Friday, 31 August 2012

Friday Favourite # 1

I thought I’d do a quick post regarding my Friday Favourite.  I keep seeing lots of bloggers showing their favourite items on a Friday so thought i would tag along for fun. 

Ever since I started using my Macadamia Healing Oil Spray at the beginning of the year my hair has been nothing but soft and smooth and just so lovely.  The kind of hair which you just want to touch constantly!

This product is a miracle in a bottle.  It is a ultra fine mist which rejuvenates, moisturises and makes hair more manageable.  It just makes your hair feel more healthy and nice basically.  What I love the most is the shine and softness of the hair.  Every time I use this I feel like I have been to the salon to get my hair professionally done.  It feels luxurious!

Even though it is an oil your hair will not feel oily after using it.  The mist is so fine and it is absorbed into the hair very fast – there is no lasting residue. What I usually do is when my hair is towel dried I spray over my hair concentrating on the mid-section and ends.  I then blow dry and style with my GHDs.  Once I’m done I spray over the hair again.  I also spray it into my hands and rub it into the tips of my hair so they get a little extra TLC as that is where my hair tends to suffer with heat damage.
You can buy Macadamia products on Feelunique.  Hope you liked my first Friday favourites :-)

Angela xox

Gold by Giles Pleasure Highlight Stick

I've been sucked in by the New Look Gold by Giles Collection again.  You can read about my first purchase here.
My second purchase is a highlighting stick in the shade Pleasure.  When I bought my first goodies in June I saw this then and I loved it but I said to myself . . . no!  But the next time I was in store I just knew it had to be mine.  I mean it is only £3.99 it’s hardly an eye watering price tag! 

The product itself is a lovely pearly pink shimmer.  New Look stock two different shades this one and a bronze shade.  The packaging is a little cheap looking but I feel considering how inexpensive the Gold by Giles Collection is that doesn’t really matter.  But I do like the fact the packaging is like a large lipstick, it twists and up it pops!!!

So on to the swatches:

Swatches: natural light and flash

I think this reflects the light beautifully, catching the light and not looking too glitter ball like.  It gives the perfect sheen to the skin.  Depending on how much you blend it out you can have full on highlighter or subtle sheen but it does the job perfectly.  I recommend warming the stick up first as it can be a little hard.

I’d totally recommend having a look at the Giles collection.  Certainly his eyeshadows and the highlighter.  For an inexpensive brand I think it’s brilliant!!!

Angela xox

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hello!! What has happened to you??

I've owned my Botanics facial brush for a while now.  I purchased back in May/June as I blogged about it here.  Now seeing that I only purchased it three, well nearly four months ago - the wear and tear has been a little rough to say the least.

Oh dear!!

It seems after only three months my brush has had its day.  Some of the bristles have gone flat and seem to have parted down the middle of the brush.  I've noticed as well that since this has happened I don't feel like my face gets the full benefits like it used to when it was brand new.

When I first started using it - I felt like this really did exfoliate my face and make it feel really soft.  It is a shame really that this has happened as I quite liked using this brush as part of my daily routine.  Now I feel as though it ready for the rubbish pile or cleaning my bathroom tiles!!!

Have you had any product let downs?

Angela xox

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Autograph Coral Lipstick

When I saw Marks and Spencer had a 20% sale on their makeup I was stopped in my tracks and pulled over there by some invisible force.  I've never bought anything from Marks and Spencer makeup line Autograph before, I always thought it was perhaps aimed at the older ladies. . . not girls my age.

When I was actually looking through what they had I was pretty surprised by how nice some of the items were.  One of those items was this coral lipstick called funnily enough Coral!

Firstly the packaging - I love it!  Something normally associated with a high end brand, this lipstick has the push button mechanism to release the lipstick from the container.  One click on the coral name and the lipstick pops up so you can pull it out - cool huh?!?  The container and tube itself are quite basic looking - nothing to fancy.  But I love the packaging just for the clicky thing!!!

I'm not usually a shocking red or bright coral fan, I'm normally into pinks but I'm quite liking this as its not over the top bright - it can look natural.  This is quite buildable so you can apply and dab it off with a tissue for a subtle look or you can load it up for a whooooaaaa she got lipstick on look.

I find the lipstick catches the light almost like it has a micro-shimmer in it, but I cannot be 100% sure of that.    It is creamy to apply and lasts reasonably long time, but after a while It starts to feel a drying.  If like me you don't like a bold lip then I'd recommend a colour like this - you can be as bold or not so bold as you like!!!

Angela xox

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Soap and Glory obessed!!!

