Thursday, 4 January 2018

Spritzing Your Bits

Ahhh after birth.

Everyone likes to remind you how awful both pregnancy and birth can sometimes be. I'd like to firmly say both of mine were pretty darn good... a dream in fact. I got my healthy little girl - finally. My pregnancy seemed to be blissful apart from a few little niggles here and there which is expected. As for the birth, well that wasn't hell like everyone seems to refer to. I'll no doubt write a post about it all in the near future if the little human allows.

Anyway, what most people don't talk about is after birth and how you can feel...  down there. I knew you could feel pretty tender down there after child birth, but I didn't quite realise just how sore. John Wayne walking at about 2 miles per hours comes to mind with the added sounds affects of oooh ahhh ooohhh. With my little love I had to have an mediolateral episiotomy cut to get a bit of access due to my bubba needing a vacuum to get her out. The healing process was a painful as you can imagine, I mean in a small paper cut hurts like hell let alone a cut down there.

Fast forward to being kicked out of hospital and feeling like my lady garden has had a run in with Edward Scissor hands and the recovery process. If I could of spent the entire time flat on my back with my legs apart in the air then I would of, but when a small human relies on you every waking moment of the day well you can't. I admit I did have it slightly easy as I had help from Mum (....god bless her - an angel without wings).

What I absolutely loved doing and I mean ABSOLUTELY in capitals bold underlined is spraying My Expert Midwife's Spritz For Bits on my bits directly. The only way to describe its affect is like aloe vera on a sun burn. A beautiful soothing effect which was very much needed indeed. Doing this whilst also spraying my maternity pads every time I changed them was just the best. Made from all natural products like lavender oil, witch hazel and tea tree oil I found it helped with the general soreness of my lady garden.

This isn't the first time I have used My Expert Midwife, I already wrote a post HERE talking about the Peri Prep . I loved that too but as the bigger you get the harder it is to reach down there to massage yourself if you catch my drift.

Caring for your bits is essential after birth and I will say now if we are blessed with baby number two then this beauty will certainly be on my shopping list!

What helped you recover from child birth? Any recommendations?

Angela x

Sunday, 31 December 2017

A Helping Hand With Asda

Being a new parent is literally like being thrown under a bus. Pregnancy is exciting, but then the show gets started and it's pretty darn daunting coming home with a little human that does not come with an instruction manual!

Any help is certainly a blessing from family and friends. Thank god we are lucky to have lots of family for support and to ask questions. You usually learn and find things out through your family and friends. However if you don’t have family around who do you turn to?

A few weeks ago I had the honour of meeting the oh so lovely Dr Hilary Jones and having lunch with him at The Ivy and a group of fellow mummy bloggers. Dr Hilary has teamed up with the folks from Asda to help us new parents.

The lovely team at Asda Little Angels and Myraid have put together four short videos full of helpful tips on subjects such baby weaning, nappy changing, bath time and nap rash with the help of Hilary.

I would like to thank Myriad and Asda's Little Angels for inviting me to a fantastic afternoon.

Angela x

* I was invited by Myriad, I was not paid to attend the event. All opinions are my own!


Saturday, 30 December 2017

My Muji And Liz Earle Eye Combo

Do you ever buy something and then think to yourself "why the hell did I buy that??"

Totally. All the time.

A few years ago I picked up these eye patches from Muji. I LOVE Muji, I have bits and bobs from their store everywhere in my house. Acrylic drawers for my makeup, tall storage units with wheels in my bathroom and under the stairs and their little vanity unit containers in my bed side drawer. And to top it off I LOVE their gel pens too. I'm a sucker for a good old pen. What is awesome about Muji is the prices. You're buying top quality items for a really good price that won't make you shudder at the tills when you hand over your debit card. I urge you to check them out if you haven't done so already - they have a lot of stuff and some may float your boat.

Anyway, lets get back to the eye patches.

I thought they'd be kind of cool to use at home to keep me looking younger and youthful and at only £1.50 for 20 patches I weren't going to be breaking the bank. However roll on a few years, I never got round of using them and they sat in my beside drawer gathering dust. I was decluttering one day and thought it was time to say good bye. Then it hit me, a lightening bulb moment and I saw my Liz Earle Eye Bright Soothing Eye Lotion in the drawer. Ta-dah! I now had a use for my patches.

I take two patches and soak them in the solution and pop them under my eyes for 5 to 10 minutes. Hey presto refreshed under eyes here I come. Unlike conventional cotton wool pads, the patches are really thin and absorbent - they almost resemble a second layer of skin. You can lay back with these on and chill or you can do the washing up as they stay stuck to your under eyes. Whereas cotton wool patches would fall off if you stood up.

Don't I look glam? Fingers crossed these will give me my youthful looks back!

Angela x


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