Thursday, 28 May 2015

Travel Adventure

Our backpacks are packed, our euros are in our wallets, cameras thrown in our hand lauggage and our passports are at the ready.  It's a new travelling adventure.  Yay!! 

Our travels are taking us to Europe this year.   I do love the USA and Thailand/Malaysia etc and I would quite happily go back  -  however with living in the UK I am fortunate to have a mecca of beautiful places in throwing distance of home. 

My travel companion aka the hubby have been adventurous this year.  We booked a one way flight ticket and a Eurostar train ticket home.   Thats it!  The rest will unreveal itself as the holiday goes on.  Such rebels! 

Where has this adventure begun.....  None other than Pisa, Italy! 

We caught a cheap Ryanair flight one way to Pisa, arriving yesterday morning.  We are in prime location for the Tower, good food and gelato! 

I thought I would do a mini series showing our travels - hope you don't mind.  But it's tough if you do mind as I'm doing it any way. Ha! 

Any recommendations for the Italian Rivera?? 



Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tanning Novice

Myself and fake tanning don't usually go well together.  I normally pick too darker of a shade and look like I've been tangoed plus streaks put my right off.  No matter how good I think I am... I'm not!!  Streaks are a complete NIGHTMARE - It's normally why I try to avoid tanning at any cost. 

With my holidays on the horizon (literally!!!) it's time to give my white pasty limbs a seeing to.  Two I like to use, to get a dash of colour are Simple Sun-Kissed (for my face and neck) and Dove Summer Glow (for everything but my face).   Both are moisturisers have added self tanner which develop in a few hours or over night.  Sun-Kissed is especially good as it's made specifically for the face and has lots skin beautifying properties added to it - Pro vitamin B5 anyone?!  The Dove is also fabulous as it has a colour range of fair to medium or medium to dark.  I opt for the lightest...just in case.

These have both been firm favourites for years.... However my only issue with the Dove is the freaking smell.  You don't smell the day you apply this but the day after and the intensity of the smell is ...well quite strong.  There is no lingering stink with Simple which is great (happy dance).


Every Day Beauty Essentials

Everyone has them, including the boys -  even though they might not openly admit it.  It's the morning beauty essentials you use without fail to start your day.  These items (some new finds and some used time and time again) I use these without fail. Every single day.... What are they. 

Deodorant - Currently Using: Sanex Roll On | LINK
Considering how many deodorants line the supermarket shelves I always gravitate back to Sanex.  It's a reliable favourite of mine... No stinky pits, no white marks on my black T-shirt, no cold sharp shock from a spray.  I don't find this sticky or too wet after I roll it on and there is no nasty left over residue.  I usually find this lasts so much longer than sprays plus it's so inexpensive you can normally find it in Poundland 

Hydrating Eye Serum - Currently Using: Dr Organic Rose Otto Eye Serum | LINK
I only found this by chance as it was a free magazine gift and glad I did try it.  I really enjoy having this in my skin care routine.  It can be a little too rosy smellings for my liking on occasions but it is light and fast absorbing.  Plus it makes the delicate under eye area feel all lush and plump with hydration.

SPF Moisturiser - Currently Using: More Than One!!  (see below) 
Getting moisture in to my skin and SPF is very important - I don't want skin damage before... well basically before I'm dead!!! I'm currently using two different moisturisers that I have open which are Simple Day Cream and Avene Rich Hydrating Cream.  Both are light on the skin and give great I love my hydration.  Their SPF factor is not too light and not too high (20 and 30).  I personally feel great protecting my skin from harmful rays whilst moisturising it - two in one SCORE!!!

Anti-Aging Serum - Currently Using: Clarins Double Serum | LINK
One of my greatest fears is to look old and wrinkly before I'm actually meant to.  I've used a lot potions in my life time - creams ... gels ... oils and serums but this famous Clarins Double Serum is my best bud to use.  I find it so much more user friendly in the packaging department which makes it faster to use.  I love the pump!  There is no lingering sticky one likes that do they!  And most importantly I swear I have seen a difference in my skin!! Yayyy!

