Friday, 30 January 2015

Fitness Update

OK... I'm always an honest person, so right now I'm going to be.  My fitness and healthy eating has been completely pants. Instead of being in a fitness race going forward, I dramatically took a u-turn and started sprinting the other way. Idiot!!!

Why,  why,  why?

I tried and failed within 3 weeks and I have a hunch as to why.  I did baking (I'm a sucker for freshly baked biscotti) so that was where I went wrong. My attitude after that was 'what's the point?'  That aside, they were my only bad treats... I think.  I was good for 2 1/2 weeks, a part from pizza one day. I lost 1.5lbs then pizzabiscotti-gate came along. Doh!

I was trying to do Slimming World alone with no online help. I simply was using an old book.  So perhaps I was not tracking syns properly.  I was eating good breakfasts, lunches and dinners too.  But it’s the in between snacking on good and bad treats and lack of moving around that seems to be my biggest issue.

For the next three weeks I will be alone as my hubby will be away on business.  All meals I consume will be my responsibility. And I have a plan. I, in no way shape or form blame him as he makes healthy low fat dinners.... The fault is down to me alone.  After all I am the one holding the knife and fork.  On Monday there is a Slimming World meeting and I’m going to go.  I will get the right support I need and all the tools.  I’m also planning to get my exercise DVDs out and exercise 5 times a week.  I’ll have the house to myself so I will be squatting whilst I cook my dinners!  You get the idea.

I will report back after my first weigh on Monday.  Mission get rid of my spare tyre has commenced! 

Wish me luck.



Thursday, 29 January 2015

Perfect7 Woman ... Update

It's just been over a month since I started taking the Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman* supplements. I first mentioned them HERE back in December.  If you want to pop back there for a peek, that would be pretty cool but I'll go through it again on this post.  I'm nice like that  ;-)

I thought I'd share any differences I've seen so far, but a quick introduction to what Perfect7 Woman is.  If you haven't heard of Perfect7 it is a unique blend of marine oils, rich in Omega-3 and key vitamins and minerals for example biotin to help your hair grow healthier and stronger.  There is also magnesium to help boost your energy and to calm you.

The marine oils help to maintain normal heart and brain function and vitamins and minerals to help contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.  In this day and age we need all the help we can get and taking Perfect7 has many benefits.  Why take numerous pills when you can take this duo pill system daily??

Why is it called Perfect7 Woman??  Well... men and women are not the same - especially when it comes to ageing. This is why Seven Seas has not forgotten about the men in our lives and have brought out Perfect7 Men.  Seven Seas has developed a distinct formulations unique for women and men.

One of the external signs of a healthy good looking body is good skin, hair and nails.  Perfect7 Woman is designed to provide you with nutrients to help maintain normal skin and nails from the inside.

So are there any changes yet?

It has only been over a month and I have just started my second packet of Perfect7.  You generally see the changes more after taking Perfect7 for around 3 months.  I mean Rome was not built in a day.... These things take time.  With my hair I feel I can see a small change that it doesn't seem to shed so much when I am washing it.  No more blocked plugs!

My complexion - I haven't really noticed a difference, apart from feeling a little brighter.   There isn't much improvement with my eyes but I'm used to being a blind bat so I'm not too fused.

Are there any negatives to taking Perfect7?

My only issue is the size of the pills.  I'm terrible when it comes to pill swallowing and these beasts scare me.  Every time I take them both, I'm worried of choking but I'm getting used to it now.

My second gripe is what happens when I take them.  I've noticed from practice I cannot take these on an empty stomach.  After a meal is best as I get a sickly feeling if I don't have food in my belly, which is not pleasant.  But it's all fine now as I take them after breakfast.  They are my only negatives.

The positives of Perfect7 Woman are all the health benefits, but the major positive is the price.  Available in Boots HERE, for a 30 day supply it will cost you £9.99.  That works out to a daily price of 33p a day.  Not bad hey!!

