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Sunday, 11 June 2017

Banana Oat Cookies

There is always a time when I just crave something naughty, be it a woman thing or just fancy a pig out... you know how it is.  However this can be difficult if you are attempting to live a healthy life style and not to eat so much crap.  I am up to day 21 of entering my daily food in take in to My Fitness Pal.   Not a naughty thing has crossed my lips with the exception of a piece of dark chocolate now and again.  But day 21 has proved challenging.  So with some very ripe bananas I did some baking.  But healthy baking I might add and yes there is such a thing.

What you'll need ingredients wise are...

3 cups of porridge oats
3 large or 3 1/2 small ripe bananas (ripe being the KEY word there)

That's it!!  That is all you need.  However you can add some optional extras like the following...

Nuts: almonds/pecans/walnuts
Chocolate chips: dark/milk/white
Coconut flakes
Vanilla or Almond extract
Dried fruit: cranberries/sultanas/raisins

If you include an optional extra, you need to add 1/2 a cup.  

In my cookies I added a TBS of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla extract and 1/2 cup of raisins.

Equipment you need is a food processor, measuring cups, baking trays, a large bowl and wooden spoon.

1.  Preheat your oven to 180 degrees.
2.  In a food processor blend your oats in to flour.  Some little lumps are OK so don't worry about it being perfect.
3.  In a large bowl place your peeled bananas and mash them up until smooth.
4.  Add your oat flour - at this point I threw in my 1/2 cup of dried fruit, cinnamon/nutmeg and and a TBS of vanilla extract.
5.  Combine together with a wooden spoon, then on your greased baking tray (I sprayed mine with Fry Light) place balls of the mixture.  Flatten each one with a fork.
6.  Place into the oven for 15 minutes.

Now take them out and let them cool.  Then enjoy them with a cuppa.


 You will have these cookies prepped, baked and eaten within 30 minutes.  Or if you cannot eat them all at once, they will keep for about 10 days in an air tight container.  They may not look the nicest but they taste pretty darn good plus they are better than a Mars bar!!


Saturday, 10 June 2017

Wardrobe Cleanse

The other day I was putting my clean clothes away in my wardrobe.  I stood back...  staring at it thinking to myself 'oh my days, what a mess' see inserted picture above.   My precious wardrobe is a giant pit of hangers and clothing which some have certainly been loved to death literally and perhaps others items don't get the love they actually deserve.

With Summer well and truly in the air I had a spring clean of my wardrobe (or closet ;-)) here my tips to a better healthy cleaner looking wardrobe.

Get It All Out
The first step is to see what you have.  Get it all out on to the bed (or floor) and if need be clean the gets dusty in there too.  From experience you cannot have a good clear out without making big mounds of clothes on the bed!  Make piles of jeans, skirts dresses etc and look at it.  Do you own two similar you need them both??

Stop Being Sentimental

Fact - I still own some clothes that I purchased around or over 10 years ago.  Do I still wear them?  When it comes to most items I'd probably say no.  Why do I still own them?  God knows.  Clothes can bring back memories - some good and some bad, but is it necessary to keep it cluttering an already small space?  Let's be's time to say farewell.


An obvious point to make but a good one.   Most of my clothes are work related... skirts,  black trousers, some nice tops - you get the jist.  I have all these items in one section on the left but in groups of skirts, tops,  cardigans, trousers etc.  I then have sections of casual hanging tops, dresses and trousers.  Not jeans just linen style trousers that must hang up.  Then to the far left I have fancy date night dresses.  I prefer to store mine in type of items instead of colour.

Reverse Hanger Trick
You've been through all your clothes and you hang on to an item as you 'think' you may wear it one day.  Put it back into your wardrobe with the hanger point/tip facing towards you.  Then on your phone diary set up a reminder for 3 to 6 months time to pop back to that said item.  If your hanger is still facing that way, you'll know you haven't worn it.  Let it go, let it goooooo.

Seasonal Clothes 
Unfortunately I am not blessed with a walk in wardrobes or a huge American style closet (oh I wish).  I have one average sized wardrobe from Ikea (in case you are wondering it's a custom made Pax in oak).  When it's winter I store summer clothes in clothes boxes on top of the wardrobes themselves, as it's the best option for me.  I use the Ikea Garnityr range as they are pretty and colours are fresh.

Keep, Give Away, Donate
When going through your clothes make three piles.  The keep pile, the give away to family and friends pile and the donate to charity pile.  Be ruthless and realistic.  Have you worn it recently and do you plan to wear it soon?  Anything you have not touched in 6 months needs to go -  let's be honest... why keep it?  Donate it so someone else who can enjoy it.

Saying Goodbye

You have your charity bag.  Look at the items and think 'would you buy this in a charity shop?'  If it has holes in it,  looks worn to death and discoloured is it fair to donate it?  Toss it out.  Give charity shops items they can actually sell on.

I hope these tips help you with your spring cleaning.


Thursday, 8 June 2017

Long Time... No See!

Last time I blogged here it was November 2016.  Lol... just a little while ago.  Well let's say lots of things have changed from then till now I can tell you.  If there is anyone still out there, then that’s great!  I’ll be very interested if there was anyone still there!

