Monday, 28 February 2011

Avon calling!!!!

I've always been a fan of Avon ever since I was a kid.  I love the fact you order it from your representative and in my case I sometimes forget I've done when it turns up on your door step it's a complete surprise :- )  I ordered these three 2 weeks ago and they just turned up tonight on my door step.

Herve Leger Femme , Matte nail polish 'Black as Night', Super Shock Gel Eyeliner

Herve Leger Femme (See above pic) ~  Such a pretty smell  and  for the cost of £15, it's great.  Lovely packaging, which looks like a Herve Leger Bodycon Dress.  This perfume looks more expensive.  The smell is not done enough justice in the Avon brochure and those silly rub and snift the pages don't show it in it's full glory.  Two squirts are enough of this, if you spray too much it does get you in the back of the throat.

Matte nail polish in Black as Night ~ Matte nails are becoming all the rage.  You can buy matte top coat polishes at Rimmel and ELF, but it's not very often you come across a coloured matte polish.  The top swatch is 3 coats.  Unfortunately you cannot get away with just one coat, 2-3 coats works just wonderfully.  One coat is far too streaky :-(  Avon do more colours all costing £5 each.

Super Shock Gel Eyeliner ~ For £5 this eyeliner can only be described as AMAZINGGGGG!!! Such a brilliant staying power and the colour is sooo pigmented.  It's blacker than black and you barely have to push the pencil to get the perfect line.  The left swatch is one swipe and the right swatch is one swipe smudged straight after application.  I feel a excellent smokey eye on the cards.  If the girls from Pixwoo recommend it, need I say more???

Have you bought anything from Avon.??  Do you like their products??

Night all ...

Angela xox


Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sneek peek into...

Hi all,  So I thought I give you a glimpse in to this...

My Makeup Bag!!

I'm having a chill out Sunday and thought I'd let you see everything I'm using at the moment (makeup wise).  This is not ALL the makeup I own, just my essentials of the moment.  No doubt I change some things when I get a little bored :-)  If you're wondering, the makeup bag is from Estee Lauder, part of a recent if you buy two items, you get a free gift deal!  Inside the bag is my current loves...

Seems a lot but they are all essential to my up!

I'll give you a run down of all of the items from top to bottom and left to right;  Laura Mercier Brightening powder, Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume Lifting mascara, Bobbi Brown Pressed Sheer Powder, ELF Eyeshadow Palette, Bobbi Brown Corrector, MAC Painterly, NARS Eyeshadow (Ashes to Ashes), Benefit Benetint, NARS Highlighter, Estee Lauder Eyeliners x 2 (Onyx and Graphite), Estee Lauder Lipstick, Laura Mercier Oil Free Face Primer, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Benefit Porefessional, Rimmel Blusher and finally MAC Select Cover Concealer.....long list eh?

Some of the Estee Lauder items were part of the free gift I got, but I'd quite happily buy them again as they are lovely.  Items being Pink Parfait lipstick and Onyx Stay In Place Eyeliner.  If you want any more information about any of the above items, let me know which ones and I'll do a separate blog post.  I know I plan to do a under eye cover up post to show my technic and what works for me.

Now onto the tools and brushes I use daily.  There are only a few. I'm sorry for them being dirty and manky, I didn't have time to clean them before taking the photo's...

Sigma SS168,  Sigma F90, 2 X MAC 217's, MAC Mini 217s, MAC Mini 252s, Models Own Eyelash Curlers and ELF Powder brush (without the handle, it fell out!!)

These are all the brushes I seem to need at the moment.  I know it looks like I've gone OTT on the MAC 217 brush, but it is such a versatile brush you can use it for so many things.  Here I have 2 of them (left large one and the mini one) for shadows, the middle one is for applying my Laura Mercier Brightening Powder.  It's so soft and perfect for under the eyes application.  The MAC 252s brush I use totally for the wrong thing, I use it to apply my corrector and concealer...but it works for me just fine so I see no problem.  The ELF brush is for Bobbi Browns Sheer Powder application.  I don't know where I'd be without this brush, it is so amazing I just love it.  I have another one for foundation application (not pictured), it applies foundation like a dream.  The eyelash curlers where the free pair you got with the News of the World Modles Own giveaway they were doing.  I have to say these curly my lashes like never before.  There are the BEST!!!  The Sigma SS168 and F90 are pretty self-explanatory.  Don't need much there information on these :-)

So do you use any of these items?? What are your thoughts?? Whats in your makeup bag...why don't you show us :-)

Happy Sunday everyone!!!

