Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

I love felt tip liners, they are so fast to apply you'll be literally done and dusted in a matter of minutes.  I thought I'd share with you a favourite of mine.

The Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in black is one of those liners i think everyone should try and buy.  At £2.99 it is so cheap and for a drug store liner I think it ticks all the boxes.

The felt tip itself is sturdy and will not bend.  It will give a fantastic thin, medium and thick line depending on your preference.  It is also so easy to create flicks and cat eyes.  It dries very fast which I love as I hate liners that take forever to dry.  As for staying power, it does last a very very long time.  I haven't worn it for 24 hours but it has stayed put throughout a sweaty work-out at the gym - which is obviously a good sign of  its staying power.

The Extreme liners come in a range of colours from black, purple, blue and teal which is perfect for mixing up looks.  Not many brands sell different colour liners for such a good price.

Collection 2000 do mention on their website that this isn't suitable for contact lens wearers.  However I would personally disagree as I've worn it a few times with my lenses and haven't had any trouble . . . yet!

So what is your favourite eyeliner?  Do you like gels, creams, pencils . . . ?

Angela xox

Monday, 30 July 2012

Clarins Ever Matte Foundation Review

I believe I have a problem, I think the diagnosis should be called a foundation-aholic.  My motto about foundations at the moment is you have to kiss a few ‘frogs’ to find the perfect one.  After kissing some ugly frogs I think I may have found my prince!

I have popped my Clarins cherry as this is my first ever purchase from the brand and I feel like I have struck gold.  The non-pushy sales girl was so helpful when it came to trying out the Clarins foundation line up.  We talked and discussed my skin and found out its wants and needs and I was suited with the Ever Matte in the shade Ivory 103.  As she said to me this is perfect for you oily skinned girls and the shade matched me perfectly.  Almost so perfect you couldn’t actually see where she’d applied it, something which I love.

The bottle

The packaging is lovely, very sleek and I love the fact the tube isn't at all heavy.  It is a thin tube, unlike the big bulky bottles of MUFE HD and Benefit Hello Flawless.   It's very 
inconspicuous and handy to travel with.  I regularly put my makeup on whilst travelling, so a light bottle is perfect!  

The foundation itself is amazing.  It's very light in texture and when you apply it to the skin it gives you a beautiful flawless coverage.  It is matte from the moment you apply until you remove it.  The coverage is light to medium and you don't need much at all to cover the whole face.  What is great about this foundation is you feel like your skin can breathe.  It doesn't clog pores, it just feels like your own skin.  Exactly how a foundation should be!


It is oil free which is great, as I don't want add oils to my already oily skin.  It contains SPF 15, which protects the skin from the harmful sun rays.  This foundation is know for its 'skin balancing' properties - helping with regulating oil production and purifying the skin.  It tightens the pores and absorbs oils on the skin like a sponge.  It also has a noticeable scent - which i like but some people may not.  You only notice it when you first apply it, then it disappears.

So have I found a new holy grail?  Would I repurchase this once I’ve finished the tube?  Definitely!  I will admit I am thinking this has replaced my beloved Make Up For Ever HD as holy grail foundation.  I recently dusted off my HD and used it and it felt thick on my skin.  I’m so used to this light feeling foundation now, it is something I really want to stick to.  Also the bonus is I can walk into a store and pick up Clarins in the UK unlike MUFE HD :-(

Have you ever tried the Clarins range?  What is your favourite foundation?

Angela xox

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Barry M | Lip Gloss in 11

I'm not a big gloss fan, especially the sticky kind.  Your hair gets stuck to it and you basically end up eating them.  I can never really understand why people spend so much money on them?!?  So I thought I'd show my inexpensive lip gloss purchase.  Perhaps this may sway you to buy drug store instead of high end - who knows.  Meet Lip Gloss number 11 by Barry M.

At a cheap £4.49 this gloss is a great find.  remember Tanya Burr speaking about number 11 and I knew I'd have to check it out.  If a guru likes something, it is a must really isn't it???  I remember her wearing this in the video I watched and I thought at the time 'i like you . . . I must buy you!'

This peachy-coral is truly beautiful.  It has an equally beautiful scent as do all their glosses and they are not over powering.  The glosses come with a wand applicator which applies the gloss smoothly and evenly. The ultimate question 'are they sticky?' . . .  no!  They are very glossy but are not sticky in the slightest, which is fabulous.

