All I have to say about this is “I LOVE IT!!!!”

It leaves your skin smelling, looking and feeling yum.  I actually had comments that I felt good (not that I don’t smell good already ...lol).  This is hand bag friendly as it's a small bottle.  You don’t need that much for this to work its yummy magic. A grape size amount and you could coat both arms and hands.  Oh did I mention that it smells sooooooo gooooood???  Lol.

If you see this in a Boots/Superdrug or a pharmacy near you give it a try.  Not because I told you too, but because it's lovelllllllllly.  One things about this though. I've searched Boots and Superdrugs websites and they don't sell this....Nooooooo!  This might be a case of online shopping, because when this runs out there will be a tear in my eye.

Have you ever used Palmer's?  What’s your favourite moisturiser?

Have a good one girls!

~ Angela xoxo

Tuesday, 24 August 2010


I have just ordered the NEW Naked palette from House of Fraser!!!!

Thanks to the very lovley Lucy at Mythology20 who just blogged about it! Thank you thank you!!!!

RRP £27.00 plus £3.00 P&P

Follow this link below if you want to purchase your very own palette.


Swatches to come.........ooooooooooooo I can't wait!!!

~ Angela xoxo

Monday, 23 August 2010

Jolly Rave: Mascara review

Evening ladies, thank god Monday is out of the way.  Only 4 days till the weekend haha.  Anyways, on and off at the moment I’ve been using 2 different mascaras, because they are coming to the end of their little mascara lives.  One of them I proclaimed was my all time favourite.  The other, is my newest all time favourite.

Let me introduce you to my best buddies.  From left to right..

Maybelline’s Stiletto Lash Voluptuous and Max Factor False Lash Effect

Max Factor, was my proclaimed favourite back in April.  I used it religiously, but as soon as the Maybelline Stiletto Voluptuous came out I knew I'd love it and kind a threw my Max Factor to the side.  I'm a fan of the original stiletto formulation and how the wand makes my lashes look.  So I knew this one had to be better than the original.

See how the brushes look like in detail.  Max Factor has a big fat wand and Maybelline and a sleek curvy wand.  Both look different, both have different affects on my lashes.

What it looks like applied? From underneath.
(L - R) Maybelline & Max Factor

Max factor looks very separated and Maybelline on the left looks slightly clumped.  I think this could be because my mascara is starting to dry out.  It does separate ...PROMISE!!!

What it looks like applied? From a frontal view.

(L - R) Maybelline & Max Factor

Not the best picture in the world, as you can't really see the Max factor lashes too well.  But Maybelline's Voluptuous certainly give my lashes a wow factor.  Look at that curl.  I love these mascaras in their own unique ways, I would highly and I say HIGHLY recommend both.  

Max Factor (or Cover Girl Lash Blast as it's known across the pond) does come in water proof.  Unfortunately, Stiletto Voluptuous hasn't been released yet in a water proof. :0(  May be one day.

So I'm rethinking my holy grail mascara and might make it a plural.  Is it allowed to have two holy grail mascaras?  I think so.  So whats your holy grail mascara???

~Angela xoxo

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Give away with Sophiephiephie Blog Page!!!!

Hey girls;

Just thought I'd do a shout out to the gorgeous Sophie who is doing a 50 followers give away on her blog.

She is giving away a great £10 gift voucher for the online store ASOS.  You can spend it on what ever you like!! Cool huh?!

To get to Sophie's blog just click her picture below:

To enter all you have to do is:

a) follow Sophie's blog, 
b) tell her what you'd buy if you won.

So simple!!!

So follow Sophie's Blog as she's a great blogger and I love her posts!!!

Good luck everyone.

So I am now off to eat cake at my cousins 30th birthday party .....yum :0)

Later blogger friends,

~ Angela xoxo

oh p.s. ASOS ship worldwide if you're wondering!!!!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Products I'm using right now

Just a few things I'm using right now :-) ....enjoy!

Shampoo: Body Shop ~ Banana Shampoo

Conditioner: Same as before but in Conditioner

Shower gel: Anything by Radox

Styling products: Herbal Essence Beautiful Split Ends, VO5 Get It Straight Straightening Balm, CHI Keratin Mist and occasionally Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Body moisturiser: Vaseline Cocoa Butter Vitalising Gel Body Oil

Deodorant: Sure

Fake Tan: St. Mortiz

Foundation: Bobbi Brown Natural Long Lasting in Warm Sands or Revlon Colourstay in Buff