I am very happy to continue taking these as they contain a wide range of benefits.  They also contain folic acid, which is great for me as I might be adding some one special to my life :-)  I was just taking individual folic pills, but now this pill helps add more health benefits to my life.

Some key points to remember, these are suitable if you are planning for a baby but talk to your doctor before taking these if you are already pregnant.  The product contains fish oils which may be harmful.


This is a collaboration post with Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman

Monday, 26 January 2015

Life Lately #01.15

I'm going to start a new series on the blog talking about my life lately.  Once a month chit chat post and perhaps a video talking about random things that are going on in my life/mind lately.  Quite a good idea huh?  Each post will talk about a handful of topics that feel important for that month for me.  February's will be labelled Life Lately #02.15 ...see the theme??  So here goes with the first one.

Ooh La La
This Saturday just gone I started my six week French course (with my Mum) and I realised one thing... public speaking in another language is not something I am going to win a gold medal at!  I swear my brain and mouth are not connected..there is a loose wire somewhere.  I'm enjoying being back in the class room and learning.  It's only for two hours over six weeks (which isn't long enough to prefect any language) and we have a small class of six people, which works out really well.  I'll be making French YouTube videos in no time.

I know I'm Not The Only One
Sam Smith - that boy has vocal and song writing talent like Stephan Hawkins has the talent when it comes to physics.  Genius!!  In the Lonely Hour has to be one of the most amazing albums I have bought in a loooong time.  I've even got my 50+ Mum in to him.  The songs are amazing, Sam's voice is god damn beautiful and the lyrics are the heart and soul.  Just give them a listen and you'll fall in love.

Taking Supplements
I have made taking supplements part of my daily routine.  I even have a stash in my draw at work just in case I forget to take them at home.  I'm no spring chicken any more and I need to take care of myself from the inside out.  These ones from Perfect7 Woman are my go to magic pills.

I've Been Eating
I have become slightly obsessed with Trek bars, which are very yummy protein packed flapjack bars.  They are great for pre or after gym work outs.  They are gluten and wheat free and come a few different flavours.  My personal favourite is the cocoa coconut.

Crochet Block
Like blogging you can sometimes suffer from writer block.  At the moment I'm suffering from crocheting block.  I have balls of yarn coming out of everywhere and I have ideas spinning around my little brain...just can I put the idea and the crochet hook together?? Nope!  Crochet takes practice.  I admit a year ago I couldn't even crochet a chain let alone a snood.  So I have made some good steps so far.

Green Fingers
I desperately want to get out in my garden to do some bits and bobs but the chilly weather is putting me right off.  I'll probably get frost bite within minutes.  I'll be very grateful when the days warm up and I can get some chores done.  Gosh how grown up do I sound??

What have you been doing lately??


Sunday, 25 January 2015

All Change Please

image source
For quite a while (a while being over a year) I have been debating about dropping the name 'jollybeachang'.

I have never really been the biggest fan of the name and not really sure how I even came up with it. I mean I chose the name, but I never really thought of the long term.  At the time it was the here and now thinking.  A rushed decision.

As for a blogging name it has never been right to me, but I felt like I was stuck with it.  I'd built up an audience and all my social networks (twitter/bloglovin/YouTube/Instagram/Pinterest) are built comprising of that name.  Walking into blog events and declaring my blog name is jollybeachang always had me shy and embarrassed. I'd say it in the quietest voice.  God knows why... I can be quite strange some times .  I'll openly admit that.  Other people at the event had fabulous beauty blog names and I felt a little meh about mine.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be meeting people and brands. I started a blog as a hobby in April 2010.   Long before blogging took the dramatic turn in to careers for many people.

