Saturday, 8 June 2013

Topshop Foundation Brush

I am a typical girl and am attracted to neon pink and makeup brushes.  At an after work trip to Topshop I spotted some fancy makeup brushes which just happened to be bright pink.  I'd never seen them before and the foundation brush caught my eye the most.

It was pink, cute, tiny and had my name written all over it... sold.

This angled stippling style brush is mini which I like as it is perfect for travelling.  The bristles are a mix of natural and synthetic hair.  I have given this a little bath already and it was fast drying.

I've used the brush so far for applying BB Cream and liquid foundation and it works wonders.  I have also found that it fits nicely into the under area... so is great for under eye products.

At £8, I think this is a decent price.  It's a good quality and there has been no shedding (so far).  I'd quite happily look at other brushes available at Topshop.  You can purchase in larger stores and online here.

Angela xox

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