Sunday, 8 August 2010

Mystery Solved

Sherlock Jolly solved a case. Bizarrely random pieces of my makeup & personal things have been going missing for a while now. I start to wonder if it was my hubby2b stealing them for his own personal use.......eeeeewww!!
When it comes to my things, especially make up I am quite meticulous. If anything walkies I WILL notice.
My missing list was getting bigger and bigger; Mac’s Hue, 17 Mirror Shine lippy, NYX Gloss, pens, Sigma SS168 M brush to name a few.
Then the other day I kind of thought my handbag weighed a tonne, when there was nothing in it. (I was having a bit of a sort out.) To my surprise; after further investigation, I found a giant hole in the inside pocket of the bag. So anything I was putting in there was falling straight through between the lining.   Sadly it was only makeup, pens and odd random things which turned up. No winning lottery tickets :- ( Sigh.
But on a good note, Mac’s Love Nectar and Hue, Revlon Peach Petal gloss, 17 lipstick, my Sigma Brush, Givenchy Sun gloss and a bunch of pens have all been returned to their rightful owner.
Unfortunately the NYX Tea Rose gloss in still M.I.A, but one day she will found safe and well....I hope.
Have you ever lost anything and found it weeks/months/years later???
Bye for now blogger friends,
~Angela xoxo

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  1. hahahaha this is me ALL over! i always get holes in my bag. And my mirror shines have disappeared so many times, I last found my Belle underneath my car. How did it get there?! xx


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