Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Every Day Beauty Essentials

Everyone has them, including the boys -  even though they might not openly admit it.  It's the morning beauty essentials you use without fail to start your day.  These items (some new finds and some used time and time again) I use these without fail. Every single day.... What are they. 

Deodorant - Currently Using: Sanex Roll On | LINK
Considering how many deodorants line the supermarket shelves I always gravitate back to Sanex.  It's a reliable favourite of mine... No stinky pits, no white marks on my black T-shirt, no cold sharp shock from a spray.  I don't find this sticky or too wet after I roll it on and there is no nasty left over residue.  I usually find this lasts so much longer than sprays plus it's so inexpensive you can normally find it in Poundland 

Hydrating Eye Serum - Currently Using: Dr Organic Rose Otto Eye Serum | LINK
I only found this by chance as it was a free magazine gift and glad I did try it.  I really enjoy having this in my skin care routine.  It can be a little too rosy smellings for my liking on occasions but it is light and fast absorbing.  Plus it makes the delicate under eye area feel all lush and plump with hydration.

SPF Moisturiser - Currently Using: More Than One!!  (see below) 
Getting moisture in to my skin and SPF is very important - I don't want skin damage before... well basically before I'm dead!!! I'm currently using two different moisturisers that I have open which are Simple Day Cream and Avene Rich Hydrating Cream.  Both are light on the skin and give great I love my hydration.  Their SPF factor is not too light and not too high (20 and 30).  I personally feel great protecting my skin from harmful rays whilst moisturising it - two in one SCORE!!!

Anti-Aging Serum - Currently Using: Clarins Double Serum | LINK
One of my greatest fears is to look old and wrinkly before I'm actually meant to.  I've used a lot potions in my life time - creams ... gels ... oils and serums but this famous Clarins Double Serum is my best bud to use.  I find it so much more user friendly in the packaging department which makes it faster to use.  I love the pump!  There is no lingering sticky one likes that do they!  And most importantly I swear I have seen a difference in my skin!! Yayyy!

Tooth Paste - Currently Using: Colgate Pro Gum Health | LINK 
Not technically your usual beauty essential like the deodorant but essential to life just like water!!  I sometimes have issues with bleeding gums as mine are quite sensitive.  Pro Gum has done wonders for knocking it on the head.  Almost - I still get a little bleeding but not half as much.  Apologises if TMI?!

So those are my essential items but there are a few other goodies I like to use for instance perfume...  but I have that on a constant rotation due to the numerous amount of bottles i'm attempting to get through.   What are your essentials for the day?  Sharing is caring! 


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