Barry M have 10 great colours in their gloss collection.  Colours ranging from your hot pinks and coral to your basic see-through colour.  I will say one quick rant about Barry M however, why don't their products have names instead of numbers?  I know their Nail Paints do - but why not everything else? I think it is a little old fashioned to still be using the numbering system.  Lets be creative and have names please Barry!!!

Anyways, so what is your favourite gloss?  What do you recommend?

Angela xox

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sanctuary Spa ~ Body Moisture Spray

I have a new favourite miniature for my handbag.  I have to say this is yummy and is the perfect baby-size for my handbag.  My new favourite is the Sanctuary Spa Body Moisture Spray.  With its signature Sanctuary Spa smell this is an ultra-light moisture spray which instantly hydrates and gives a healthy sheen to the skin.

Packed full of sweet almond, jojoba and vitamin E - it is a conditioning oil spritz which does not leave the skin oily but leaves it silky and smooth.  As this is a miniature it’s only 50ml, which is great for taking on a plane as it is the correct size for security reasons.

I hope you liked my mini review :-D  Do you have any favourite miniatures?  Or handbag favourites?

Angela xox

Monday, 23 July 2012

My Top 10 MAC Eyeshadow - Swatches!

Back in April I blessed you all with my Top 10 MAC eyeshadows.  At the time I never did swatches, but after a request to do so -  I have dug out the famous 10 and taken their mug shots for you all to see.

I will say before I start this post properly, this is basically a picture post.  Not very many words as I wrote about the shadows on the initial post here.

All the single pictures are taken with a flash.  But the below group shot is taken in natural and flash photgraphy.  Any-ho here is a group picture to start with.

Top Row: Naked Lunch, Twinks, Silver Ring, Cooperplate and Omega
Bottom Row: All That glitters, Soba, Mystery, Quarry and Vapour


Naked Lunch

All That Glitters



Silver Ring





Vapour is the only shadow I took more shots of due to the fact it isn't the easiest to picture as it is quite sheer.

Sorry it's not a very good post when it comes to words :- )  But anyways I hope it helps you if you go to buy MAC shadows.  By the way, what is your Top 10??

Angela xox

Sunday, 22 July 2012


Catchy title huh?  So I have three shadows to compare.  I was playing about with them individually the other day then started to think they all looked quite similar.  So I thought I'd share my findings with my lovely followers.

So what had I been playing with you ask?  I was playing with three much loved shadows from Stila, Urban Decay and MAC.  The following picture shows all three together.  The top picture is natural lighting whilst the bottom is with the flash.

Top: Stila; Kitten
Second Row L-R: Urban Decay; Sin and MAC; Naked Lunch

What all three shadows have in common is the colour and finish.  It's almost like they are sisters, obviously part of the same family but have their own unique differences.  In the pans they look very much alike, especially Sin and Naked Lunch.  Kitten is slightly more golden, whereas the bottom two are much more pinky.  When it comes to the swatches you can see their subtle differences.  They are all very shimmery, but the colours vary slightly.  But they still look pretty much the same, the classic champagne-peachy/pink.

L-R ~ MAC; Naked Lunch, Urban Decay; Sin and Stila; Kitten

So a little chit chat about the individual shadow themselves:

Urban Decays Sin is a firm favourite of mine, I've loved it since day one.  A shimmery shadow that glides on brilliantly.  However frustratingly Urban Decay in the UK I think is a difficult brand to get hold of.  You cannot buy it online from the Urban Decay website, you can only buy from House of Fraser or Debenhams.  Urban Decay used to be available also in Boots but they have pulled out of trading with them which seems a shame.  It's a bit of a step backwards I think.  The shadow costs £14.00, which is the more expensive shadow out of the three.  I would recommend this shadow regardless of the price though.

Naked Lunch
The MAC shadow is probably one of the shadows everyone owns.  But out of the three of them, I'd say Naked Lunch isn't the best of the bunch.  Don't get me wrong it is a good shadow but just is not the greatest.  It isn't as pigmented as the others and is a little more difficult to get a good colour pay off.  It is one of those shadows you need to layer to get the desired look.  However it is still part of my Top 10 MAC shadows which you can see here, so it cannot be all bad.  The shadow cost varies depending if you buy a pot (£12.00) or a pro-pan (£10.00).