Another reason for me wanting the change, is that the author has changed and grown.  The author being myself obviously.  I was 26 years old when I created this space on the web for myself.  I was all about the makeup and the pretty stuff.  However now I'm a 31 year old wife, cat owner and domestic goddess.  Well perhaps not the last point but anyways I changed and would rather put my spare change into my mortgage and a nest egg for my husbands and my future.  Buying the latest mascara/blush etc is not top on my list.  I'd rather deal with important things to me like fitness, food/cooking etc.  Yes I still like the pretty stuff but there is more out there and I want to jump in!

Last year I introduced my 'tabs' system which shows Fitness, Beauty, DIY/Decor and Life posts...I'm slowly building my posts in all these categories.  I would love to spend more time writing posts.  I like creative writing and photography.  Often I start scribbling posts on my phone whilst stuck on the tube. Then I'm stuck in work for 8 hours.  I have limited time to put it to my blog and it is really frustrating!!!  However lately I have been managing to squeeze it all in... not sure how!

In February I will be working to change my 'brand' so to speak.  I do have a name in mind.  A name that will never age and is me basically.  No doubt the change will take time as I'm no IT whizz, but I'll work it all out.  Just bare with ;-)


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Night time reads

Since weight loss and toning is high on my agenda for 2015, I've decided to do more than just eat salads and hit the gym occasionally.  I want to up my fitness knowledge by reading more and learning what actually makes our bodies what they are.  The hows, whys, whos - so to speak.

You don't have to spend tonnes of money on educational books, when you can just pop to places like WH Smiths and buy great reads like the ones I picked up recently. You can obviously google most things now days, but it is quite nice to have me time reading an actual book of some sort. 

I have never noticed the magazine Healthy on the shelves before.  I primarily knew of Women's Health and Women's Fitness mainly, so it has been nice to have something else to get my teeth into.  It is packed full of celeb interviews, health and beauty tips and fitness advice of course.  This costs £3.20 and also came with a free eye cream which is bonus if I say so myself! 

I also bought Fat Loss Fast - Health and Fitness which is a book brought out Women's Fitness magazine.  I have a whole array of these kind of books, that this magazine brings out.  You can find them in the magazine area in places like Tesco and WH Smith.  It is jammed packed with great information like eating plans and exercise guides for you.  It goes in to great detail so you novices out there will be fine.  Some may think £7.99 is expensive for this buy, but it gives the low down on HIIT (Hight Intense Interval Training) and actually explains it all to you.  It's like have your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.  You'll know all the technically know how soon enough if you keep reading.

So this is what I am currently reading at bed about you?


Monday, 19 January 2015

Good Bye Happy Light

I knew it was coming... I had that feeling that I was coming to the end of my Bourjois Happy Light  foundation bottle. This morning I unscrewed the pump, peered into the bottle and cried boohoo.  There, an entire face application that I couldn't reach at the bottom of the bottle. I scrapped and pumped away but it was no use.  She was gone.

Happy Light is the first foundation in a while that I have really loved, even though in all honesty I hated it to begin with.  She sat in a draw for quite some time ... unloved.  Then I took her out and we became friends.

She gives you luminous flawless skin.  A light natural look where you can still see your freckles peeking through.  I like to wear the shade porcelain which is the lightest shade.  I find it best to apply with my beauty blenders, as it helps the product just melt into the skin.

It's a great buildable foundation, you can layer it up to become a medium coverage.  It doesn't come across too matte or too dewy, it just looks natural like your skin - just slightly better.  I like to pop a light dusting of powder down my t-zone to help control my oily skin.  But on some days I just go with the flow.

I'm counting down the days till pay day when I can pop a new bottle in my shopping basket.

Happy Light retails for around £11.99 at Boots ... link HERE.


Thursday, 15 January 2015

Plan, Plan, Pan

So you want to get physical at the gym?  That is good ...great news.  You want to do cardio?  Weight training?  Not got a clue what to do?  Let me help you make a plan.

