Friday, 30 January 2015

Fitness Update

OK... I'm always an honest person, so right now I'm going to be.  My fitness and healthy eating has been completely pants. Instead of being in a fitness race going forward, I dramatically took a u-turn and started sprinting the other way. Idiot!!!

Why,  why,  why?

I tried and failed within 3 weeks and I have a hunch as to why.  I did baking (I'm a sucker for freshly baked biscotti) so that was where I went wrong. My attitude after that was 'what's the point?'  That aside, they were my only bad treats... I think.  I was good for 2 1/2 weeks, a part from pizza one day. I lost 1.5lbs then pizzabiscotti-gate came along. Doh!

I was trying to do Slimming World alone with no online help. I simply was using an old book.  So perhaps I was not tracking syns properly.  I was eating good breakfasts, lunches and dinners too.  But it’s the in between snacking on good and bad treats and lack of moving around that seems to be my biggest issue.

For the next three weeks I will be alone as my hubby will be away on business.  All meals I consume will be my responsibility. And I have a plan. I, in no way shape or form blame him as he makes healthy low fat dinners.... The fault is down to me alone.  After all I am the one holding the knife and fork.  On Monday there is a Slimming World meeting and I’m going to go.  I will get the right support I need and all the tools.  I’m also planning to get my exercise DVDs out and exercise 5 times a week.  I’ll have the house to myself so I will be squatting whilst I cook my dinners!  You get the idea.

I will report back after my first weigh on Monday.  Mission get rid of my spare tyre has commenced! 

Wish me luck.



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