Thursday, 1 January 2015

Hello 2015

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How you doing 2015? Where did you creep up from?  It doesn't seem that long it was summer and I was wearing flip flops and shorts.  New Years resolutions are not usually my thing, but I have set myself some goals or perhaps some things to think about throughout the year.  I'm going to set myself a monthly reminder to check back in with this blog post.  It will be a slapped wrist if I'm not being a good girl.

My plans for 2015 so far are to...

Move more
I've kind of been slacking to be honest and I can feel the effects on my body.  Mainly due to a knee issue I had and still have which stopped me running, rowing and even fast walking.  Plus the gym I go to has been having a reburbishment.  Excuses I know.  I'm going to attempt to make it to the gym at least twice a week.  I'll also try going for walks, doing at home DVDs or YouTube videos like perhaps Tone It Up.

Eat healthier
A follow on from above really as they go hand in hand with one another.  December has been a rubbish month for eating for me.  Chocolate Oranges and Toblerone have been my weakness.  It also seems every day at work is 'Fat Friday' where people in my department bring in pure sugar for everyone to eat.  I need to grow my stamina and will power back quickly.  Detoxing January here I come.

Spring Clean
I feel like I want to gut everything in my home and freshen it up.  The idea of going through my wardrobe, makeup collection to recycling or throw out any unusable items is getting me excited.  Tidy decluttered home means happy healthy mind right?

Pack a Over Night Bag
I'm getting itchy feet... I can tell I need to get a trip booked.  Just something to keep my mind ticking. I'd like to visit some places near by in Europe but I also feel like travelling back to the US and also countries in Asia like Thailand and Singapore.  I better save some money :-)

Family Time
My little family is very very important to me and sometimes I think (well I know) I can take them for granted.  It is awful to even admit that I think.  I don't live at home any more with my parents, as I'm happily married 31 year old (with a fur baby I might add).  I have my own life and I know my parents know that.... I'm a grown up.  However it doesn't hurt to check in with them more often.

Put Money in My Piggy Bank
I want to put my pennies away for the future and finally for the first time in many years feel like I can.  When you're young you just don't have the mind to think about the future. Deposit for a house, starting a family, creating a pension... I never gave them a second thought but as I age I know their importance.  I'm putting pennies away for a rainy day... a nest for the future.

Learn More
I'm going back to school...only for 6 weeks for 2 hours a day but I'm going back to school.  The mother and I are going to French class together to up our knowledge.  I feel a trip to France coming my way soon....?  I'm also going to try and complete my nutrition course as I've been dragging that out for a while now.

Get Cooking
When it comes to dinners my hubby usually wears the trousers in that department.  He normally takes care of everything, but cooking is his passion so why wouldn't I let him have his way??  However I do enjoy it myself... I like to experiment for meals and receipes.  I wonder if the hubby will let me have my way once a week in the kitchen?

I couldn't really think of a title for this section.  Life can feel a little blahhhh occasionally.  Rough days at work or just generally feeling a little doom and gloom.  It can all affect you mentally and physically.  I'm going to up my me time... be more selfish.  It's important.

I wish you a happy 2015.  Hope it is everything you have ever wanted.



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