When ever I think of the Stila brand you automatically think Kitten.  It's their best seller, it's basically the Touche Eclat to YSL comparison. Out of all the shadows, Kitten is probably my favourite.  To get a great pay off with this you need minimum effort, this all over the lid just looks amazing.  It's the perfect summer shadow - it just gives you this wide a wake summer eye.  The shadow is soft and creamy and makes applying eyeshadow easy!  Stila has recently returned to our shores after a little time away and is available online and in Boots.  You can pick this shadow up for £12.00 but the best thing is the pan is slightly larger than the MAC and Urban Decay - so technically you're getting more for your money!

So my verdict - buy the Stila!  The others are good but you're getting more for your pennies!!  Do you have any of these shadows?  If so which is your favourite?  If you don't have any of these, which one do you like and would buy?

Angela xox

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Rimmel London ~ Summer Fever Blusher

For absolutely ages I've spoken about how much I love the Rimmel London Blush Trio in Summer Fever.  I put my hands up and will honestly say this is my all time favourite holy grail blusher.  Yet I’ve never actually shown you why I love it so much because I have never blogged about it.  Tut tut! 

I love Rimmel a) because they are so cheap b) because they are from the high street and c) because they have such a good selection of items be it great mascaras, foundations and nail polishes etc.

The pan shot

I took this picture of Summer Fever when I first bought it. I’m always taking pictures of makeup, it’s like I’m cataloguing it all in case it goes up in smoke!  After much loving you can see how much I've used.

The Summer Fever Trio is a 3 in 1 trio  (obviously) of three shades with three different purposes.  A baby pink for a blush, the champagne shimmer is for highlighting and then a brown/bronzer for bronzing.  These are very blendable and give a very natural glow over the cheeks.  Individually the colours are lovely looking but mixed together they are even better.  Just see for yourself,  I have inserted the obligatory finger and hand swatches below.

Blush / Highlighter / Bronzer

Even though I’ve used this more than once a week for what feels like forever now, I have yet to hit pan.  The reason I think is, you don’t ever need too much product to get a result.  A nice big swirl in the powder and it gives you enough product for both cheeks.

All three shades mixed together

What I really like is the versatility of this product.  Whenever I use this, I feel like I only need to use this product to achieve a bronzed, blushed and highlighted look.  It is quite literally killing three birds with one stone - as the saying goes.  For a drug store blusher, this lasts a very long time.  It lasts the 9 till 5 working day easily.

You can use the colours individually however that can be a little tricky due to the size of them in the pan.  Whenever I wear this cheek colour I always get comments about how nice I look.  It comes across as quite a warm colour - quite plumy.  

This can be picked up at any Rimmel London stand or online at Boots here.  I cannot find it on the Superdrug site but I have seen them on Amazon site if you fancy a shop on there.  The 3 in 1's comes in 4 different shades (Autumn Catwalk, Summer Fever, Winter Glow and Spring Flower). 

What are your favourite drug store blushers?

Angela xox

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lush ~ Think Pink Bath Bomb Review

This weekend I treated myself at bath time to a Lush bath bomb.  I raided my collection and picked out the oh so pretty Think Pink.  Sadly mine is a little faded as I've had it in my collection since February when I picked it up in my Lush haul.  But it is still just as pretty!

Think Pink is the ultimate girly bath bomb, firstly it's pink - that's girly right?!  Also the cute candy flowers and the scent of vanilla and tonka with the added lavender oils make having a bath a pleasure not a chore.  Once you pop this into the bath the magic happens and the fizzing starts.  Your bath water is transformed to a girly pink shade but sadly there are no bubbles.  Sigh.  The unique touch with Think Pink is the red heart confetti which is released from the bomb whilst it's fizzing around the bath tub.  It's quite a romantic touch :-D

In the bath tube fizzing around

Once you jump out the bath, this leaves your skin soft and lightly scented.  You're skin will not feel oily, even though it does contain lavender oils.  Unlike some bath bombs, this left no yucky line around the bath and no discolouration.  Just a quick blast with the shower head and a wipe down, it was clean again.

On a good note, this has the vegan stamp of approval.  This is completely vegan friendly as per the information on the Lush site!  Also I have sensitive skin and this didn't break me out in blotchy patches.  So would I repurchase this . . . definitely.  At £2.45 they aren't too expensive, but if you want to get more for your money you could try and break this in half so you can use it twice.  Just a thought.