I am becoming more and more obessed witht the Soap and Glory brand,  I've now got myself a nice collection of products . . . Yay!!!  Another product to add to my collection is the Righteous Butter.  Yet again I was sucked in by the Boots miniatures!  At £2.50 it wasn't too difficult to say yes to!

Your skin won't know whats hit it once you start using this!  It'll be soft and hydrated due to ingredients like aloe vera and shea butter and it will smell so yummy thanks to the classic Soap and Glory scent which lasts on the skin for ages.  The butter is thick and creamy and just has that good for your skin look and feel.  Like with most Soap and Glory items the smell is just yummy.  Packed full of scented lovelies like strawberries, peaches, rose, mandarin and jasmine - whats not to like???  Soap and Glory recommend using on damp skin and waiting for it to sink into the skin before dressing. I use this on my dry skin or just slightly damp from the shower/bath.

I intend to buy a big pot down the line and I also plan to take the smaller pot when I go away on holiday to keep my skin hydrated.  You definitely will not be disappointed with this . . . there is certainly a good reason why this product was voted the best body butter 2012 in the UK!  Luckily for my US followers, Soap and Glory is now available state side in Sephora so you don't have to miss out on all the fun!  For my UK followers, Boots is the place to hop along to  - only the bigger stores though as the smaller ones can have limited items.

Whats your favourite Soap and Glory products?

Angela xox


Monday, 27 August 2012

Macadamia Deep Repair Masque

If like me you love to give your hair TLC now and again then you might want to keep reading.  If you have dry or damaged hair which needs some va va vroom then you might want to invest in the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque.  I have been loving the Macadamia products recently and I thought I'd share my thoughts with you.

The Deep Repair Masque is a combination of macadamia and argan oil plus a whole lot of other magic ingredients which makes dry, damaged, dull hair rejuvenated and feeling soft and nourished.  Once you've started using this, you won't want to go back!!  The masque itself is a thick creamy consistency which is has a nice fragrance, nothing too strong.

The masque is used after regular shampooing and conditioning.  I apply mine to my hair after i have combed the hair through, as it makes it easier to apply.  I then apply it all over the hair concentrating on the end more than the roots.  I then relax for around 8 to 10 minutes to let the masque get to work.  Then I rinse firstly with warm water the a short blast of cold water to seal the hair.  I then do my usual drying and styling and end up with ultra soft, constantly-wanting-to-touch-it hair.

The masque is a little expensive depending where you buy it, you can purchase it from Feelunique or various other online stores.  It comes in two different sizes either a 250ml or 500ml pot or in sachets.  I would recommend using it perhaps once a week or maybe twice, depending how many times a week you clean your hair.  As it is on the expensive side, I'd say don't use it too much just when you feel like your hair needs that extra something special.

Once this run out I'd certainly repurchase it without a doubt, I'm interested in trying other brands like Moroccanoil.  Do you have any deep treatment masque you love to use on your hair?

Angela xox

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Foiled Again NPOTW

Following up from my post this week here, showing you my new nail polishes from Primark, yes Primark!!  I thought I'd show you the next gorgeous polish which is Foiled Again.

This is the silver metallic polish of the trio and it is stunning for a cheap £1.50 polish.  I am only wearing one coat and it looks great.  There is some streaky patches - namely down the side of the thumb nail, but one coat is wearable definitely.

What I really like about these polishes is they aren't as difficult to remove like glitter polishes.  They also last a really long time and don't hardly chip at all.

Keep an eye open for my next polish - Emerald Isle!!!

Angela xox

Evil Eye Bracelet

I am like a magpie when it comes to cute jewellery pieces.  I am one of those people who much prefers simple dainty pieces as opposed to big chunky accessories.  I do like big pieces now and again but I think less is more sometimes.

Early this year whilst reading Laura's blog (Buy now, Blog later) I came across her post talking about her own evil eye bracelet.  I thought it looked very simple and elegant on her.  It was something I would certainly wear myself.  So I bought my own!  Are you surprised??

I have always been fond of the evil eye concept, keeping an evil eye in your home apparently keeps the bad/evil away.  It is very popular in places like Greece and Turkey.  I always remember seeing them everywhere in Greece when I went there on holidays.

I purchased mine from a E-Bay seller who unfortunately has stopped selling them.  However there are lots of cute alternatives out there . .  . just see here for example.

What kind of jewellery do you like?  Do you have any favourite pieces you wear?

Angela xox

Thursday, 23 August 2012

NYX Lip Smacking Fun Colours

Today I have another much loved American brand which is NYX.  Depressingly we don't get NYX in the shops in the UK.  But you can pick up items on quite a few things from online stores like Cherry Culture, Love Make Up and sometimes Cheap Smells sells some bits and pieces now and again.