Cleanser: Lancome - Galateis Douceur Gentle Softening Cleansing Fluid 

Exfoliator:Clean & Clear Exfoliating Daily Wash

Primer: Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base

Foundation Brush: MAC 187 or my fingers, or both

Powder: Bobbi Brown Sheer Finished Pressed Powder in Pale Yellow 1

Concealer: Collection 2000 Lasting Protection Concealer in Light

Blush: NARS Deep Throat or Top Shops Neon Rose

Bronzer: Barry M Natural Dazzle Bronzer

Highlighter: Boots 17 in Bramble Frost

Eyeshadow Base:MAC's Painterly Pain Pot (live and die by product)

Eyeshadows: The Body Shop Moon Stone mostly

Eyeliner: Rimmel Exaggerate Automatic Eye Definer in Noir

Lash Curler: Not using one

Mascara: Maybelline Stiletto Voluminous or Max Factor False Lash Effect

Lipstick: MAC Hue

Lipgloss: NYX Sponge Cake, MAC Love Nectar

Nail colour:  None, I have gels on so I have coloured gel on not polish.  But the gel is like Barry M's Mushroom

Hope you liked, any comments don't hesitate.

Bye bye for now blogger friends,


~ Angela xoxo

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Body Shop | Banana Hair Care

Don’t you hate it when companies discontinue products you absolutely love?!?!?  You occasionally get brands like MAC who bring back items limited edition and then they are gone again. Sad face.

The Body Shop has relaunched some much loved products so I picked a pair of them.  Any one remember Banana Shampoo and Conditioner?  This was originally launched way way back in 1988 and The Body Shop has brought back the fruity duo.

Now I admit I have for sometime been head over hills with Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner in Hello Hydration (the blue bottles) for dry damaged hair.  I had started using it when my hair was damaged from bleaching (I went through a caramel blonde Cheryl Cole phase, don’t ask).  Bleaching my hair damaged it so badly it was practically braking in my hands.  Now my hair has fully recovered, so I’m up for a change in hair products plus me and my hair are a little bored.

I remember using these products when they were released originally and they were lovely back in the day.  Are they still lovely, oh yes. Sniff these bottles content and you’ll think your smelling a Banoffee Pie right under your nose...yum!  Let me introduce you to my fruity chums...

I’ve been using these for the past month and I love what these products do to my hair.  Gorgeous smelling, beautiful shine, lovely condition, silky...need I say more??...yes?

Each bottle costs £3.99 for 250ml.  I don’t think that’s too bad.   A cool thing is if you are part of The Body Shop reward scheme ‘Love Your Body’ you can get 10% off purchases over a certain amount.  (Also you get free gifts and a present on your birthday month...yay!!!)

My one and only problem with product is the size of the bottle, I LOVE the product itself. But the bottle size is a little frustrating as for £3.99 you only get 250ml, for some people that’s absolutely fine.  For me someone with thick hair, you tend to use more product, especially conditioner.  So with smaller bottles and thicker hair, you can run out of product faster.  Booooooooooooooo!!!!  If The Body Shop made a 500ml bottle then I’d be over the moon.

Want to see my hair, cue more photos of me posing in the bathroom mirror.

nice looking hair..

see the shine??

I do hope these are here to stay now, don't know what I'd do without them now.  Has a company relaunched anything you used to love?

~ Ang xoxo

Monday, 16 August 2010

Sugarbomb horror!!!!

So I only got this product like 2 week ago and to my horror today as I got it out of my bag I saw this tragedy....

In the words of Usher “Oh My God!!!”

What on earth happened? I had this in my bag as I was using this like ...everyday and to my horror it completely cracked into a trillion pieces. Oh why....?!!! It’s not like I throw my handbag around like a football. I’m actually quite upset as it was a gift and I know this costs a fortune. I see no reason one this has happened. Grr!

Unless ....

It’s a design fault? This product ‘was’ made up of 4 triangle pieces placed together to make a square. My only thought about this breaking is maybe its a fault in the way this was made? Maybe it’s more likely to break because it was more fragile in the first place??? I own Hoola, Coralista, 10 and Georgia and NEVER had this happen to them. But the difference is, they are one solid piece. Perhaps that’s the reason, who knows.

Now I just don’t know what to do with it, every time I'll open the pot the contents will fly everywhere now. Do I bin it, use it as it is or break it down into a dust/pigment like blush? Help Bloggers friends, what do I do?????

~ Angela xoxo

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Work in progress

Hi all,

So if you haven't noticed I've fiddled with my blog.  It's still work in progress and I haven't completely done everything yet.

You'll see some of the previous blog posts are a little weird looking...they are on my hit list to update them as soon as...... I promise!!!!