Have you tried this?  What's your favourite Lush bath bomb???

Angela xox


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

I Love Etsy xox

I'm becoming a real fan of the website Etsy.  I love what you can find on there, you can hunt down such unique items from clothing, home items (glass, furniture, pottery. . .etc), art work, homemade beauty products - you name it.  It's fast over taking Ebay as the place to shop for me. 

I'm very big of making my own jewellery and I love to support others who do the same.  Etsy is the place to go if you're looking for homemade unique jewellery items.  That's why I thought I'd show you a semi-recent buy.

I bought these lovely wire wrapped stud earrings from a US seller Victoria Ruhl.  You can go to her online Etsy store V*Dazzled by clicking here!  She sells all different colours and variation of the same style I have pictured above.  Her prices are very reasonable as well as her shipping costs.

When I purchased these, it only cost me $14.00 to buy the earrings and get them shipped to the UK.  That's approximately £9.00, not too bad I think.  I'd definitely be interested in purchasing more from Victoria.

Do you like homemade jewellery?  Have you ever picked up anything from Etsy?

Angela xox

Monday, 16 July 2012

Haul Time . . .again!

Evening all, I have another little haul for you.  I made purchases from H&M, Boots, Superdrug and I talk about magazine freebies and my eyebrows.  I filmed this yesterday whilst it was actually bright any sunny!

I am planning to start eye makeup tutorials soon but I'd been trying to clear up a little break out of eczema on my eye lid.  So I haven't really fancied doing any close ups of that!

Anyways enjoy the video!

Hope you had a good weekend!

Angela xox

Collection 2000 Super Size Fat Lash Mascara Review

With a name as catchy as Super Size Fat Lash Mascara you are assuming you're going to be treated to fabulous super sized lashes.  Collection 2000's latest offering isn't all that's cracked up to be, let me explain why.

Featuring in my 'TAG: £20 Makeup Look ' video, which you can see here if you like, I had to grab myself a bargain mascara.  At £2.99 this is one of the cheapest mascaras on the UK drug store market.

The tube

With the tube donning the big fat words of Super Size, you'd think you'd be getting big results. Wrong!  The name of this mascara is completely misleading.  Instead of 'fat lash', I think it should say 'what lash?'

What they promise

The wand looks promising, it's just a standard bristle brush.  The mascara itself is very dry and it doesn't look like you get much product on the brush.  For longevity you're not meant to pump the mascara wand into the tube as that allows air into the tube, therefore drying it out faster and letting bacteria in.  Even after a naughty pump or two, you still don't get much mascara on the wand.

The wand

Now for the swatches.  I have taken various pictures at different angles so you can see the effect or lack of should I say.  Both lashes were curled twice before application and at least three coats of the mascara have been applied.  Now see what they look like. . .

The results

Sparse, flat, almost natural looking lashes.  Now where are my fat lashes as promised!?!  No matter how many times I applied this, it just made no difference.  It is hard to believe this is three coats.  It annoyingly left product on my lids, it left it so close to the lash line it looks like liner.

There is no big bold volumising effect which the tube says.  I'll be honest, I feel like this mascara is a complete flop.  I think the name they chose doesn't match the results given, it's creates more of a natural look.  So will I be buying it again once I use it all?  No, sorry Collection 2000.

Have you had any bad experiences with mascaras?

Angela xox

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Shopping haul at feelunique.com

I'm always a sucker when I'm sent an email which says if you spend blah blah you'll get blah blah off your shopping.  Well this is one of those shopping experiences with feelunique.com

I've had a imaginary shopping list for a few items I've wanted to pick up and when I was sent to offer by feelunique.com I thought to myself why not.  So here's what I purchased.

Goldwell Rich Repair Leave-In Hair Tip Serum - £6.85
I’ve notice that my hair has been getting a few split ends. I had my hair cut yesterday, so i have picked this up with the intention of using it to prevent the split ends from appearing again.  I find it quite frustrating getting split ends especially when I hardly use any heat on my hair these days :-(  I've never actually heard of the brand before, but the bottle says it's salon exclusive - so this could be why.  This tiny 50ml bottle promises to give healthy shine and silky smoothness to dry damaged hair.  I'll let you know how I get on with this.