Tooth Paste - Currently Using: Colgate Pro Gum Health | LINK 
Not technically your usual beauty essential like the deodorant but essential to life just like water!!  I sometimes have issues with bleeding gums as mine are quite sensitive.  Pro Gum has done wonders for knocking it on the head.  Almost - I still get a little bleeding but not half as much.  Apologises if TMI?!

So those are my essential items but there are a few other goodies I like to use for instance perfume...  but I have that on a constant rotation due to the numerous amount of bottles i'm attempting to get through.   What are your essentials for the day?  Sharing is caring! 


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Sew Over It

There is nothing more appealing for me in life than creating something. Baking it,  sewing it,  knitting it, crocheting it or even  building a Ikea flat pack!  It's all fun and creative.  I've never been artist -  I could probably draw a bowl of fruit but I think that's about it. 

Last weekend I attended Sew Over It -  Intro To Sewing class.  It was a follow-up to my evening class I did a few weeks ago in April.  If you are someone who wants to get a reminder of how and what to do with a sewing machine then a class like this one is the perfect place. 

Before this class all I knew what to do was thread a machine and sew in a straight line and at a push pivot a corner.  This class you get to know fabric,  how to cut it and create lovely items.  Cushions, tote bags and makeup bags.  Zips are explained in detail -  it's not as scary as you think. 

Want to up your knowledge?  Pop along to Sew Over It!! 


Monday, 11 May 2015

The Gym Vs At Home Working Out

I recently called it a day with my gym membership, which is a real shame as I actually liked the gym and attended for a number of years.  Yes I did like it.   However it made sense for a few reasons to not renew my subscription (I wish the gym was for free -  just saying).

Now the gym is out of reach I wanted to compare the gym with working out at home which I have been doing - when I remember to!


It is well known that gym memberships are not exactly cheap.  Some soar so high you kind of expect for the price tag that the equipment to be made out of solid gold. Before signing on the dotted line... do your research.  Search for different gyms -  there might perhaps be a not so known gym on your door step for quarter the price.  Also does your employer have corporate membership?  Ask your HR department.  Plus when you find gyms,  see what they offer.  Check out the class lists if they have a pool, sauna, spa treatments... you might be surprised.  Most gyms make you sign up for one year... so research is very important.

Personal Trainers
Need advice to get your summer body...  gyms have PT's to show you the way.  They can be pricey however and make sure they are qualified, as there are some people out there who like to think they know everything when know sh*t.  They should  be on the registered personal trainers list. A legit trainer will take the time to get to know your needs and wants plus they will access your weight, fat percentage and BMI. If you do invest, try seeing them twice a week for one hour sessions if you can.

Tonnes of Equipment
Yes there is VIPRs, bosu balls, mats, spin bikes, kettle bells, treadmills everywhere you look however there are also other people you have to share them with.  At peak times you may have to line up to use the treadmill which can be frustrating.  Early morning workouts are best and Friday evenings (most people hit the pub on Friday).  I found the worst times Monday evening, lunch time and weekly between 5.30pm - 7.00pm can be a little more frantic.

Most gyms have a mixture of classes on location.  Spin, LBT (Legs Bums Tums)  boxing, yoga to name a few.  Most are included in your membership fees but there are some that are not.  Reception desk staff at the gym will have all the information for you.  Also for well loved classes you may have to book your spot in advance.


It's Free
The most positive point about working out at home is the money.  You do not have to pay for it as your doing it in your own home. Hipeeee.

This can be an issue depending on your situation.  Unfortunately I don't have a garage, basement or a spare room to call my at home gym space.  If I do a dvd it's in the middle of the living room.  This could obviously be a problem if you flat share with 3 mates!!  I also don't have large equipment at home due to this which is fine.  I just have a little spot in the living room where all my dumbells and kettle bells live which is fine.

