Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rimmel Lipstick Nude Delight

I'm going through a bit of a nude phase at the moment.  Instead rushing to the shops looking for a nude colour lippy to paste on my lips, I raided my collection and recycled from there.  Sometimes you don't realise what you have lurking about deep in your vanity draws.

The lippy

I feel kind of ashamed as I think I bought this and wore it a few times then forgot about it.  I'm such a compulsive buyer I never realise I have things ... Tut tut!

The packaging

I like Rimmel lipsticks as they are inexpensive and they come in such a range of colours to choose from.  I like this ones packaging... you can find this in the depths of your hand bag due to the bright purple case. 
This is part of the 'Moisture New' range with Rimmel, it's classed as a lipstick but has that moisturising wet look which can make it look quite sheer and lip balm like.  All depending on how much you layer this up the colour will be either sheer or quite pigmented. 
It also contains good stuff like anti oxidants and vitamins A,C and E.  The lovely people at Rimmel have also thrown in SPF 20 to protect from the daily elements.

Top: Natural lighting and Bottom: With flash
As you can see from the swatches you can see the difference between natural lighting and flash photography.  Both swatches look great though!
Now I wouldn't say this is lovely and I buy it again, I definitely prefer my Boots 17's Beehive, Chanel's Boy or MAC's Hue (to name a some).  There are kind a few I'd choose over this.  I'm not saying it's rubbish, but maybe there was a reason I threw it in the bottom draw...?  I will use this though, I refuse to let it go to waste.
Angela xox

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Empties that I loved...

and still love...September has seen me finish a few items.

L-R empty, empty empty..

Superdrugs Deep Action Cleansing Lotion
For a drug store product I really love this.  I'd run out of my Clinique Exfoliate and needed a cheaper alternative.  And I stumbled across this in the aisles of Superdrug.  To use this, cleanse your face then grab a cotton pad and wipe this over your face (avoiding the eyes).  Because your pores will be open it will tingle, which is least you know it's working.  What's excellent about Superdrug, they have a tendency to have 'buy 3 get the cheapest free' deals.  So you can stock up on this and other items.

Garnier 2 in 1 Makeup Remover
This is my favourite eye makeup remover.  However stubborn the eyeliner, eyeshadow and mascara this will remove it.  Soak a cotton pad and push this onto your lid and give it a little wiggle into the lashes and you'll be amazed.  They is no need to rub or wipe so hard it hurts, this just melts off any product.  This won't sting your eyes and it isn't oily.  I am a contact lense wearer and it's fine.  The bottle just needs a little shake to mix the two parts togther and off you go!

Finally thoughts...

Would I repurchase any of these??  Ha, I already have done as they were on sale.  I have recently purchased some Liz Earle items so I'm giving these a whirl first.

What have you used up recently??

Angela xox

Monday, 19 September 2011

Finally found my holy grail eyeliners!

I love finding the ultimate eyeliners...well for me anyway.  I've tried quite a few out...some drug store and some high end brands.  And I now the search is over as I have found my one and only!  Going by the first name Estee surname Lauder...

Double Wear Stay in place eye pencil

I first found these eyeliners when I got a free sample of the Black Oynx liner in free gift.  It's been my love ever since.  I have now bought some full sized ones, here's what I've got.

Top to Bottom ~ Onyx, Coffee, Black Plum & Graphite

Black, brown, purple and grey basically, these are full size versions.  Onyx, Coffee and Graphite are my most used.  Black Plum is the newest into my collection.

Onyx, Black Plum, Graphite & Coffee

The pencils are soft and you don't need to press too hard to get the colour to show.  They are also super pigmented and that colour lasts all day.  It doesn't fade throughout the day.  It truly lasts.  Here's the swatches...

The swatches in normal dull light & flash photography

Each full size liner comes with a smudger.  I don't use it really as i don't tend to smudge my liner.

As I'm writing this post I still have these swatches on my hand and they are still there as good as new.  They really do last well.  You don't even need to prepare the base first they work well without.  You might need a base if you have oily skin though.  If I'm putting these on my lower lash line I always put a bit of MAC's Painterly Pain Pot on 'just in case' it slips. 

