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Catchy title huh?  So I have three shadows to compare.  I was playing about with them individually the other day then started to think they all looked quite similar.  So I thought I'd share my findings with my lovely followers.

So what had I been playing with you ask?  I was playing with three much loved shadows from Stila, Urban Decay and MAC.  The following picture shows all three together.  The top picture is natural lighting whilst the bottom is with the flash.

Top: Stila; Kitten
Second Row L-R: Urban Decay; Sin and MAC; Naked Lunch

What all three shadows have in common is the colour and finish.  It's almost like they are sisters, obviously part of the same family but have their own unique differences.  In the pans they look very much alike, especially Sin and Naked Lunch.  Kitten is slightly more golden, whereas the bottom two are much more pinky.  When it comes to the swatches you can see their subtle differences.  They are all very shimmery, but the colours vary slightly.  But they still look pretty much the same, the classic champagne-peachy/pink.

L-R ~ MAC; Naked Lunch, Urban Decay; Sin and Stila; Kitten

So a little chit chat about the individual shadow themselves:

Urban Decays Sin is a firm favourite of mine, I've loved it since day one.  A shimmery shadow that glides on brilliantly.  However frustratingly Urban Decay in the UK I think is a difficult brand to get hold of.  You cannot buy it online from the Urban Decay website, you can only buy from House of Fraser or Debenhams.  Urban Decay used to be available also in Boots but they have pulled out of trading with them which seems a shame.  It's a bit of a step backwards I think.  The shadow costs £14.00, which is the more expensive shadow out of the three.  I would recommend this shadow regardless of the price though.

Naked Lunch
The MAC shadow is probably one of the shadows everyone owns.  But out of the three of them, I'd say Naked Lunch isn't the best of the bunch.  Don't get me wrong it is a good shadow but just is not the greatest.  It isn't as pigmented as the others and is a little more difficult to get a good colour pay off.  It is one of those shadows you need to layer to get the desired look.  However it is still part of my Top 10 MAC shadows which you can see here, so it cannot be all bad.  The shadow cost varies depending if you buy a pot (£12.00) or a pro-pan (£10.00).

When ever I think of the Stila brand you automatically think Kitten.  It's their best seller, it's basically the Touche Eclat to YSL comparison. Out of all the shadows, Kitten is probably my favourite.  To get a great pay off with this you need minimum effort, this all over the lid just looks amazing.  It's the perfect summer shadow - it just gives you this wide a wake summer eye.  The shadow is soft and creamy and makes applying eyeshadow easy!  Stila has recently returned to our shores after a little time away and is available online and in Boots.  You can pick this shadow up for £12.00 but the best thing is the pan is slightly larger than the MAC and Urban Decay - so technically you're getting more for your money!

So my verdict - buy the Stila!  The others are good but you're getting more for your pennies!!  Do you have any of these shadows?  If so which is your favourite?  If you don't have any of these, which one do you like and would buy?

Angela xox


  1. Great post, I completely agree about Naked Lunch, I was quite disappointed with it after seeing all the rave reviews about it, glad it's not just me who thinks that! I may have to give Kitten a go xx

  2. I have been on the fence about getting Naked Lunch. Some people swear by it, but whenever I swatch it at MAC, I'm not too impressed by it. Maybe I'll pass and get another shade!

    Love the comparison post... great swatches!


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