Sunday, 25 January 2015

All Change Please

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For quite a while (a while being over a year) I have been debating about dropping the name 'jollybeachang'.

I have never really been the biggest fan of the name and not really sure how I even came up with it. I mean I chose the name, but I never really thought of the long term.  At the time it was the here and now thinking.  A rushed decision.

As for a blogging name it has never been right to me, but I felt like I was stuck with it.  I'd built up an audience and all my social networks (twitter/bloglovin/YouTube/Instagram/Pinterest) are built comprising of that name.  Walking into blog events and declaring my blog name is jollybeachang always had me shy and embarrassed. I'd say it in the quietest voice.  God knows why... I can be quite strange some times .  I'll openly admit that.  Other people at the event had fabulous beauty blog names and I felt a little meh about mine.  Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I'd be meeting people and brands. I started a blog as a hobby in April 2010.   Long before blogging took the dramatic turn in to careers for many people.

Another reason for me wanting the change, is that the author has changed and grown.  The author being myself obviously.  I was 26 years old when I created this space on the web for myself.  I was all about the makeup and the pretty stuff.  However now I'm a 31 year old wife, cat owner and domestic goddess.  Well perhaps not the last point but anyways I changed and would rather put my spare change into my mortgage and a nest egg for my husbands and my future.  Buying the latest mascara/blush etc is not top on my list.  I'd rather deal with important things to me like fitness, food/cooking etc.  Yes I still like the pretty stuff but there is more out there and I want to jump in!

Last year I introduced my 'tabs' system which shows Fitness, Beauty, DIY/Decor and Life posts...I'm slowly building my posts in all these categories.  I would love to spend more time writing posts.  I like creative writing and photography.  Often I start scribbling posts on my phone whilst stuck on the tube. Then I'm stuck in work for 8 hours.  I have limited time to put it to my blog and it is really frustrating!!!  However lately I have been managing to squeeze it all in... not sure how!

In February I will be working to change my 'brand' so to speak.  I do have a name in mind.  A name that will never age and is me basically.  No doubt the change will take time as I'm no IT whizz, but I'll work it all out.  Just bare with ;-)


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