It can be very daunting going to the gym especially if you are new to the whole thing.  You get in there and you’re faced with machines and gadgets that resemble medieval torture. It can be very off putting that many people will end up just sticking to the good old treadmill - as they know how that works!  However they are not as frightening as they look – when you know what to do with them.

My main advice is firstly if you’re joining a gym, you’ll most likely be given an induction offer.  Don’t skip it...they do actually help.  You’ll be taken around and shown the equipment... they'll probably even give a demo on how it works and what the machine is useful for.  You might feel like a plonker whilst being shown the ropes but everyone has to start some right?

Secondly if you have the opportunity, try out a Personal Trainer.  They aren’t all big headed muscle bound men...there are women too!  But anyway it’s their job to guide you and help you achieve your goals at the end of the day.  Yes they can be a little expensive but talk to them they are humans too.  Discuss your wants and put together a plan.  Seeing one twice a week for a six week period could really benefit you.  Plus it will give you ideas what to do when you go solo.  Their passion for fitness will rub off on you.

If you’re going it alone... feel in a rut and haven’t got a clue - this is what I like to do.

Check Out YouTube
Good old YouTube is free (well except for the TV license) you can search anything and you will find it.  My personal favourite fitness YouTubers are Carly Rowena, BlogilatesXFit Daily, Fitness Blender and Tone It Up.  You might not even have to set foot in the gym with these fitness gurus helping you out.

Grab a Post-It
I pen down my exercise routines I want to do.  See the main picture for an example. It helps to do this so when you walk in the gym, you know what you need to do straight away.  You don’t stand there hmmming and umming trying to think of your next move.  I tend to stick it to my water bottle and secure it with a hair tie.  You can always write it all down on your mobile if wish.

There is lots of fitness magazines on the shelves which have plans in.  Women's Fitness and Women's Health are my favourites reads.  Women'd Fitness sell handy books which have great info in them which can help you create a plan.

Everyone loves a selfie and it seems now everyone likes to pop their work out video on Instagram too.  Just search hastags like fitness, workout,and you’ll find something you like.  They might only be snippet videos but they will help you get the idea of some moves for in the gym.

If you cannot be bothered to plan, there are always apps that will show you some moves too!  But I always find it is best to plan before you get to the gym - it works for me.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Sacrifice and Change

If you have had a read of my Hello 2015 post you'd know eating better and moving more are high on my agenda for 2015.

From August 2014 my fitness and eating (mainly the fitness) took a turn and went off course. I'd ditched my personal trainer and changed gyms in order to save some pennies. It was in my routine for two years to have a PT session twice a week and attend the gym twice more.  Four days a week in total.  So when I sacrificed him and the gym to save for the future... My aerobic activities slid. On the plus side my finances are in the green as opposed to the nasty red and I feel my future looks far more brighter than it did six months ago.  So giving him up and changing gyms did what I intended.

Initially I told myself to get moving more and I did.  I was out pretty much every evening on the bike riding around the local country park or jogging around the streets to complete a 5km run.  I then went on holiday and the nights drew out and hibernation mode set in.  I turned into a hedgehog.

I tried to redeem myself by taking part in the FitGirlsGuide challenge from late October to late November,  however I then caused a knee injury from pushing myself too hard at the gym. I literally couldn't walk without being in pain for a few weeks.  Not very good at all.

After that my thoughts were screw it lets eat sh*t.  I had my work Christmas party - got drunk ... plus I also got food poisoning from meal I ate (which helped my weight loss) then it was my birthday, Christmas and New Years.  As they say it all went a bit square shaped in December.

Now to be completely frank, I have put on a few pounds and I'm not happy with myself...I feel a tyre forming around my middle.  Only cars are meant to have spare tyres.  As of today I'm signing up to Slimming World.  I did it before and I will do it again.  I need to get a grip of what I'm putting into my body. 

