Monday, 2 August 2010

How to become...

...a Eyeko Ambassdor.

Happy August 1st Everyone!!!! Hope this weekend was good for you, mine was definitely over far too fast!

This is a small post just to explain about the Eyeko Ambassador Scheme, as today I was asked by Donna 'how to become an Eyeko Ambassador?' So I thought I’d tell you how :- )

FYI: to do this you have to have; a PayPal account, an email address and a blog/ website to show you Eyeko Ambassador code.

To become an ambassador you literally visit the Eyeko website and click the tab ‘AMBASSADOR’ or click this link and follow the following steps.

- You sign up by the ‘apply now’ button.
- Enter your personal information; name, address, email address etc.
- Click ‘continue’.

That’s it!!! Almost.

Eyeko will then email you a congratulations email which contains a link to collect you’re Eyeko banner which you then save to your computer.

Then you add the banner to your blog/website and link it to the Eyeko so..

When people add your Eyeko Ambassador code to the Eyeko website when they are making a purchase, you will make up to 15% commission on their purchase.

Cool huh!? The more people use your code, the more money you make. The money is put directly into your PayPal account.

See the Eyeko website for more information.

Will you become an Eyeko Ambassador?

~ Angela xoxo


  1. haha aww thank you for posting this up!! <3

  2. Thats no problem :) Hope it helps :) Thanks for following.
    Angela xoxo


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