Get Outside
I have the privilege where I live to be on the suburbs of London town but be surrounded by green space.  Country parks are perfect for running and cycling but also seeing what nature has to offer.  I much prefer this than being stuck on a treadmill.   The other night whilst running I had the honour of seeing a barn owl fly right in front of me.  Most parks have running clubs which you can join for free or for a small fee.  I have also noticed in my park near me they have monkey bars and other various gym like equipment dotted around.  I also ride my  bike around the parks plus feed the ducks... Everyone is a winner!

I've always done working out at home so over the years I have managed to get myself a collection of dumbells, a decent matt, kettle bells, dvd's... skipping rope to name a few bits and bobs I own.  If you're new to working out at home don't go crazy buying tonnes of things all at once.  Just buy one of each then build up the collection... Amazon, Sports Direct, Argos, Decathlon and even the supermarket have decent work out equipment.  Plus shop around... something I always recommend.  Do not buy big equipment If you have lack of space too!

This is the hardest part of working out at home -  having the enthusiasm to actually do so.   It is very easy to say I'll do it later or maybe tomorrow.  You need to keep to a schedule and make the time and effort.  Try a morning workout as you'll get it over and done with plus you'll more than likely be good after wards.

Being focused is key and to keep to your routine - make a plan or list of goals.  Set a time for you time.  The house work will always keep till later!!!



Saturday, 9 May 2015

New Read | Amelia Freer - Eat. Nourish. Glow.

I have a new read to share with you, which I think you'll like.  Amelia Freer is a name I've heard quite a bit but never been very sure why her name kept cropping up.  Then I was reading a health article which was discussing new healthy eating and amazing diets -  the 5:2 was mentioned too! 

The article then started talking about Sam Smith and his new healthier look and how he lost 2 or 3 stone (I forget how much it actually is).   Long  story short it was Amelia that changed Sam's life.   Amelia is a fully qualified trained nutritional therapist. Her book covers 10 points and they all talk a lot of sense.   You eat due to boredom and the need for a distraction...  SO TRUE!! 

I'm only a couple of pages on but I can tell this will be life changing read. So I thought I'd share :-)  I will do a more in depth review when I have read more. 


Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Spinach Feta Pepper Omelette

There is one meal I like to cook if I'm in that I want to eat it right now and not wait mood.  A healthy omelette.  Most of the time my omelette ends up looking like scrambled eggs, however on this occasion I was successful at making it resemble an actual omelette.  Yay for me. 

Eggs a great source of protein and energy.  This meal/snack is perfect to eat after a work out as the protein from the eggs is used by the body to repair and build muscles.   Hence why body builders love their eggs! 

I love to load my omelette with extra nutritious goodies like pepper, spinach and a few bits of crumbled feta cheese.  I usually add my cheese towards the end so it does not totally melt.. yum yum. 

Are  hungry?  Cannot be bothered to go into much effort for a quick easy meal?  But you want it to be clean and healthy?  Here's an idea for you - an omelette 

What is your favourite healthy quick snack?? 



Sunday, 3 May 2015

The C-Word

I just finished watching something amazing, so .... so brilliantly filmed that I had tears streaming down my face and a giant frog in my throat.  The C-Word based on the real life of Lisa Lynch - young, married, successful and breast cancer sufferer.  The BBC adaptation staring Sheridan Smith (she portrays Lisa in such an incredible way) and Paul Nicholls (still hot in case you are wondering) brings to life the journey of Lisa and her husband Peter.  From diagnosis, living with cancer, recovering and finding out the news it has returned and is terminal.

I felt so moved I had to write and share it on the blog.  Her story brings to light that breast cancer or any cancer for that matter doesn't discriminate against age, sex or whether you are good or bad.  It just happens and it sucks.  Lisa created an outlet where she could pen her thoughts, fears and feelings.  Alright Tit is still going strong today with the help of family and friends and it is a great read.  During her treatment she also wrote a book which documents in detail her story.  Her telling her story has helped so many others.

Sadly Lisa lost her fight, but her memory lives on at Alright Tit.  If you're worried about anything, a lump, bump, pain, mole, your big toe - go seek medical help and get it checked.  Always better to be safe than sorry isn't it?! :-)

You can read Lisa Blog Alright Tit HERE and you can buy her book The C-Word HERE.


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