Also tonight I went to the gym for the first time since my knee injury... I spent 50 minutes arse whipping myself and get hot n' sweaty.  I think it did the trick as I can certainly feel the DOMS coming.  I'm not going to run a marathon just yet but I can feel change is in the air!  My plan is for three times a week and have realistic goals to aim for - I'm never going to be the next Kylie Jenner and I'm not going to aim to be someone I can never be.  I aim to be a happier me!


Saturday, 3 January 2015

Reflecting and Reminiscing

image source
January is usually a gloomy month for many.  The festive cheer is replaced by the idea you have to wait 5 weeks until your next pay day.  It can be stressful time dealing with the shortage of money, especially when Mr Mastercard and Visa may be asking for their money back.  I always find it a time to reflect on the past and I might even have cry about it too ... I usually do.  

Today has been 11 years since my Nans passing.  The last time I saw her alive was December 25th 2003.   I never knew that would be the last time I would see her.  She came over for Christmas dinner and present unwrapping, fell asleep in the arm chair, snored like normal.  Then we took her back to her house and said good bye.  It think my Mum spoke to her on New Years but then that was it.  On Saturday January 3rd I was busy stocking shelves in Primark when I looked up to find my Dad striding towards me through the crowds of shoppers with a purpose.  I could see it in him... to get to me as fast as possible.  

My only living Nan had collapsed at bingo that was all we knew.  We rushed to hospital, meeting my Mum and brother there plus my Aunt and her family.  But it was too late she was already gone by the time we arrived, she was 79.  I sat in the room she was in just holding her hand and just watching her.  The idea of leaving her alone seemed so wrong.  I sat there until I was asked to leave so they could move her.  I will never forget that day as long as I walk this earth.

I'm crying already.... I told you didn't I???

image source
January 7th is also a day that gets me emotional, as that is the 8 year anniversary since my Dads heart attack,  Don't worry he survived but only due to the fact he was in the right place at the right time when his heart attack started.  Strangely enough January 7th 2006 was a Saturday again, my brother and I were at home when I got a call from my Mum.  She said Dad had begun to feel very unwell whilst out shopping.  She mentioned that a member of the public ...who happened to be a first aider came over as she knew there was something wrong with him.  Her advice was to seek urgent medical help today as it was not normal how my Dad looked.  Mum told me this on the phone and I told her to call an ambulance, but my stubborn Dad didn't want the blues and twos.  My response to her was it doesn't matter what he want if you think he needs one call it now!!  She put the phone down and called one.  

After quick conversations with my brother she called again 5-10 minutes later running across shopping centre car park.  My mum never runs.  She was trying to get back to the car fast so she could follow the ambulance to the hospital.  As she set off following them, we then left home and raced to the hospital to meet them.  I didn't mind my brother driving like a lunatic that day.  We arrived to find our mum sitting alone outside the A&E department.  We sat there for ages sharing one chair between three of us.  What seems like hours later, a doctor came out and told us my dad had had a full blown cardiac arrest, he had died in the back of the ambulance but the two paramedics (who I feel I owe heaven and earth to) brought him back.  He was not out of the woods yet and we we basically told to prepare yourself for the worst.    

Being told your father has had a heart attack is seriously an experience I never want to go through again.  He was 50 at the time - pretty young they said.  We were only allowed in one at a time to see him... but seeing him barely conscious staring at me was shocking.  It didn't seem real but it was.  We are all so fortunate that he was in the ambulance hooked up to a ECG at the time it happened.  They saw it coming and could shock him to bring him back ASAP.  If he hadn't been with them he wouldn't of lived.

I'm not sure why I feel it necessary to share these moments of my life with you.  I know the past is the past and it is impossible to ever change it.  My advice... don't take family for granted.  Life can change forever in a heart beat.  

Please go give your Nanny, Granddad, Dad, Mum, Brother, Sister a hug and tell them you love them.  Do it with this post in mind.  Just a normal day can change your life forever.