Angela xox

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Blog sale

With NYC approaching and a vast amount of cosmetics clogging my vanity I've decided to blog sell some of the items.  If you want to mention my sale on your blog please do :- )

- Postage price is £1 for each item. Depending on how many items you buy, a maximum of £2 postage for combined.
- Please leave your Paypal email in the comments below.
- I'll have it posted within 2 days, second class.
- Payment by Paypal only.
- International delivery available, please leave your country in the comment and I'll email with postage details.
- No refunds or returns.

Here's the items.....

Barry M Dazzel Dust in 39 (Tan).  Still sealed and untouched.  £3.50.

Primark Makeup pot of eyeshadow x 3 (Mint green, Gold, Silver Grey).  All still full £2.00

Boots No7 Protect and Prefect Night Cream.  Used about 4 times. £4.00

Eyeko Tinted Cream New with box (not pictured) £6.00

Benefit Bad Gal Pencil eyeliner, swatched once. Pencil not even sharpened £8.00

Tresemme Self Grip 18 pack rollers, barely used. £6.00 (added 50p to P&P due to size)

Clinique Anit-Blemish Solution Moistriser used about 2 times. £8.00

MAC Select Foundation in NW20 - used 90% left. No Pump £8.00 *SOLD*

Sleek Contour palette in Light - swatched once £4.00

Revlon Cherries in the Snow lipstick - used twice. £3.50

Benefit Georgia with brush - used handful of times. £8.00 *SOLD*

The Body Shop Brilliant Blue eyeliner -swatched once. £4.50

I have more to sell. Just giving you a taster of whats on offer.  If you really want something and you don't like the price, make me an offer :-)

Happy buying,

Angela xox

Friday, 11 February 2011

New York..... concrete jungle where dreams are made of...

Oh yes, my dream has finally come true I’m going to that very same concrete jungle of New York!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!  I booked it yesterday and I am sooooo happy!!  It has been my life long dream to visit the juicy big apple and now I am. 

  Picture taken from Google
My hubby and I off on March 18th (which is strangely enough our 6 month wedding anniversary....gosh time flies). 5 days of shopping, sight seeing, more shopping and eating as much real American food as we can!! I’m definitely coming home a tad heavier.

I can’t wait to pick up the things that I can’t get in the UK, like Metro Chic nail polish from OPI by Sephora, Stila Cosmetics, Victoria Secrets, Cover Girl’s Lash Blast, Makeup Forever.

So where shall we go in New York?  Have you been before??  We’re thinking of visiting the Rockerfellla Centre, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Central Park, Time Square....I can’t think of anything else oh it’s sooo exciting :- )

Angela xox

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fishy Feet!!!

On previous posts I have mentioned I have a case of very dry feet.  I'm always looking for new ways to improve my little feet.  So I am very fortunate in my home town last year a new sensation that has been taking over the pedicure world arrived.  Fish Pedicures.  Sound weird, well it sounds strange and feels strange but it is really good.  When I was in Malaysia 3 years ago I visited a pedicure bar like this and really enjoyed it.  And I always dreamt it would venture to the it has and I'm happy happy happy!!!

My little pool of fish.  Every body has there own foot pool where you just dangle you feet in.  These fish are very small, the little tiny fish in question are called Garra Rufa.  They exfoliate, cleanse and soften the skin on your feet with amazing results.  If you are some like me, who has sensitive feet and just gets in fits of giggles when someone touches them...then be prepared.  It'll make you laugh.

The fish close up

If you're wondering 'Do they bite'? Absolutely not, they don't even have teeth!.  The feeling you feel is the just nibbling at the skin on your feet.  To me it feels like having bubbles bubbling under your feet.    The process is completely harmless to you and the fish :- )

Below is a little video of my experience:

The place I go to is called Sole Sensation based in Hornchurch, Essex.  The place is so popular, you usually have to wait a few minutes.  I think Sole Sensation is reasonably priced also:

10 mins £10
20 mins £15
35 mins £15
Full body in a private room for 45 minutes £65

Sole Sensation have more Spas.  They are in Romford and  Loughton and they are also opening a new store in Southend. 

Sole Sensation is the first location in the UK who have developed the all over body experience which means you literally get in to a small pool of over a 1000 Garra fish.  This is very good if you suffer certain skin disorders.  The experience was featured on ITV2 The Only Way Is Essex with Sam and Amy!!!

Have you ever tried a fish pedicure?

Angela xoxo

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