(L-R) Indian Pink and Thalia

First things first, I love the packaging.  It is basic but I like how the colour of the lipstick is shown at the bottom of the tube - so you can see what colour it is.  Great when you're in rush trying to pick a lipstick.

(L-R) Indian Pink and Thalia

The lipsticks themselves are very pretty I have the shades Indian Pink which is a pinky-coral and Thalia which is a natural muted mauve-brown shade.  The lipsticks are very pigmented and have a creamy texture. They apply fantastically - you hardly need to make any effort! 

(L-R) Indian Pink and Thalia

I would recommend blotting your lips after you apply them for a more natural look, as they can make the lips looked a little caked depending on how much you apply.  They are quite long lasting, staying on for up to two hours especially if you avoid eating and drink.  On to the lip swatches . . .

(L-R ) Indian Pink and Thalia

I love the colours, Thalia is much more a neutral colour as Indian Pink is more of a coral.  They are velvety and a great quality for such a inexpensive brand.  Gives MAC a run for their money!!

Have you tried NYX?

Angela xoxo

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Primark beauty goodies

We all know Primark is full of fantastic bargains be it clothes, shoes, accessories.  Primark is also pretty good for their beauty items. Some can be a little on the cheap side but some can be great finds. Recently on a mini shopping spree I noticed Primark have bought out some new new polishes.

Emerald Isle, Foiled Again and Delicious

At £1.50 each it would be silly not to pick at least one of the polishes.  But I liked three of them so I thought why not.  Emerald Isle is exotic green colour glitter.  Foiled Again is a metallic silver shade.  And Delicious is another metallic polish but this time in a purple colour.

I thought I'd show you firstly Delicious a lilac purpley metallic polish.  For a cheap polish this covers very nicely.  You could do one coat but it would be slightly streaky in places.  But if applied thickly you could get away with one coat.  The shine is amazing, it probably helps because of the metallic polish finish.

I will show you Emerald Isle and Foiled Again later on this week.  Have you ever bought any beauty items from Primark?

Angela xox


Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fossil ~ The Key-Per Multifunctional Purse

When it comes to wallets or purses whatever you wish to call them, I am one fussy madame.  They have to be just perfect, especially if I'm paying out quite a lot for one.  For the longest time now I have been using an wristlet from Express (a US store) which I picked up in Chicago.  I'd been searching for a new purse since before I travelled to the US back in February but couldn't find anything that made me happy. 

I was out shopping with a friend the other day and we popped into a Fossil store.  I love Fossil!  Hands down they are one of my favourite brands.  I was checking out their purses as I'd had my eye on one of them that I'd seen on their online store.  Unfortunately it turned out to be something I didn't love . . . until I saw this out of the corner of my eye . . .

The Key-Per Multifunctional

As soon as I saw this I knew it was mine.  The pattern, the fabric, the size, the compartments - everything was just right.  The Key-Per line from Fossil is for those people who love bond designs and colours.  The pattern/design is called the floral design.  The cool thing is they do lots of items to match too - click here to go see!!

The purse itself is made from leather and a versatile cotton coated canvas.  It has a separate compartment for coins which closes with a zip.  Another section for paper money and slots for credit/debt cards which closes with a  snap-stud .  It also has a side pocket for receipts.  The purse also features the Fossil Key Hole metal logo on the front.

I'm so glad I have held out to buy something I really love.  It only cost £39.00, which is expensive for a purse some might think.  But the quality of this I can see it lasting a life time, so I'm glad I spent my pennies on it.

Have you ever bought anything from Fossil?

Angela xox

Monday, 20 August 2012

I am a domestic goddess

Ha! Not really!  The only time I am really a domestic goddess is when I am wearing Topshops nail polish called strangely enough . . . Domestic Goddess.  This cutely named polish is a hard colour to describe.  Is it a red? a pink? a brown?  The only colours this reminds me of is the colour of brick dust or perhaps Autumn leaves . . .? 

It is a unique shade I think . . . it’s not one of those colours which you will see every nail polish company selling.  I feel as though this is unique to Topshop.  Online, Topshop say this is Mauve and some reviews call this pink -  I will disagree with both.  I think it’s more on the red/brown or a dusty rose.  But I certainly don’t see any pink. . . do you?  

As for application you could easily get away with one coat (a thick coat).  A thin coat is a little streaky but none the less the coverage is excellent and at £5.00 it’s a winner!

Angela xox

Sunday, 19 August 2012

The perfect alternative to foundation!

