Saturday, 28 January 2012

Foundation Collection...drum roll....

So I have a problem as you can see by the evidence provided....I do have some powdered and mineral foundations which I didn't picture....this lot is had enough!!! *pulls embarrassed face*

While most of these gather dust in my vanity draws not fulfilling their foundation purposes some of these are used to death and then some.

So I was thinking I had a worthy collection to actually do posts on each of them.  Probably starting from the most favourites which I use the most to the ones which are my least reached for items. 

I also dug these out as I'm going to try the whole 'shopping my stash' craze which is all the rage in the blogging and YouTube world.

Now which one should I start with.....? ;-D

Bye for now....
Angela xox

Friday, 27 January 2012

Prague Sephora 'mini' Haul

Two weeks ago I was lucky to be sent of to Prague for the day by the company I work for.  Now and again trips come up and you put your name in to the hat and someone randomly is selected.  It so happened to be me! Yay!

After I had managed to completely what I was sent to Prague to do I popped into Sephora as I knew there was one there.  Not sure why as I’m going to Chicago and there are Sephora's there but probably mainly out of boredom!

So my so called haul is not exactly gigantic.  I didn’t want to go wild in there so I only picked up three items,  they did throw in a tiny free bottle of Paris perfume by Balenciaga which smells lush, but this is my haul...

Make Up For Ever (MUFE) HD Foundation, MUFE Aqua Cream and a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine

See I told you it was small,  I had the exactly the correct money in my purse so thought it was meant to be.

The Aqua Cream is in the shade 5 which is lovely wearable peachy/coral shade with a gold non-OTT shimmer mixed in.  Gorgeous!!  I really love the MUFE Aqua Creams as they are so easy to use, come in a range of colours and finishes and they are water proof and last like forrrreeeeever!  The only downers as the are not in the UK shops and they are a little expensive.  But they are still worth the money I think.

I already own Chanel’s Rouge Coco Shine in the shade Boy, which is absolutely b-e-a-u-t-I-f-u-l!  I was quite taken by this one called Flying Cloud.  I hadn’t seen it before at the Chanel counters I had looked at back home.  It’s lighter than Boy and is so wearable.  If you want to see my Boy review click here.

Not pictured but this is my second purchase of the fabulous MUFE HD Foundation,  I am the shade #115.  I would have to say it is my most favourite foundation ever, well level pegging with a Bobbi Brown one I also use .  But I wear this like every day.  I wont go into much detail as I’m going to do a separate post soon.

See I told you it was small,  I had the exactly the correct money in my purse so thought it was meant to be.  I might buy some more Aqua Creams when i pop over to Chicago next week.  So watch this space.
 Bye for now my lovelies
Angela xox

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nars ~ Super Orgasm Illuminator

Waaaaaaayyyy back forever a go I got a cute mini sample of the lovely NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator.  I loved it so much I purchased a full size recently and I thought I would share the NARS love....

The bottle

Now most illuminators are white or cream in colour.  This is the only one i know of that is coral / pink / peach toned. (not really sure what colour name to give this....I leave this up to you to decide).   It isn't too watery but its not too thick, its very easy to blend onto the skin or to mix in with a foundation.

There is a 'shimmer' in this which is gorgeous....but I say shouldn't apply too much of this or it will just look like too much.  Less is more with this for sure.

One downer it is expensive at £21.50, but i think you have to weigh the pros and cons out.  I think you get a lot for your money plus you only need to smallest amount for this to work. See...
One small drop...

When I said you only need a small drop, I meant it.  The below picture shows this drop blended out on to the skin (I could of blended the swatch more, but I wanted you guys to see the swatch better)

Blended Swatch

My advice is to try and get a small sample of this if you are not sure.  The only reason, I purchased a full size tube of this is because I got a free sample and fell head over heels with it.  But if you're unsure due to the price then maybe ask for a frebbie.

Check out NARS as the sell more than just Orgasm.....

Angela xox

Monday, 23 January 2012

Pending videos....

So I am off to the good old USA within a week and I plan to film a few videos before I depart.  I'm going to film a whats in my suitcase video and whats in travel makeup bag video.  I have filmed a 2011 favourites but who knows if that will get posted as it's a little late now.

It was my news resolutions to make more videos and to try and blog more.  Just a bit difficult when you're a full time worker and have blogging talent of a plonker!! Haha!

Any how fingers crossed I will get these videos up before I leave next Monday.

Talk soon...
Angela xox

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Simple Everyday Makeup Look

So if you want an idea for creating a simple everyday makeup look for the eyes, then you want to watch this.

This is a quick video I made today of a easy look I've been wearing for most of 2011.

Enjoy folks and have a good night!

Angela xox

Saturday, 7 January 2012

NPOTW ~ China Glaze Ruby Pumps

If you love Dorthy's Wizard of Oz shoes...then you're going to love China Glazes Ruby Pumps. If you've heard and seen this polish before then you can turn away now. Sorry.

If you have a fondness for all things glittery, slightly vampy, then your nails will need this nail polish. I purchased my bottle from Sally Express at the Shaftesbury Avenue store in London. But I'm sure there are online supplies who sell for a good price also.

We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of OZ!!!!
I don't think my photography skills does this polish-swatch-shot (that's a mouth full) any justice. It doesn't show this pretty hue in all its glory. I'd definitely get this if you like funny looking nails.
You have to keep in mind and remember that you have got to apply a base coat before you apply any polish (and especially this one).
I'd apply double the base as this is (a) glittery and (b) red. Red stains dreadfully and glitter is hell to remove. It looks lovely on, but you have been warned :-D

This is my first experience with CG polishes, so far so good!!

Angela xox


Monday, 2 January 2012

Smokey Eye Makeup Look

Happy New Year everyone.

So I filmed a makeup look today.  Wish to see it????

Here you go!!!

More videos and blog posts to come.

I'm going to be better organised in 2012!!!

Angela xox

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