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Little Angels Newborn Nappies by Asda

As a first time mum-to-be there are quite a lot of things I'm quite unsure about - actually a lot of things!  I couldn't tell you how many things I have googled! What to buy, do I need this, do I need that?  I'll be honest I kind of feel like totally in the dark - if only having a baby came with a manual!!  A lot of my friends and family had their baby's a few years back and obviously things have changed since their day.

When the lovely PR company Myriad tweeted if any expectant mummies would be interested in coming to a Little Angels Nappies event hosted by Asda I kind of leaped on the chance. It might sound a bit naive, but when it comes to nappies the first brand that came into my head was Pampers.  I'm a total newbie like I said, so to learn more about different brands and not just jump on the well known brands and explore others is really great.  As a bonus as well, it was also an amazing chance for me to have a chit chat with other mummies-to-be.

The event was hosted at the amazing Dorchester Hotel in London, where they have the most amazing spa for expectant mums to enjoy.  We were also treated to a Wimbledon themed afternoon tea (I loooove an afternoon tea!)  I'll talk more about The Dorchester and my wonderful goodie bag I received in another post I think. There is so much more to talk about! Anyways back on to the nappies!

The Asda team Claire and Nicola spoke to us about brand whilst we tucked into our sandwiches, tea and cakes. They are really passionate about the brand and any feed back we gave them about our experiences they took on board. I personally think this is a sign of a great brand who are always trying to improve themselves.

The Little Angels Newborn Nappies* come in sizes 0 to 3 catering for even tinny tiny premature babies. Sizes 0 to 2 have a section at the belly button to protect the umbilical area, which can be a little sensitive after birth. As our little ones don't always stay put in their mummies tummies until their due dates, Asda stores have policy that they will happily refund or exchange any unopened Little Angels Newborn nappies which is a fab idea.

What surprised me the most was how soft the nappies actually were. This is a real positive for me, as the nappy is going to be touching your child's skin - so you want it to be as soft as possible and not cause any unwanted irritation. Even the areas at the back and around the legs where there is elastic are soft to the touch.  Yet they still feel secure enough to prevent leaks, but flexible enough to move with your baby.

The Little Angels range doesn't just supply affordable nappies for newborns, there is an extensive range for the slightly older kiddies too with the Comfort and Protect range, Swim Nappies, First Pants and Day and Night Pants. They also have Bed Mats which I am thinking of getting myself... not because I plan to wet the bed, but if my waters decide to pop in the middle of the night my mattress has some protection. Just in case!

These cleverly designed nappies feature a helpful coloured waist band which helps gauge what nappy size your little monkey should be wearing. If the tabs are in the coloured area then they are the perfect fit. However if they are towards to outer white edges it is time to go up to the next size. I haven't ever changed a nappy before, so to have handy little guides to help are a real bonus.  There is also a handy wetness indicator line which changes from yellow to blue once wet.

The Newborn and Comfort and Protect range offer 12 hours of dryness to help bubba sleep through the night. Absorbent beads hold up to 30 times the weight of the nappy so fingers crossed your little one (and yourself) should get a good nights sleep.

Asda nappies start off in price at £1 per pack. With the average of parents having to change nappies approximately 4,500 times in the early years, the fact the Little Angels brand is so inexpensive and are a high quality is really great indeed.

Another fantastic thing if you do decide to start using these nappies is that any one who buys Little Angel Nappies - Asda uses that money to support Tommy's which only exists to save babies.  They provide life saving research in to preventing stillbirth, premature birth and miscarriage. Asda donates £100,000 every year only because parents purchase their Little Angels nappies! Is that not amazing?! All the more reason to pop along to your local Asda store.

I just want to thank the lovely ladies Vanessa and Lauren at Myriad for pampering me and letting me have the chance to have a good old relax before the big day!  I'd also like to thank the Asda Little Angels Team Claire and Nicola for sharing their love for all things Little Angel!  I cannot wait to try these nappies on my real bundle of joy as opposed to my Jelly Cat bunny!

Angela x

* AD/PR Sample (All opinions are my own as always!)


Friday, 21 July 2017

Motivation Tips

Motivation is a hard thing to come by if you're lacking in it.  Be it in eating sensibly, having a work out routine or writing blog posts.... Or life in general basically.