These days I'm constantly at the gym, hence the lack of blogging and videos . . . sorry :-(  Getting fit comes at a price.  I'm usually there four times a week and it can be quite time consuming.  Anyways when it comes to my skin, whilst training I usually like some sort of coverage.  As I mainly go straight from work I don't remove my makeup.  But sweat, makeup and open pores don't normally go together well.  Breakouts!!!!

I've decided to try and be a good girl and start to remove my makeup before hand and just wear a tinted moisturiser of some sort.  I thought I'd try out the Origins VitaZing with the sheer tint release.  I like the fact that this moisturises and gives a radiant looking glow - almost like you have been abroad.  It's one of those easy products that you could slap on if you're just popping to the shops or you just want a less than full coverage look.  It's also great for the beach or pool if you don't like baring all as it contains SPF 15, so it protects your skin.

Very good for hydrating and making the skin feel plump, when wearing this you just feel like you don't need to wear anything else.  VitaZing, mascara, lipgloss and perhaps an eyeshadow and blush that's literally all you can wear - It just makes you feel comfortable.  Staying power for me personally - it is not the greatest at lasting my punishing gym sessions . . . however I do sweat like I'm in hell.  Gross I know . . . sorry!  The coverage is good, but if you're having a bad day and have break outs or dark circles it's not going to cover those for you - as it is only a sheer tint.

The different stages of the swatch changing on the skin

Picture 1 - 
This is what it looks like straight from the tube.  It comes out like a white cream/lotion with little black looking micro beads in it.

Picture 2 - 
Starting to blend into the skin.  You can see around the top edge of the swatch it is just starting to change into the tinted colour.

Picture 3 - 
The colour has now changed from the white colour lotion into a tinted colour.  You can still blend into the skin.

Picture 4 - 
This is the swatch blended into the skin.  You can see in the middle of the picture where the tint is on the skin.

So to some up this product, I will say it's definitely worth having a look at it if you're shopping near by a Origins counter.  I think it is one of those products you should swatch or ask for a sample tube before maybe spending the pennies as it does cost £27.00.  The tinted colour is slightly on the orangey side so if you have really fair skin then I recommend a look first.  However if you have medium colour skin then you may be able to get away with it.

Once the tube has all gone, would I repurchase?  Yes perhaps, but for me this isn't a necessity.  There are other tinted moisturisers out on the market that work just as well but for half the price.  But I wouldn't say no to buying again.

Do you have a favourite tinted moisturiser?  Have you ever tried this?

Angela xox


Monday, 13 August 2012

Bomb Cosmetic Haul

I love little shopping trips with my Mum, especially if we haven't seen each other in a while.  It's always nice to have a good old chit chat.  Usually though my Mum always tries to buy me something.  Even if I'm at the till cash in hand she'll be like "i'll get it, i'll get it".  Got a love your Mum right?!

Anyways we were buying birthday cards in Hallmark when we were both sucked into the Bomb Cosmetic stand.  We were like kiddies in a candy shop ooooooing and ahhhhing at what to pick up.  Mum finally got her way and got me these three:

Clockwise from the top:
Jet Set Bath Creamer, Hey! Fever Bath Mallow and Rosehip Bath Buttercup

I have decided I will do separate reviews on these three but I cannot wait to try these out.  I will say the price comparison to Lush I feel like you're not getting as much for your money.  I find with Lush Bath Bombs I can break them in half so I get more than one use out of them.  The Bomb Cosmetic ones are smaller so you may not be able to break them in half.  But we will see....stay tuned for reviews :-D

Angela xox

Sunday, 12 August 2012

MeMeMe Boho Balm ~ Pink Rouge

I'm all about saving time, so when there are multipurpose products on the market which has two uses in one - I'm all over it.  The Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint tins (phew a mouthful) by MeMeMe come in two colour duos; Coral/Taupe and Pink/Red.  I have opted for the Pink/Red tin called Pink Rouge.

I picked up Pink Rouge, which is half pink and half red.  In the tin the red looks red, however once you swatch it on the lips and hand it actually comes across quite a coral-red.  The pink is the classic bubblegum pink.  Both colours have great pigmentation and they are very long lasting on the skin.  

Hand swatches

The texture of the product is a little thick in consistency.  When you apply to the cheeks I would recommend a soft brush (I've been using the RT contour brush) and try and pick up as little of the product as possible.  Because it is so bright especially the red, you do not need that much.  It is far better to be light handed then build it up to the preferred intensity.

When it comes to applying to the lips, again I would recommend being light handed and building it up to your preferred look.  As it is a thick texture it can look a little much on the lips.  Both colours are long lasting on the lips and take a few hours to fade.

