Thursday, 26 January 2012

Nars ~ Super Orgasm Illuminator

Waaaaaaayyyy back forever a go I got a cute mini sample of the lovely NARS Super Orgasm Illuminator.  I loved it so much I purchased a full size recently and I thought I would share the NARS love....

The bottle

Now most illuminators are white or cream in colour.  This is the only one i know of that is coral / pink / peach toned. (not really sure what colour name to give this....I leave this up to you to decide).   It isn't too watery but its not too thick, its very easy to blend onto the skin or to mix in with a foundation.

There is a 'shimmer' in this which is gorgeous....but I say shouldn't apply too much of this or it will just look like too much.  Less is more with this for sure.

One downer it is expensive at £21.50, but i think you have to weigh the pros and cons out.  I think you get a lot for your money plus you only need to smallest amount for this to work. See...
One small drop...

When I said you only need a small drop, I meant it.  The below picture shows this drop blended out on to the skin (I could of blended the swatch more, but I wanted you guys to see the swatch better)

Blended Swatch

My advice is to try and get a small sample of this if you are not sure.  The only reason, I purchased a full size tube of this is because I got a free sample and fell head over heels with it.  But if you're unsure due to the price then maybe ask for a frebbie.

Check out NARS as the sell more than just Orgasm.....

Angela xox

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