Friday, 2 January 2015

Decluttering and Depop

I have begun selling my unloved beauty items on Depop.  Depop is a app/website where sellers can post whatever they want to sell.  Clothes, beauty items... you name it.  You can pop an item on the app within one minute... snap a picture on your mobile, write a short description, price and location...job done.  It's really quite easy, hence why I like it.

On yesterdays post I said a goal of mine was to sell up any items I don't use or love anymore.  Project or mission declutter if you want to call it something.  The picture above is just a handful of items I'm giving MAC, Bobbi Brown, NARS, two brand new Z-Palettes I bought for no reason what-so-ever.  Just stuff really which is taking up precious space and it's time to declutter.  

I could blog sale my items but I think it is much simpler and cleaner to do it this way on Depop.  My user name as always is...I give you one guess . . . jollybeachang.

Happy shopping!



Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015

image source 
How you doing 2015? Where did you creep up from?  It doesn't seem that long it was summer and I was wearing flip flops and shorts.  New Years resolutions are not usually my thing, but I have set myself some goals or perhaps some things to think about throughout the year.  I'm going to set myself a monthly reminder to check back in with this blog post.  It will be a slapped wrist if I'm not being a good girl.

My plans for 2015 so far are to...

Move more
I've kind of been slacking to be honest and I can feel the effects on my body.  Mainly due to a knee issue I had and still have which stopped me running, rowing and even fast walking.  Plus the gym I go to has been having a reburbishment.  Excuses I know.  I'm going to attempt to make it to the gym at least twice a week.  I'll also try going for walks, doing at home DVDs or YouTube videos like perhaps Tone It Up.

Eat healthier
A follow on from above really as they go hand in hand with one another.  December has been a rubbish month for eating for me.  Chocolate Oranges and Toblerone have been my weakness.  It also seems every day at work is 'Fat Friday' where people in my department bring in pure sugar for everyone to eat.  I need to grow my stamina and will power back quickly.  Detoxing January here I come.

Spring Clean
I feel like I want to gut everything in my home and freshen it up.  The idea of going through my wardrobe, makeup collection to recycling or throw out any unusable items is getting me excited.  Tidy decluttered home means happy healthy mind right?

Pack a Over Night Bag
I'm getting itchy feet... I can tell I need to get a trip booked.  Just something to keep my mind ticking. I'd like to visit some places near by in Europe but I also feel like travelling back to the US and also countries in Asia like Thailand and Singapore.  I better save some money :-)

Family Time
My little family is very very important to me and sometimes I think (well I know) I can take them for granted.  It is awful to even admit that I think.  I don't live at home any more with my parents, as I'm happily married 31 year old (with a fur baby I might add).  I have my own life and I know my parents know that.... I'm a grown up.  However it doesn't hurt to check in with them more often.

Put Money in My Piggy Bank
I want to put my pennies away for the future and finally for the first time in many years feel like I can.  When you're young you just don't have the mind to think about the future. Deposit for a house, starting a family, creating a pension... I never gave them a second thought but as I age I know their importance.  I'm putting pennies away for a rainy day... a nest for the future.

Learn More
I'm going back to school...only for 6 weeks for 2 hours a day but I'm going back to school.  The mother and I are going to French class together to up our knowledge.  I feel a trip to France coming my way soon....?  I'm also going to try and complete my nutrition course as I've been dragging that out for a while now.

Get Cooking
When it comes to dinners my hubby usually wears the trousers in that department.  He normally takes care of everything, but cooking is his passion so why wouldn't I let him have his way??  However I do enjoy it myself... I like to experiment for meals and receipes.  I wonder if the hubby will let me have my way once a week in the kitchen?

I couldn't really think of a title for this section.  Life can feel a little blahhhh occasionally.  Rough days at work or just generally feeling a little doom and gloom.  It can all affect you mentally and physically.  I'm going to up my me time... be more selfish.  It's important.

I wish you a happy 2015.  Hope it is everything you have ever wanted.



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