For the last couple of days my writing mojo has dropped.... I've drawn a blank.  And then this post came to me.  House chores, work, exercise health and fitness and maintaining a blog all have the same principles.

This is a few tips to help you with motivation and hopefully to succeed.  You never know you becoming motivated may inspire others to join in with you.  I've said motivated/motivation/motivate a lot haven't I???  Lol!!!  Here goes.

Planning is the key to most things in life.  Holidays,  money,  the weekly shopping at Asda .... They all take some kind of plan.  A popular saying is 'if you don't plan,  you plan to fail'.  I believe this is completely true.  At work the post-it and pen are my best friends.  I'm always planning my day and what needs to be done.  I also write my plan/list in order of most important first....does it have a dead line??  Prioritise things depending on their urgency.  

Planning in the blogging world is important when it comes to picture taking time.  I'm all for natural lighting photography.  Take your pictures or film your YouTube video during the day... Edit and write blog posts in the evenings???

Make Achievable Lists And Be Realistic
The age old saying 'Rome was not made in a day' comes into play here.  You can only plan so much as some things in life take time and money.  You are not superwoman... You are only human and don't be so hard on yourself.  There is always tomorrow!  :-) 

Don't Give Up!!!!
You published a blog post,  putting your heart and soul in to it and no one commented.  Welcome to my world lol.   No seriously... Just because it didn't go to plan,  doesn't mean you should give up.   Full off the bike,  get back on the darn thing...That's right.  Don't have a paddy if it didn't go your way or you didn't get the response you were hoping for. 

It is the same with the dreaded scales.  You only lost 1lb or you remained the same.... So  you feel a failure???  That cookie ain't going to help you -  it's your enemy!  Things take time it will not happen over night.  Miracles are rare.   You cannot make changes if you stop can you?  No one can make changes in your life except for you?   If you have a dream,  go grab that dream.  We only live once... Lets make it a good one.

What DO You Love??
Don't follow the herd,  be yourself. If you are a beauty blogger and you love to write about nail polish and nail art.... Why try and review the latest lipstick?? Is it because everyone one else is???  Be yourself and write about what you love.  This blog itself used to be beauty beauty and yet more beauty.  Then I changed with time and age.  Yes I still write about beauty but I also chuck in a few posts here and there about fitness, food and life.  You don't have to stick to one subject.  Just be you... Hopefully your readers will love it!!

I hope this inspires someone out there.



You're Not Alone!

As I write this post I'm listening to Linkin Park's song Numb from their Meteora album.

The sad news that Chester Bennington, the lead singer from Linkin Park apparently took his own life on Thursday shocked the music world. It almost felt like a small part of me had died. I have been long time fan of Linkin Park, first hearing their music when I was a wee 16 year old back in 2000. Powerful head banging music with lyrics that are deep and real - so easy to relate to. If you've never listened to their songs, try them. I'm now listening to One More Light and the lyrics seem quite on point considering what has happened to Chester.

It is sad that yet another person (famous or not we are all the same) has decided that the only way out or the route to end their personal pain is death. Such a waste of a life.  Depression/stress/anxiety takes so many people for us. An invisible disease that gets in the minds of many and causes shit loads of suffering.

Mental health is surrounded by taboos. It is seen as a weakness by many, but it isn't.  If you broke your leg, you'd go to the doctor to get it fixed right?  What's the difference with your mind? Think about it for a second or two. If it's broken... you should go to get it fixed too? It is not something to be ashamed or embarrassed about I promise you.

Back in March 2015 I wrote about my own mental health issues HERE.  I know the struggle is real and all the time I am battling those anxiety stress demons that like to try and creep and take over my mind and body. Going to the doctors and admitting I needed help was the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  I felt like I was almost weak, but in reality I was strong for admitting I had a issue that I needed help with.  I was lucky, but so many are not. It takes so much to ask for help and for some they just cannot do it.

I will keep this post a short one, but if you feel like you are alone remember you're not.  It's your mind telling you you are, but truly you are not. It's hard to make the first step - trust me from experience I know. Once you take the first step be it a phone call to a support helpline or visiting your doctor, then your finally on the road to recovery. It will not be an instant cure as such and the road can be long, but you will have people who care about you supporting you along the way.

Seeking help is NOT a weakness, it shows you are strong and have courage.  It shows that you do not want the invisible disease to be who you are - you want to be you and only you! Please always remember you are NOT alone.

Angela x

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