Monday, 23 October 2017

What's In My Yoga Bag?

Yoga is far more than standing on one leg, humming and looking ridiculous. It's actually a rather good work out - try it if you do not believe me!  I've been attending an evening class and
 I thought it would nice to share what kind of clothes I wear and what bits and bobs I take with me. So what's in my bag you ask?  

Let's start clothes...

The key thing with yoga is comfort. None of the positions you try to obtain should cause you any unnecessary discomfort and neither should your clothes you wear to class. You need to feel comfortable, nothing too tight or too loose it's falling down round your ankles.  I like to wear a skin tight work out vests - I prefer these to loose fitting flowy tops as there is no fabric falling in your face when you're in your downward facing dog!  The Nike Dri and the Adidas ClimaLite lines are one of my favourites as they are breathable and move along with you - almost like a second layer of skin.

For my bottoms I like my leggings and when I say leggings I mean work out ones, not those causal thin black ones.  The causal ones generally are a little thinner and can show your knickers off - keep that for the bedroom ladies!!!!!  I own a few nice pairs from USA Pro, which have good Lycra in them and are quite high waisted.  No falling down to my ankles!

Now ladies, when it comes to your boobies - please wear good support. Whether you are small, medium or large or even extra large in the bust department - you need support.  I wear my sports bra as I have mountains (as per Shakira - Whenever, Wherever).   The bras I use are from Active D+ range from Shocker Absorber, I love this kind I wear as they are high at the front so I don't fall out.  No awkward moments!

Okay on to the essentials...

You may not necessarily need any equipment to begin with.  If you're attending a new group perhaps message your instructor and find out if they supply matts at the class.  If you love it, want to make the class a regular thing, then you may want to buy your own.  The matt I have is from the Argos Davina McCall range.  I personally didn't want anything too fancy and this does the job perfectly.

On to blocks, these aren't a must - it is dependant on you really. Unfortunately I don't have long luscious limbs like a super model. With some of the yoga positions you need a little help and I certainly do. The two I picked up are from USA Pro (not being sponsored - promise). I've provided the link to an Ebay page as the blocks weren't on the USA Pro site - LINK.

The belt is next on my list to buy. I'm currently using a range of residence rubber bands I've collected over the years. These are great too if you aren't that flexible yet and need help reaching certain positions.  Link HERE if you want to browser at some.

I hope this helps any yoga newbies out there. Have you ever tried yoga? Do you have any yoga essentials recommendations?

Angela x

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