Monday, 7 February 2011

Fishy Feet!!!

On previous posts I have mentioned I have a case of very dry feet.  I'm always looking for new ways to improve my little feet.  So I am very fortunate in my home town last year a new sensation that has been taking over the pedicure world arrived.  Fish Pedicures.  Sound weird, well it sounds strange and feels strange but it is really good.  When I was in Malaysia 3 years ago I visited a pedicure bar like this and really enjoyed it.  And I always dreamt it would venture to the it has and I'm happy happy happy!!!

My little pool of fish.  Every body has there own foot pool where you just dangle you feet in.  These fish are very small, the little tiny fish in question are called Garra Rufa.  They exfoliate, cleanse and soften the skin on your feet with amazing results.  If you are some like me, who has sensitive feet and just gets in fits of giggles when someone touches them...then be prepared.  It'll make you laugh.

The fish close up

If you're wondering 'Do they bite'? Absolutely not, they don't even have teeth!.  The feeling you feel is the just nibbling at the skin on your feet.  To me it feels like having bubbles bubbling under your feet.    The process is completely harmless to you and the fish :- )

Below is a little video of my experience:

The place I go to is called Sole Sensation based in Hornchurch, Essex.  The place is so popular, you usually have to wait a few minutes.  I think Sole Sensation is reasonably priced also:

10 mins £10
20 mins £15
35 mins £15
Full body in a private room for 45 minutes £65

Sole Sensation have more Spas.  They are in Romford and  Loughton and they are also opening a new store in Southend. 

Sole Sensation is the first location in the UK who have developed the all over body experience which means you literally get in to a small pool of over a 1000 Garra fish.  This is very good if you suffer certain skin disorders.  The experience was featured on ITV2 The Only Way Is Essex with Sam and Amy!!!

Have you ever tried a fish pedicure?

Angela xoxo


  1. there one where i live! it looks amazing but i am a little scared lol x

  2. you should try it at least once :)


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