Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Spinach Feta Pepper Omelette

There is one meal I like to cook if I'm in that I want to eat it right now and not wait mood.  A healthy omelette.  Most of the time my omelette ends up looking like scrambled eggs, however on this occasion I was successful at making it resemble an actual omelette.  Yay for me. 

Eggs a great source of protein and energy.  This meal/snack is perfect to eat after a work out as the protein from the eggs is used by the body to repair and build muscles.   Hence why body builders love their eggs! 

I love to load my omelette with extra nutritious goodies like pepper, spinach and a few bits of crumbled feta cheese.  I usually add my cheese towards the end so it does not totally melt.. yum yum. 

Are  hungry?  Cannot be bothered to go into much effort for a quick easy meal?  But you want it to be clean and healthy?  Here's an idea for you - an omelette 

What is your favourite healthy quick snack?? 



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