Tuesday, 31 May 2011

NPOTW - OPI by Sephora Almost Famous

Want gorgeous summer nails???? I am currently loving one of my Sephora/New York purchases.  This little lovely goes by the name of Almost Famous.

sorry for the dodgy misshaped nails

A pretty champagne colour with a fine silver glitter, this polish is very a joy to apply ...1-2 coats and you're all done.  Sadly Sephora is only a US or a European store.  In the UK we are unfortunately not blessed with our very own Sephora stores......(yet, never know one day) Grrr!!  This is a nice quality polish and doesn't chip or peel.

If you're in the UK you could visit Paris or Calais for the nearest stores....or if you wish to push the boat out...NEW YORK!!! Lol!!!

If you cannot buy Sephora OPI, then the UK version I would recommend is Models Own Champagne.  It's a real similar shade, they could almost be twins.  I'll do another post shortly comparing the pair.

Angela xox

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Monthly Favourites: May

I admit I didn't do a April favourites....that's mainly because everything I got from NYC was my favourite of that month.

Products I've been using constantly are as follows...in no particular order

Simple Cleansing Wipes
I've always loved Simple wipes, they always remain moist until you use the very last wipe.  I stopped using them for a while due to the price.  They can cost about £3.99 a packet which I think is a little on the pricey side.  I went to Costco recently where they sell a pack of 6 for approx £12, if you do the math it's quite a excellent deal!

Benefit Dr Feelgood
A summer essential if you suffer from oily skin like myself, a quick dab over your forehead and cheeks and the product makes all oils just disappear like magic!  Always in my handbag.

Rimmel 3 in 1 blush in Summer Fever
A recent purchase which I will review soon.  Three different colours in the blush, blended together or used on their own.  Really gives a lovely glow to the cheeks.

Rimmel Sun Shimmer Bronzing Powder in Light Shimmer
...another recent purchase.  The label says 'shimmer', which I will disagree with slightly.  There is a slight shimmer, but you won't look like a disco ball with this.  Gives you a nice glow.

Makeup Forever HD Foundation in shade 115
Not much you can say with regards to this but it's long lasting, great coverage, brilliant finish and the perfect shade.  I think this is an amazing foundation. Enough said!!

Max Factor Cream Blush in Soft Pink
I've used this cream blush every single day.  It's not a full size version, just a sample which was a free gift from Max Factor (along with a few random bits and bobs).  I think this product is lovely.  Blends great and creates the perfect i'm 'flushed' look.

I'm also loving my Primark £1 bargain....my little daisy chain head band.  Very summery....

What are your current loves....?

Angela xox

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A little tag about me...

Hi every body,

Found this cool tag at Ellis's blog page: Ellybellybaybee. Please join in the fun...

Age: 27, i will be 28 in December....hate getting older!
Bed Size: Have a double bed, which is shared - so I only have half.
Chore you Hate: Cleaning the bathroom.
Dogs: Never had one, I'm more a cat girl!
Essential start of your day: Clothes lol, brushing my teeth, Special K...
Favourite Colour: Love all colours, I love the whole rainbow!
Gold or Silver: I love white gold, can i choose that??
Height: I'm 5" and 3/4 :)
Instruments I play: None, but tempted to learn guitar.
Job Title: Accounts assistant.
Kids: None, but i have a beautiful fur 'cat' baby. She's enough for now.
Live: Essex in lovely England.
Mum's name: Jen
Nickname: Ange, Angie, Angelina, Tiger...Flange...I have a few.
Pet Peeve: People who chew loud, especially chewing gum. Close your mouths people, no one wants to see.
Quote from a movie: To infinity and beyond
Right or left handed: Right.
Siblings: I'm kinda the middle child but my mum miscarried. So just have an older brother.
Time you wake up: 6.30 week days and about 8.00 weekends.
Underwear: Marks & Spencer
Vegetables you dislike: I like all veg apart from celery....yuk.
What makes you run late: Trains/tube.
X-rays you've had done: Foot, chest, throat/neck
Yummy food you make: Stir fry or pineapple upside down cake
Zoo animal: Cute ones; parrots, fish, penguins, no creepy crawlies

Remember if you do this tag, please tag me :-) Thank you!!!
Night y'all,

Angela xox

Saturday, 14 May 2011

New York purchases (+pic's)

It's been a while since I came back from NYC. Over two months nearly, bit depressing seems to have been and gone in a flash.  I did go a bit crazy shopping wise, but in my mind I thought 'I won't be here next week', so what the hell.

