Thursday, 29 January 2015

Perfect7 Woman ... Update

It's just been over a month since I started taking the Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman* supplements. I first mentioned them HERE back in December.  If you want to pop back there for a peek, that would be pretty cool but I'll go through it again on this post.  I'm nice like that  ;-)

I thought I'd share any differences I've seen so far, but a quick introduction to what Perfect7 Woman is.  If you haven't heard of Perfect7 it is a unique blend of marine oils, rich in Omega-3 and key vitamins and minerals for example biotin to help your hair grow healthier and stronger.  There is also magnesium to help boost your energy and to calm you.

The marine oils help to maintain normal heart and brain function and vitamins and minerals to help contribute to reducing tiredness and fatigue.  In this day and age we need all the help we can get and taking Perfect7 has many benefits.  Why take numerous pills when you can take this duo pill system daily??

Why is it called Perfect7 Woman??  Well... men and women are not the same - especially when it comes to ageing. This is why Seven Seas has not forgotten about the men in our lives and have brought out Perfect7 Men.  Seven Seas has developed a distinct formulations unique for women and men.

One of the external signs of a healthy good looking body is good skin, hair and nails.  Perfect7 Woman is designed to provide you with nutrients to help maintain normal skin and nails from the inside.

So are there any changes yet?

It has only been over a month and I have just started my second packet of Perfect7.  You generally see the changes more after taking Perfect7 for around 3 months.  I mean Rome was not built in a day.... These things take time.  With my hair I feel I can see a small change that it doesn't seem to shed so much when I am washing it.  No more blocked plugs!

My complexion - I haven't really noticed a difference, apart from feeling a little brighter.   There isn't much improvement with my eyes but I'm used to being a blind bat so I'm not too fused.

Are there any negatives to taking Perfect7?

My only issue is the size of the pills.  I'm terrible when it comes to pill swallowing and these beasts scare me.  Every time I take them both, I'm worried of choking but I'm getting used to it now.

My second gripe is what happens when I take them.  I've noticed from practice I cannot take these on an empty stomach.  After a meal is best as I get a sickly feeling if I don't have food in my belly, which is not pleasant.  But it's all fine now as I take them after breakfast.  They are my only negatives.

The positives of Perfect7 Woman are all the health benefits, but the major positive is the price.  Available in Boots HERE, for a 30 day supply it will cost you £9.99.  That works out to a daily price of 33p a day.  Not bad hey!!

I am very happy to continue taking these as they contain a wide range of benefits.  They also contain folic acid, which is great for me as I might be adding some one special to my life :-)  I was just taking individual folic pills, but now this pill helps add more health benefits to my life.

Some key points to remember, these are suitable if you are planning for a baby but talk to your doctor before taking these if you are already pregnant.  The product contains fish oils which may be harmful.


This is a collaboration post with Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman

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