Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Tanning Novice

Myself and fake tanning don't usually go well together.  I normally pick too darker of a shade and look like I've been tangoed plus streaks put my right off.  No matter how good I think I am... I'm not!!  Streaks are a complete NIGHTMARE - It's normally why I try to avoid tanning at any cost. 

With my holidays on the horizon (literally!!!) it's time to give my white pasty limbs a seeing to.  Two I like to use, to get a dash of colour are Simple Sun-Kissed (for my face and neck) and Dove Summer Glow (for everything but my face).   Both are moisturisers have added self tanner which develop in a few hours or over night.  Sun-Kissed is especially good as it's made specifically for the face and has lots skin beautifying properties added to it - Pro vitamin B5 anyone?!  The Dove is also fabulous as it has a colour range of fair to medium or medium to dark.  I opt for the lightest...just in case.

These have both been firm favourites for years.... However my only issue with the Dove is the freaking smell.  You don't smell the day you apply this but the day after and the intensity of the smell is ...well quite strong.  There is no lingering stink with Simple which is great (happy dance).


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