Bare Minerals Ready SPF15 Touch Up Veil in Translucent - £18.70
I’ve been on the hunt for a new powder to make me look pretty for a while now.  I’m trying to steer away from heavy powder, as for me I feel like the caked-on face look is so last year. I’ve completely gone off the heavy foundation/powder looks.  The Touch Up Mineral Veil is a ultra light mineral powder which diffuses the look of imperfections whilst reducing shine - certain a bonus for my oily prone skin.  

Caudalie Eau De Beaute Beauty Elixir - £9.90
This 30ml bottle or 100ml if you feel like pushing out the boat, is a cult favourite amongst the beauty world.  It also has celebrity and royal fans, including the Victoria Beckham and the Queen of Hungary.   What you do is spritz this on to the face and neck and it reduces the size of pores, smooths and gives a fresh feel and look to the skin.  You can use this in many ways; firstly on clean skin or to set makeup or to freshen your self up throughout the day.  Full of good for your skin ingredients like mint, orange blossom, grape and essential oils from rosemary this is definitely something I can't wait to use.

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave In Cream - £15.95
I have been using  Macadamia's  healing oil treatment and the deep masque which I picked up in the US.  So far I have been having good results from using them, so I thought i’d treat myself to some more Macadamia.  The bottle is so huge I had to lay it down, you get 300ml for your money.  This leave-in conditioning texture cream is infused with nourishing oils that tame unruly hair.  It makes hair soft and shiny and very manageable, as they say this is the ultimate hair rejuvenation.

Essie - Cute As A Button - £8.99
I remember seeing this on Bright Town Girls blog a while ago and thinking I might add this to my Essie wish list.  This is one of those polishes that you're not quite sure what to call it.  Is it a red, coral, peach or pink??? I wasn't after a coral-pink as I own a few of those, I was looking for more of a creamy peach-pink tone - which I think this is.  If you google this colour, lots of the pictures look so different - it all depends on the lighting.  Surely I will show you my own picture in a up coming blog post.

So that's it for my haul!  Have you been shopping recently?  What have you picked up - anything exciting!?!

Angela xox


Saturday, 14 July 2012

Who says makeup has to be expensive?

Recently for my TAG video 'A Makeup Look for £20' I showed you a new lipstick from Primark.  I'm loving this lipstick so much I knew it warranted a well deserved shout-out blog post.

Sadly this lipstick has no name and number, so it is nameless.  However I have decided to call it hot pink poker dots just for fun!  As you can see from the packaging this lipstick is £1.00!!!  Unfortunately yes it looks cheap, the packaging is basic, it doesn't taste the greatest but yes it is good when it comes to colour pay off, texture and overall look!

While some brands have eye watering price tags, I'm here to prove there are products out there which are reasonably priced.  For instance MUA is so affordable, their lipsticks are also £1.00.  If you're in your teens just experimenting in makeup for the first time or are a newbie to making YouTube video's - is there so much good quality items on the market for so little money.

The most comparable lipsticks I could compare the colour to, is probably MAC's Snob or Speedial.  They are also bright pinks.  There are probably other brands which have similar colours, but Snob and Speedial are ones in my collection already.

Have you ever tried any makeup from Primark?  Or do you know any brands which are inexpensive that you'd like to share with us?

Angela xox

Oh by the way sorry for the lack of posts, life has been hectic this week!  Got some projects in the pipeline, so stay tuned! 

Monday, 9 July 2012

A Jolly Button + Sharing the Love

Exciting news!!  Finally after hmming and ahhhing on what my first ever blog button should look like, I've finally got round to actually making it . .  . yay!  

So here it is!

I feel like so proud of myself, sad really.  I often think I do not have a creative bone in my body, but perhaps I have underestimated myself on this occasion.  I know it isn't the best quality, but I like it.

So lets get down to the nitty-gritty . .  . would you like to share your button with me?  If you'd like to button share, I'd love that.  I'm planning to have a dedicated tab page at the top of my blog.

Another note, I'm now actually thinking of re-designing my blog - something more plain with the pink and grey theme.  What do you think?

Let me know your thoughts, I like your feed back :-)

Bye bye for now you lovely followers,

Angela xox

Gold by Giles ~ Envy Review

Carrying on the theme of inexpensive makeup whilst out the other week I picked up this Gold by Giles eyeshadow quad called Envy.  This also featured in my £20 Makeup TAG which is on my YouTube channel here.