They are a little pricey at £16, but I honestly don't mind spending the money as I think they are amazing!

Angela xox

Monday, 12 September 2011

H&M purchase

Cue the lovely floaty top....

I purchased this at the weekend from H&M at lovely price of £19.99.  I was quite shocked when I popped into H&M.  I was with my Mum and took about 5 tops into the changing room with me.  This was the only one that looked decent, everything looked huggggeee on me. 

Strike a!

It was shocking finding tops that were too baggy. It used to be the other way round and that my clothes were usually too tight.  This still looks baggy in this picture, but at the waist it is pulled in, so it has some structure.

Since being on Slimming World, it been weird trying on new clothes as I'm confused about my sizings at the moment.  Also don't want to go too crazy as I want to lose my weight.

Until the next time folks.
Angela xox

Saturday, 10 September 2011

What's in my hand bag / purse???

Hi everyone, I hope your Saturday is going well so far.  I recorded a video for what's in my handbag / purse on Friday evening.  I know some people do blog posts but I decided I wanted to make a video.  My second one......yay!  I had to edit a lot as I was a bit hmmmm and ahhhhh-ish in the video.  I'm not a professional like some guru's out there :-)

So here it is...

I hope you enjoy it.

Let me know what else you want to see.

Angela xox

Friday, 2 September 2011

Monthly Favourites: August 2011

Its been a while since wrote about my monthly favourites. So I thought I'd wow you with just a few quick favourites.  There isn't a ton of items but here goes anyways.

L-R ~ In Bloom, Garnier Roll On, Aveda, Superdrug Watch, MAC's Bare Study & Omega and Essence of Beauty Duo Brush

Close up of: the watch, Essence of Beauty brush and MAC's Bare Study and Omega

I neglected my Bare Study for a little too long and it had got to that time where I needed to dust off this little gem.  My ultimate holy grail which you should know by now is Painterly for an eyeshadow base.  But I'm getting to the end of Painterly (I hit pan).  I was tempted to buy another but I thought it'd be wiser to use what i have lurking around my vanity draws.  I have to say I had forgot how nice Bare Study actually is.  Yes it isn't a matte colour which I'm used to...but it is quite pretty.  It brightens the eye area with it's shimmer.

Omega is one of those MAC eye shadows that you don't hear about too often. The matte shadow (which is part of the permanent line, if you didn't know that already) is a light grey/taupey colour. I find this perfect for blending creases or even a wash of colour all over the lid. A really plain non-fussy eye. I have teamed with Quarry to create a smokey eye look previously. Click here for you wish to have a peek.

I love my Essence of Beauty brushes which I purchased on my March trip to NYC. You can pick this up in CVS Pharmacy. I bought the 6 pack (3 brush handles with 6 different brush heads) for $14.99 plus your taxes. I usually use my CVS brushes to apply my makeup on the train...means you only need to take 3 with you and they do the job of 6 brushes. Easy peasy.

I love big watches.  For me it feels like your wearing a guys watch because it's so big and chucky.  I picked this watch a few months ago in Superdrug and it was only £7.99.  I thought it was a complete bargain.
In Bloom, Garnier Nutritionist andAveda...

In Bloom was a late July purchase. I went to the Marks & Spencer outlet in Lakeside Thurrock where they sell reduced stock. I spotted this in the beauty/home section.  You could buy 3 get the cheapest for free.  It's only a small bottle which is perfect for taking out and about in my handbag.  The In Bloom scent is Jasmine and Honeysuckle which is delicious.

From the state of my of roll on you can tell my Garnier Nutritionist Caffeine Eye Roll On is well loved.  I loved the roller ball as it's cooling and it almost gives you a mini massage on your under eye area when you use it.  It can be pricey though, so have a shop around.

My little pump of Aveda Volumizing Tonic is so cute.  I got a free sample when I popped into buy Shampoo and Conditioner.  I have quite flat hair sometimes so it's nice to get samples to try things out before buying the big bottle.  This does work quite nicely for me but because I have thick heavy hair it doesn't last too long sadly.  But I still love it.

What are you favourites this month?

Angela xox

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