Thursday, 8 June 2017

Long Time... No See!

Last time I blogged here it was November 2016.  Lol... just a little while ago.  Well let's say lots of things have changed from then till now I can tell you.  If there is anyone still out there, then that’s great!  I’ll be very interested if there was anyone still there!

A lot has happened in the six months since I last blogged.  To be honest I’m not going to make excuses, but I’m not really sure what actually happened for me to stop in the first place.  But any-ho - for the past few weeks I’ve felt the urge to write again.  Primarily my little space on the internet was a wee dictation to my Slimming World journey and the random post here and there for recipes or advice.  I’ve decided I want to expand my horizons and cover more subjects.  There is so much more to life isn't there?

If you see at the top of the blog I've added some new buttons.  The obvious one being BABIES!  I almost do not want to write anything about it as I feel like I might jinx myself.  But I'm just going to write it.  We're having a baby.  This is obviously one of the biggest changes of our lives.  I'm currently 6 months gone and to be honest I thought this was something that my hubby and I would never be blessed with.  More posts to come on our journey. 

There have been other changes too, especially with my work.  I will go into that in another post in the future, as my experiences over recent months may be of help to others.  My fitness, food, Slimming World journey has not really gone to plan this year since finding out about our little bubba.  It was all going so well, then surprise you're having a baby! Lol.  I do hope to still write about the subjects in the future however.  I also want to write about travel, life and the odd beauty post.  I just want to turn my little place on the net to almost an online diary.  We'll just see how it all goes.

Anyway speak soon!


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