A lot has happened in the six months since I last blogged.  To be honest I’m not going to make excuses, but I’m not really sure what actually happened for me to stop in the first place.  But any-ho - for the past few weeks I’ve felt the urge to write again.  Primarily my little space on the internet was a wee dictation to my Slimming World journey and the random post here and there for recipes or advice.  I’ve decided I want to expand my horizons and cover more subjects.  There is so much more to life isn't there?

If you see at the top of the blog I've added some new buttons.  The obvious one being BABIES!  I almost do not want to write anything about it as I feel like I might jinx myself.  But I'm just going to write it.  We're having a baby.  This is obviously one of the biggest changes of our lives.  I'm currently 6 months gone and to be honest I thought this was something that my hubby and I would never be blessed with.  More posts to come on our journey. 

There have been other changes too, especially with my work.  I will go into that in another post in the future, as my experiences over recent months may be of help to others.  My fitness, food, Slimming World journey has not really gone to plan this year since finding out about our little bubba.  It was all going so well, then surprise you're having a baby! Lol.  I do hope to still write about the subjects in the future however.  I also want to write about travel, life and the odd beauty post.  I just want to turn my little place on the net to almost an online diary.  We'll just see how it all goes.

Anyway speak soon!


Sunday, 27 November 2016

Tips For Winter Blues

I love this picture.

I took in June when my hubby and I were walking around the fields down near a cottage we were renting in Cornwall.  The weather was delightful, the neighbours (some cows and their calves were gorgeous) -  it was beautiful and idyllic.  Now winter is coming as they say in Game of Thrones.  Darn right it is - did you see the rain we had!?  And it's also been bitter cold.  I love the great out doors and all she has to offer, but wow wee when it rains and gets cold - it really does.

Now that winter is almost here, the winter blues will be setting in for some.  You just want to grab a hot drink and a blanket and become a hedgehog (let hibernate commence).  This autumn / winter I am determined to not get dragged down and stay active as possible.  Here are some of my tips to be a success.

// Make a date
If I don't have a plan when it comes to working out, it will always go pear shaped.  However to beat this I have been making dates to see Jim - my little friend.  Dates in my diary - commitments.  Two to three times during the week seems to be working out for me at the moment.  I got into a nice little groove where on Wednesday I have little boxing session all by myself in the work out studio.  It's such a shame that gym is closing.

// Get outside 
I am quite fortunate to have lots of green space and parks in my area.  Getting outside is really important to me, as it's good for mind, body and soul.  I love walking my cousins dog on the weekend at our local country park.  It does us both good - I'm not sure who walks who?  You can go a little mad trapped in doors for the entirety of winter but if it is sunny - get outside and catch some vitamin D.

// Join a club or group
Whilst most people are enjoying a lay in, my cousin recently encouraged me to attend a Saturday AM fit club with her.  She was already attending herself and she twisted my arm to pop along to the free class.  I think this is great as once I'm booked in (you have to book a space) it is basically a sealed deal for me.  It's also a great way to socialise with like minded people.  Thumbs up indeed! I've also noticed local classes advertised in my area for example, hot yoga classes, running clubs.  Have a look around, you'll be surprised.

// A space at home
I currently have an array of fitness goodies scattered around my living room.  Sorry hubby. I know this option will not be everyone's cup of tea, especially if you lack in space and equipment.  Realistically you do not need much to get fit, your own body weight will do.  I didn't buy all my at home work out equipment all in one go, I've accumulated pieces over time.  For starters I suggest a good floor mat and a set of dumbbells just to get you started.  Perhaps even a skipping rope, as that's a bit of a cardio work out right there!

 // DVDs &YouTube
Got a TV and a TV license?  Great.  You're half way there when it comes to this next tip.  Some fitness DVDs can be a real bore, however some can really be great and make you feel like an exercising fitness machine!  Oh yeah 💪  YouTube is also a great door way to anything you want.  Want yoga - got it.  Want HIIT - got it.  It's got everything - all you need to do is search for it. 

How are you beating the winter blues this year?  Whats your tips?  Happy Sunday everyone.


Wednesday, 23 November 2016


After the gym the other night I had wine.

Wine not I thought... hahah 😭  Sorry a tad lame, but please don't judge me.  When I got home I did have a good dinner of oven baked chicken breast with yummy selection on vegetables.  I then reached for one of my mini bottle of white wine.  I don't do this all the time - probably once a month if that, so hardly an addiction to be concerned about. Tonight I thought what the hell - I had basically earned it at the gym.

I don't like the terms good, bad, naughty treats, however I always find myself saying it.  I try to reframe from calling this a 'naughty treat' because it really is not.  It's called balance.  I went to the gym, I boxed, I swang kettle bells and medicine balls around - I worked hard and sweated so much I looked like I'd been the shower.  My reward is a little glass of wine.

I do not reward myself all the time as I don't want it to become a habit. I will only do so when I feel like I want to.  If it's not wine then I might have two pieces of dark chocolate or a yogurt with a sprinkle of my home made granola on it.  I try to vary it and make it not be a massive amount of calories I'm consuming.   Don't want to undo all the hard work do I? 🙂

What little indulgence do you like to have?

Angela x
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