So do you like the layout?   Is there anything you do/don't like?  I'd love to know :- )

Oh and I thought I'd take this chance to say a little thank you to all my followers/readers,  I'd always dreamed of blogging and never imagined I'd actually get people wanting to follow me.  It makes me very happy indeed!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone, where ever you maybe :- )

~ Angela xoxo

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Makeup look of the day...

So ladies, I thought I’d dazzle you with pictures of my make up look of the day.
The pictures are a little dodgy as I took them on my mobile at about 7.15 this morning. Excuse the dark circles, still in the process of making those bad boys disappear.

Being silly in the bathroom

Nothing out of this world, but I liked it.  I had to dust off a few products to achieve this look.

Now don't be scared...lol ...it's just me.

Close up of face

Close up of eyes

Urban decay's eyeshadow in Sin all over the lid with Twice Baked in the crease.  Blunt over the top of Twice Baked and up to the brow bone. Boots 17 liner in silver on the lower lash line.
The rest of the products....

.... and what they are:

Revlon colour stay foundation in Buff
Urban Decays Sin, Blunt and Twice baked
Laura Mercier Oil free Primer
Mac paint pot in Painterly
Collection 2000 lasting Perfection Concealer
Max Factor Lash Extension Effect
Boots 17 blushes; Bramble frost and Damson Wine
Boots 17 eyeliner in Silver
Bobbi Brown Pressed Face powder in Warm sands

*** Not pictured Barry M's 101 lip paint and clear gloss for the lips

Eye shadow swatches:

Blush swatches:

Inexpensive and pretty.  I used Bramble Frost as a highlight and Damson Wine as a blush.

Cue dodgy posing by me in my bathroom....
So vain..

So a sort of natural shimmery look?  I like it. I've forgotten how much I love my Urban Decay shadows.  I think I will bring them out to play again soon :- )

Night all,

~ Angela xoxo

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mystery Solved

Sherlock Jolly solved a case. Bizarrely random pieces of my makeup & personal things have been going missing for a while now. I start to wonder if it was my hubby2b stealing them for his own personal use.......eeeeewww!!
When it comes to my things, especially make up I am quite meticulous. If anything walkies I WILL notice.
My missing list was getting bigger and bigger; Mac’s Hue, 17 Mirror Shine lippy, NYX Gloss, pens, Sigma SS168 M brush to name a few.
Then the other day I kind of thought my handbag weighed a tonne, when there was nothing in it. (I was having a bit of a sort out.) To my surprise; after further investigation, I found a giant hole in the inside pocket of the bag. So anything I was putting in there was falling straight through between the lining.   Sadly it was only makeup, pens and odd random things which turned up. No winning lottery tickets :- ( Sigh.
But on a good note, Mac’s Love Nectar and Hue, Revlon Peach Petal gloss, 17 lipstick, my Sigma Brush, Givenchy Sun gloss and a bunch of pens have all been returned to their rightful owner.
Unfortunately the NYX Tea Rose gloss in still M.I.A, but one day she will found safe and well....I hope.
Have you ever lost anything and found it weeks/months/years later???
Bye for now blogger friends,
~Angela xoxo

Friday, 6 August 2010

Another magazine offer...

Just a small post sharing the love of magazine freebies.  You can't turn down a freebie.

The freebie are by Red (Louise Rednapp) and Instyle (Rachel Bilson) Magazines

Louise and Rachel looking oh so gorgeous

First of Red.... they are giving away Neal's Yard Nourishing Orange Flower Daily Moisturiser.  In the shops this is worth £7.00 according to Red Mag, so this is a bargain to be had.  I've never had the pleasure of trying N.Y. before, so definitely taking advantage.  You get a reasonable size bottle too...

This has a strong smell to it, but smelt nice when I swatched it.  I can't really review it for you as haven't had it long enough.

Swatch....nothing fascinating going on there really.

I'm going to keep this in my hand bag and use it has a hand moisturiser.  Baby soft hands here I come...

For Instyle, they are giving away 2 different colour lip and cheek stains from The Body Shop. A red and this one (see below), I opted for this one as i already have the red cheek and lip stain. The red one is a less expensive version of Benefits Benetint.

Corally looking ...

Applied to the skin (top) and then blended(bottom)

As you can see from the bottom picture, it's quite shimmery.  You can see a little stain affect to the right.  I don't personally know if  I'd  use this on my lips.  But definitely for highlighting and bronzey/corally blush stain.  This is about £9.00 in The Body Shop, so yet another bargain!

So you seen any cool magazine deals lately?  Or what do you wish they would give away, I'm wishing for OPI polishes... :- )

Have a good Friday everyone....yay the weekend is here!!!

~ Angela xoxo

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