Thursday, 22 September 2011

Rimmel Lipstick Nude Delight

I'm going through a bit of a nude phase at the moment.  Instead rushing to the shops looking for a nude colour lippy to paste on my lips, I raided my collection and recycled from there.  Sometimes you don't realise what you have lurking about deep in your vanity draws.

The lippy

I feel kind of ashamed as I think I bought this and wore it a few times then forgot about it.  I'm such a compulsive buyer I never realise I have things ... Tut tut!

The packaging

I like Rimmel lipsticks as they are inexpensive and they come in such a range of colours to choose from.  I like this ones packaging... you can find this in the depths of your hand bag due to the bright purple case. 
This is part of the 'Moisture New' range with Rimmel, it's classed as a lipstick but has that moisturising wet look which can make it look quite sheer and lip balm like.  All depending on how much you layer this up the colour will be either sheer or quite pigmented. 
It also contains good stuff like anti oxidants and vitamins A,C and E.  The lovely people at Rimmel have also thrown in SPF 20 to protect from the daily elements.

Top: Natural lighting and Bottom: With flash
As you can see from the swatches you can see the difference between natural lighting and flash photography.  Both swatches look great though!
Now I wouldn't say this is lovely and I buy it again, I definitely prefer my Boots 17's Beehive, Chanel's Boy or MAC's Hue (to name a some).  There are kind a few I'd choose over this.  I'm not saying it's rubbish, but maybe there was a reason I threw it in the bottom draw...?  I will use this though, I refuse to let it go to waste.
Angela xox

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