From the left and clockwise:

Cover Girl eyeshadow palettes in: Urban Basics 220, Blossoms 257, Sheerly Nudes 265, Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams 1 and 3, Benefit Bella Bamba, Studio 35 Beauty Buffer/File, Stila convertiables in Petunia and Gerbera, Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash, Cover Girl Lash Blast, Marc Jacobs Daisy Roll-on Perfume, MAC Select Cover Up, Stila Palette with Sun and Kitten pan eyeshadows, Laura Mercier Brightening Powder, Pacifica Lotion, Stila Eyeliners; Kajal and Smudge stick waterproof, Fresh Supernova Mascara and Twilight Face Glow.

Yes that's it.  I did buy from Victoria's Secret but I won't go into that!  Here are close ups ...

Close ups of:

 MUFE Aqua Creams, Stila's Sun and Kitten eye shadows, Benefit Bella Bamba, and right up the top Stila Petunia and Gerbera Convertibals


I also picked up some nail polish.  The Essie Polish is from Walgreens and the OPI's are from Sephora.

Essie; Fun in a Gondola
OPI by Sephora; Almost Famous, On Stage, Metro Chic and Ocean Love Potion

I've been wearing Almost Famous tonnes in April it's my go to colour at the moment!  So I thought I'd show you some picture's I took.  Here's some snaps of ...

Times Square

Empire State Building

The View from ESB

Yellow Taxi's

Stars and Stripes

I'm so wishing I could make it back to the States again...it felt like home.  So comfortable.  Plus I love their shops :-)

Angela xox

Sunday, 8 May 2011

NPOTW China Glaze ~ Ruby Pumps

If you love Dorthy's Wizard of Oz shoes...then you're going to love China Glazes Ruby Pumps. If you've heard and seen this polish before then you can turn away now. Sorry.

If you have a fondness for all things glittery, slightly vampy, then your nails will need this nail polish. I purchased my bottle from Sally Express at the Shaftesbury Avenue store in London. But I'm sure there are online suppliers who sell for a good price also. 

This is my first purchase of a China Glaze polish so I went for bold and daring!

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ!!!!

I don't think my photography skills does this polish-swatch-shot (that's a mouth full) any justice. It doesn't show this pretty hue in all its glory. I'd definitely get this if you like funny looking nails.

You have to keep in mind and remember that you have got to apply a base coat before you apply any polish (and especially this one).

I'd apply double the base as this is (a) glittery and (b) red. Red stains dreadfully and glitter is hell to remove. It looks lovely on, but you have been warned :-D

Angela xox

Friday, 6 May 2011

InStyle and EasyLiving Magazine offers...

It's that time in the UK again, where all the magazines are coming out with their freebies.  I love it when magazines do this.  Last night I bought both InStyle and EasyLiving (Both cost £3.70)

EasyLiving are giving away a free Cath Kidson bag.  There are two styles to collect or choose from.  One of the styles matches my umbrella so I had to get it really. The bag isn't majorly big, just the perfect size for your lunch box and book for the train I think.  Also with the magazine there is Cath Kidson catalogue.  Where there is a voucher for 15% off a Cath Kidson order.   Yay!!!

InStyle magazine is giving away a Nails Inc Polish!!!!  Happy days!!!  There are three different colours, a browny taupe, dark forest green and a bright orange.  I opted for the orange shade...

  Bright and funky!!!  Very in at the moment!!!

It was a rushed application at midnight last night, so it's not a perfect swatch.  Have to say I really like this.  Oranges are really in at the moment and I don't actually own a bright orange.  So this was my first choice out of the three.

I know there are more magazine offers going on at the moment, but I thought two was enough for me to handle right now :-)

Angela xox

P.S., I believe these offers are for the UK only....sorry everyone else :-(

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

NPOTW: OPI's - Parlez Vous OPI?

I'm a big fan of purple, it's one of my favourite colours.  One of my recent OPI/Ebay polish buys was OPI's - Parlez Vous OPI.  My description of this is (don't take my words as gospel though)  It's kind of a mid tone purple, not too dark ... not too light.  Kind of dusty.  I actually can't think of anything on the UK drug store polish market that is similar to this.  I could be wrong though, not seen every polish out there.

The perfect purple!!

You need a maxium of 2-3 coats, the polish isn't thin/thick/streaky.  It applies really well.  Definiately a 8 out of 10 from me.  To create the look I used all OPI products, here's the line up...

The 3 OPI's I use are:
Nail Envy Strengthener as a base, Parlez Vous OPI? and Rapidry top coat to finish

I can't fault the base and top coat.  I do find my polish lasts longer using the base and the top coat.  I especially like the base as it really does strenthen your nails.  I have a tendecy to suffer from nails that peel.

So what purple polish do you recommend?

Angela xox

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