This is my first purchase of anything from the Giles Deacon Makeup which is only available in New Look stores.  His collection is actually quite a reasonable size.  He has mascaras, highlighters, bronzers, brushes, nail polishes, nail foils, lipsticks . . . you name it.  For a 'small' collection in a high street store, it is pretty vast.

Sometimes I usually have the misconception that collections like these are usually a bit rubbish.  Cheap packaging, poor products inside but how wrong am I?  Everything I looked at in New Look by Giles was actually a really nice quality.  This eyeshadow quad is a fine example.

For £3.99 you get four highly pigmented shades.  I opted for the greens, but they had a neutral, grey and purple palette to chose from also.  The shadows sadly don't have individual names but when swatching them they are very soft and you hardly need to dip your finger/brush in to them to get a good colour pay off.

They glide on to the skin so smoothly and the end result is a velvet carpet of colour.  Pretty amazing for a high street quad.  I'd normally associated an excellent eyeshadow with the likes of MAC for example but these are surprisingly good for just £3.99.

I think the quad has all the qualities to transform a plain boring eye into a deep smokey green eye look.  I'm eager to go back to New Look to pickup the other palettes.  For such a cheap price it would be silly not to.

On the eyes these shades look like this.  These are screen shots from my TAG video.  I didn't use all the colours, but this will show you what can be achieved.  Whose says beauty had to be costly?

Have you seen the Giles makeup collection in New Look?

Angela xox

Sunday, 8 July 2012

June Favourites + Chit Chat

I'll start this post with the ramble chit chat part and say I'm so sorry for the delay, but this post/video is so late due to technical difficulties. Basically I filmed my June favourites whilst it was still June.  I originally hoped I'd have it up before July 1st however my laptop just didn't like my videos any more and corrupted them every time I tried to upload to YouTube.

So I was left with the choice of no longer uploading to YouTube or spending my pennies and buying myself a hardcore computer which could cope with the demands.  The latter seemed a better option, as I like filming and don't want to stop as i feel like I've only just started.  So yesterday with the guidance of my hubby, I spent a small fortune in PC World and got a new PC - yay!  I've now uploaded about three videos in fast succession which you can see on my YouTube channel.  But hopefully that should explain my slowness of giving you my June favourites.  Anyways on with the show.

Last month I bought you May empties, this month I have June favourites for you.  I decided I may alternate it so it'll be empties, favourites, empties, favourites . . . it just seems easier and it gives me more time to fall in love and empty my products.

Mentioned products are:

My New Look scarf
Soap and Glory Flake Away
Zara Black Peony
Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Supplement
Essie Fiji
Leighton Denny Babydoll
Topshop Crayons in Ramble and Sunflower

Hope you enjoy x

Angela xox

Saturday, 7 July 2012

TAG: Makeup Look for £20

There is a TAG floating around the blogging and You Tube world called the $20 Makeup Look.  I recently saw Fleur De Force’s version for the UK called the £20 Makeup Look.  Trying to buy makeup for only £20 wasn’t too bad.  Obviously you cannot buy high end products like Chanel, Dior or Estee Lauder for example, but you can buy a lot of drug store items if you shop sensibly.

In Fleur's You Tube video she included brushes in her budget.  I haven't however, as i have far too many brushes plus the TAG says £20 makeup look, the instruments to apply makeup I think don’t count.  But if you chose to join in, it is up to you if you want to included brushes or not.

So here’s what i bought and the prices and locations:

Foundation Collection 2000 Naturally Matt in Beige = £2.99 Boots
Concealer/Eye Primer MUA = £1.00 Superdrug
Mascara  Super Size Big Fat Lash in Black  = £2.99 Superdrug
Eyeshadow - Gold by Giles in Envy (available from New Look) = £3.99

Eye Liner Collection 2000 Extreme 24hour Felt Tip in Black = £2.99 Boots
Eyebrows - Rimmel London Eyebrow Pencil in Black/Brown = £2.99 Superdrug

Blusher - Natural Collections in Peach Melba = £1.99  (the only pre-owned product I used) Boots
Lipstick - this has no name but it's from Primark = £1.00 

Total spend = £18.96

** - The Collection 2000 foundation and liner were purchased on offer in Boots at the time "any items worth £2.99, if you buy two you got them for £5.00".  That was the offer.

Now I suppose I could of bought a gloss with my remaining pennies but I chose to come home with some spare change. If you want to see my video of this makeup look then click below.

Will you be posting your £20/$20 makeup look?  I'd love to see it!!!

