Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Night time reads

Since weight loss and toning is high on my agenda for 2015, I've decided to do more than just eat salads and hit the gym occasionally.  I want to up my fitness knowledge by reading more and learning what actually makes our bodies what they are.  The hows, whys, whos - so to speak.

You don't have to spend tonnes of money on educational books, when you can just pop to places like WH Smiths and buy great reads like the ones I picked up recently. You can obviously google most things now days, but it is quite nice to have me time reading an actual book of some sort. 

I have never noticed the magazine Healthy on the shelves before.  I primarily knew of Women's Health and Women's Fitness mainly, so it has been nice to have something else to get my teeth into.  It is packed full of celeb interviews, health and beauty tips and fitness advice of course.  This costs £3.20 and also came with a free eye cream which is bonus if I say so myself! 

I also bought Fat Loss Fast - Health and Fitness which is a book brought out Women's Fitness magazine.  I have a whole array of these kind of books, that this magazine brings out.  You can find them in the magazine area in places like Tesco and WH Smith.  It is jammed packed with great information like eating plans and exercise guides for you.  It goes in to great detail so you novices out there will be fine.  Some may think £7.99 is expensive for this buy, but it gives the low down on HIIT (Hight Intense Interval Training) and actually explains it all to you.  It's like have your own personal trainer in the palm of your hand.  You'll know all the technically know how soon enough if you keep reading.

So this is what I am currently reading at bed about you?


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