Monday, 26 January 2015

Life Lately #01.15

I'm going to start a new series on the blog talking about my life lately.  Once a month chit chat post and perhaps a video talking about random things that are going on in my life/mind lately.  Quite a good idea huh?  Each post will talk about a handful of topics that feel important for that month for me.  February's will be labelled Life Lately #02.15 ...see the theme??  So here goes with the first one.

Ooh La La
This Saturday just gone I started my six week French course (with my Mum) and I realised one thing... public speaking in another language is not something I am going to win a gold medal at!  I swear my brain and mouth are not connected..there is a loose wire somewhere.  I'm enjoying being back in the class room and learning.  It's only for two hours over six weeks (which isn't long enough to prefect any language) and we have a small class of six people, which works out really well.  I'll be making French YouTube videos in no time.

I know I'm Not The Only One
Sam Smith - that boy has vocal and song writing talent like Stephan Hawkins has the talent when it comes to physics.  Genius!!  In the Lonely Hour has to be one of the most amazing albums I have bought in a loooong time.  I've even got my 50+ Mum in to him.  The songs are amazing, Sam's voice is god damn beautiful and the lyrics are the heart and soul.  Just give them a listen and you'll fall in love.

Taking Supplements
I have made taking supplements part of my daily routine.  I even have a stash in my draw at work just in case I forget to take them at home.  I'm no spring chicken any more and I need to take care of myself from the inside out.  These ones from Perfect7 Woman are my go to magic pills.

I've Been Eating
I have become slightly obsessed with Trek bars, which are very yummy protein packed flapjack bars.  They are great for pre or after gym work outs.  They are gluten and wheat free and come a few different flavours.  My personal favourite is the cocoa coconut.

Crochet Block
Like blogging you can sometimes suffer from writer block.  At the moment I'm suffering from crocheting block.  I have balls of yarn coming out of everywhere and I have ideas spinning around my little brain...just can I put the idea and the crochet hook together?? Nope!  Crochet takes practice.  I admit a year ago I couldn't even crochet a chain let alone a snood.  So I have made some good steps so far.

Green Fingers
I desperately want to get out in my garden to do some bits and bobs but the chilly weather is putting me right off.  I'll probably get frost bite within minutes.  I'll be very grateful when the days warm up and I can get some chores done.  Gosh how grown up do I sound??

What have you been doing lately??


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