Angela xox

When Angela met Versace

I had the best shopping trip this week.  An unexpected one to say the least, but it was the best and I didn't have to spend a penny.  Well my hubby did I shall explain.  The story goes like this.

This week my clumsy hubby had a small accident and managed to tear his cornea.  The lining of the eye ball to those who don't know what a cornea is.  Basically hes been a blind bat all week and acting like a vampire by sitting in the dark.  When finally he felt a little better he asked if we could pop to the shopping centre so he could pick up some sunglasses.

We ended up in the Sunglass Hut in Thurrock where he picked up a pair of Oakleys for £170.  I personally would never dare spend that much myself on a pair of sunglasses.  I would on my normal glasses as I use them daily, just not sunglasses as I'm from England and the sun shine is rarely seen here.

So carrying on the story; the hubby says to the sales assistant 'I'd like a pair of those please?' to which the sales assistant replies '. . .and what second pair would you like?'  Huh???

He explains that they currently have a promotion of buy one pair of sunglasses and get the second pair for free.  Just the costs have to be equal, so you could get any pair as long as they were £170 or below.  Any higher priced sunglasses you'd have to pay the difference.

So with a gigantic smile plastered on ones face, I went hunting for a pair for myself and ended up getting my first and probably last pair of . . . drum roll please . . .  Versace sunglasses.

Cue a heavy bombardment of pictures.

The box

Opening the box to find . . . 

Sigh . . . how beautiful are these???

I'm loving the red!!

The arm detailing - so cute!

Apologies for the dodgy bathroom  pose!

So what I got is the Versace VE4218B 927/14 which actually cost £164!!!!!  I didn't have to pay more!  Does a little victory dance to celebrate!!! The Sunglass Hut sell many brands from the likes of Tiffany, Burberry, Dolce and Gabbana, Prada and Miu Miu to name a few.  You have to pick from a certain selection of sunglasses, you cannot have anything - but they have lots in the buy one get one free offer.

My suggestion is if you need sunglasses and you can visit a Sunglass Hut do it now.  Perhaps pop in with a friend or loved one to share the costs.  It's definitely worth it, it's an amazing offer.

Angela xox

FYI: The deal is only in the UK only.

Friday, 6 July 2012

Lush Lovely Jubblies Review

Ok first things first, this is one difficult review to write.  Reason being that i’d be talking about breasts but not just any breasts but about my own.  It feels kind of like a taboo subject.  I’ve been using Lovely Jubblies by Lush for a while now and I thought I’d share my thoughts on this breast firming lotion.

Firstly i like to clarify what I am working with . . . I’m not a small girl in the cleavage department. Not to boast but I’m in the DD+ region, so i wasn’t expecting miracles.  A result of pert, pointing to the sky breasts was not what i envisaged by any means. 

I took this picture when i first bought it, i have been using it. . .honest!

In my experience of using this so far, instead of seeing an affect I actually feel the affect more so.  They skin feels more toned and firmer.  Obviously it doesn't work over night, you're not instantly going to get a boob job but you do have to use it regularly to see some improvement.  This also leaves the skin very moisturised and feeling silky.  It takes a while for the skin to absorb, however when I use it I only use a thin amount so it doesn't take too long. 

The cream itself has a hit or miss scent, you’ll either love it or you’ll hate it.  I actually like this, a flowery citrus orange scent which is quite strong but it lingers on your skin after application.  When I smell this I always feel like I'm whisked away to somewhere in the far east, like Thailand or Malaysia -  it just feels exotic.  Applying to the skin it's not a thick cream like the photograph implies, it's quite thin and almost gel like in texture.

Lush mention on the pot that you may wish to by two pots if you’re ‘blessed’ in the bosom department.  Well speaking from a blessed perspective, I don’t need two.  You only need a small amount of lotion at a time so one pot is suitable unless you’re thinking of applying it twice a day everyday of the week all over yourself.  Also you don't have to use this just on your boobies, you can use it where ever you want.  I have used it also on my bottom and tummy, all those areas that just need a little help in the toning up department.

So finally once I've scrapped the last remains out of the pot, would i be running to Lush to buy more?  Certainly,  this has become part of my evening routine and I'm loving the difference this has made.  Don't let the £15.75 price tag put you off.  I know it's only 100grams but this pot will last you a fair amount of time.  It's totally worth every penny.

Angela xox

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