Monday, 23 August 2010

Jolly Rave: Mascara review

Evening ladies, thank god Monday is out of the way.  Only 4 days till the weekend haha.  Anyways, on and off at the moment I’ve been using 2 different mascaras, because they are coming to the end of their little mascara lives.  One of them I proclaimed was my all time favourite.  The other, is my newest all time favourite.

Let me introduce you to my best buddies.  From left to right..

Maybelline’s Stiletto Lash Voluptuous and Max Factor False Lash Effect

Max Factor, was my proclaimed favourite back in April.  I used it religiously, but as soon as the Maybelline Stiletto Voluptuous came out I knew I'd love it and kind a threw my Max Factor to the side.  I'm a fan of the original stiletto formulation and how the wand makes my lashes look.  So I knew this one had to be better than the original.

See how the brushes look like in detail.  Max Factor has a big fat wand and Maybelline and a sleek curvy wand.  Both look different, both have different affects on my lashes.

What it looks like applied? From underneath.
(L - R) Maybelline & Max Factor

Max factor looks very separated and Maybelline on the left looks slightly clumped.  I think this could be because my mascara is starting to dry out.  It does separate ...PROMISE!!!

What it looks like applied? From a frontal view.

(L - R) Maybelline & Max Factor

Not the best picture in the world, as you can't really see the Max factor lashes too well.  But Maybelline's Voluptuous certainly give my lashes a wow factor.  Look at that curl.  I love these mascaras in their own unique ways, I would highly and I say HIGHLY recommend both.  

Max Factor (or Cover Girl Lash Blast as it's known across the pond) does come in water proof.  Unfortunately, Stiletto Voluptuous hasn't been released yet in a water proof. :0(  May be one day.

So I'm rethinking my holy grail mascara and might make it a plural.  Is it allowed to have two holy grail mascaras?  I think so.  So whats your holy grail mascara???

~Angela xoxo

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