Thursday, 15 January 2015

Plan, Plan, Pan

So you want to get physical at the gym?  That is good ...great news.  You want to do cardio?  Weight training?  Not got a clue what to do?  Let me help you make a plan.

It can be very daunting going to the gym especially if you are new to the whole thing.  You get in there and you’re faced with machines and gadgets that resemble medieval torture. It can be very off putting that many people will end up just sticking to the good old treadmill - as they know how that works!  However they are not as frightening as they look – when you know what to do with them.

My main advice is firstly if you’re joining a gym, you’ll most likely be given an induction offer.  Don’t skip it...they do actually help.  You’ll be taken around and shown the equipment... they'll probably even give a demo on how it works and what the machine is useful for.  You might feel like a plonker whilst being shown the ropes but everyone has to start some right?

Secondly if you have the opportunity, try out a Personal Trainer.  They aren’t all big headed muscle bound men...there are women too!  But anyway it’s their job to guide you and help you achieve your goals at the end of the day.  Yes they can be a little expensive but talk to them they are humans too.  Discuss your wants and put together a plan.  Seeing one twice a week for a six week period could really benefit you.  Plus it will give you ideas what to do when you go solo.  Their passion for fitness will rub off on you.

If you’re going it alone... feel in a rut and haven’t got a clue - this is what I like to do.

Check Out YouTube
Good old YouTube is free (well except for the TV license) you can search anything and you will find it.  My personal favourite fitness YouTubers are Carly Rowena, BlogilatesXFit Daily, Fitness Blender and Tone It Up.  You might not even have to set foot in the gym with these fitness gurus helping you out.

Grab a Post-It
I pen down my exercise routines I want to do.  See the main picture for an example. It helps to do this so when you walk in the gym, you know what you need to do straight away.  You don’t stand there hmmming and umming trying to think of your next move.  I tend to stick it to my water bottle and secure it with a hair tie.  You can always write it all down on your mobile if wish.

There is lots of fitness magazines on the shelves which have plans in.  Women's Fitness and Women's Health are my favourites reads.  Women'd Fitness sell handy books which have great info in them which can help you create a plan.

Everyone loves a selfie and it seems now everyone likes to pop their work out video on Instagram too.  Just search hastags like fitness, workout,and you’ll find something you like.  They might only be snippet videos but they will help you get the idea of some moves for in the gym.

If you cannot be bothered to plan, there are always apps that will show you some moves too!  But I always find it is best to plan before you get to the gym - it works for me.

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