Friday, 31 December 2010

Sale hauling and dups!

I love Boxing Day sales.  I don't normally venture out into them but this year I decided to give it ago.  It probably helped that I had to return some Christmas presents that were the wrong size, so I had a pretty good reason to pop out.

I went into TK Maxx and picked up these great buys...

 2 x Nails Inc Collection Sets and CHI Nourish Intense

The Nails Inc polishes had a £25.00 original price tag on them. TK Maxx had them reduced to £14.99 which is such a excellent price.  The CHI was £13.00 reduced to £4.99.  Massive savings all round.

These are all the polishes in the sets.  Nice range of colours also.

Swatches of all the polishes:

Sorry for the dodgy application of my polish, was rushing

Seeing the Harriet Walk green polish got me thinking I'd seen this kind a colour before.  Collection 2000 Bonga Beat  is extremely similar if not a duplicate to Nails Inc Harriet Walk.  Be it a slight difference.  See...

Lovely greens all round

The Nails Inc is more of a Teal colour and the Collection 2000 is a Minty Spearmint colour.  The colour 2000 is only £1.79 cool price to pay.

So everyone thats it for now...  Happy New Year to you all!!!! See you in 2011!!!

Lots of blogging love, Angela xox


Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Happy Christmas and more!!

Hey everyone, hope you are well :-)

Sorry for the extreme lack of posting.  Life, work and lack of Internet connection have dampened my attempts to post.  All blogging posts will resume very very shortly.

In the mean time I hope everyone is having a great Christmas and you are all ready for the big day a head.  I finally am!!!

Stick with me people. Jolly will be back in the swing of it soon!!

In the mean time Happy Christmas and have a great New Years!!!!

Lots of blogging love,

Angela xoxo. 

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