Top two rows: The red
Bottom two rows: The pink

I really like this product.  I can see myself taking this on holiday as I like using cream base products whilst on holiday because it looks more natural than powder.  I will say it has an usually taste and smell, but that could just be me - but overall it not terrible.  It's personal preference.

At £6.50 I think this is a great bargain.  I did swatch the Coral/Taupe in store but opted for the brights are I felt to Coral/Taupe didn't have such a wow factor for me.  It's still a great duo but I just prefer the pink and red colours!!

You can purchase the Boho Balms in store at Superdrug or you can buy online at MeMeMe's website right here!!

Angela xox

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Dead Sea Spa Magik ~ Salt Brushing Review

Have you ever received a gift and wasn't quite sure what to make of it?  When it was my birthday (last December) my mother-in-law bought me the Dead Sea Spa Magik - Salt Brushing.  I thought it was a slightly random present - unexpected as she usually buys me wine!! Yummmm!!

This sat for a while in my beauty box and started to gather dust until I thought lets give this a whirl.  This product is fabulous for getting rid of dead skin and for combating that dreaded C world . . . cellulite!  Obviously you cannot just get rid of cellulite, it's all down to genetics, DNA and age.  Most girls will get it whether they like it or not.  Sorry ladies.  However we can do things to help it not be so visible.

Inside the pot . . .

The product itself is mainly made up of salt (from the Dead Sea) and coconut oil with added vitamin E.  The coconut oil nourishes and hydrates the skin and the salts remove rough and dry skin to leave it remarkable soft.

Before your bath or shower you scoop a little product into your hand and apply to the dry skin in circular motions.  Once completed you then rinse the skin and pat it dry.  One a occasions when I have used it, my skin has felt a little tingly.  It's not a uncomfortable feeling more a refreshing feeling.

This little list I borrowed from numerous websites but the Salt brushing helps with the following:

- Helps break down adipose tissue
- Reduces cellulite
- Detoxifies the body
- Increases lymph flow
- Improves blood circulation
- Speeds up cell metabolism and stimulates cell regeneration
- Relaxes the muscles
- Soothes nerve endings.

What it looks like . . .

Overly I'm impressed with this and annoyed with myself I didn't start using this earlier.  But good things come to those who wait I suppose.  One more thing about this product it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians :-)

Have you ever tried a sea salt scrub?  What do you use to combat the dreaded cellulite??

Angela xox

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

So long, farewell - Empties #3

I've been very very good and tried long and hard to use up lots of products.  I think I have been quite successful.  See . . .

The mass of empties

I have split the empties into three different photographs below.  One is makeup/skin care, two is hair/body products and three is facial and miscellaneous products.

Picture One:
·        As you can tell I love the One by One Voulm’ Express by Maybelline, there are two empty tubes.  I have a full review here if you wish to see pictures and hear my thoughts.  But one word to describe this is da bomb!  Well that’s two words.
·        Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge is my favourite mascara for those bottom lashes, it doesn’t move an inch.  No panda eyes for me – no sir!  A tad expensive but totally worth it if like me your bottom lash mascara likes to move this your under eye area.
·        Bobbi Browns Hydrating Eye Cream is hands down my favourite eye cream.  I’m sad that I have finished this pot and I’ll definitely be buying more.  My under eyes always feel hydrated after using this.  Wrinkles and puffiness be gone!
·        For a little freebie from Sephora this Balenciaga Paris perfume was a hit!  I am really tempted to buy a full size bottle.  It is quite a strong scent which I like.  It feels like it lasts a long time on the skin.
·        I love my Bobbi Brown Face Base primer (review here),  but if I ever needed another different one I was opt for the Laura Mericer Oil Free Primer.  This makes your makeup go on smoothly and makes it last all day!
·        Another freebie is the L’Occtaine Immortelle Precious Cream – I really notice a difference when I used this, my skin just feels firmer.  I have already repurchased a full size pot.
·        My L’Oreal Super Liner is ancient it should be dead like the dinosaurs.  I’ve had this for years –shamefully.  But it was time to say goodbye, even though it still works. Bacteria and sensitive eyes do not mix well.
·        My not so bothered about product here, is the Simple Radiance Brightening Moisturiser, its just a basic moisturiser which is light reflecting - nothing fancy.  I struggled to finish this if I’m honest but perseverance with using this has been worth it.
Picture Two:
·        I love bargains and my £1 Boots Zingy Lime Shower Gel is perfect for the gym.  I've recently purchased the Lemon version which smells yummy.
·        My Original Bastise Dry Shampoo, what can I say!?  Hmmm I love it! 
·        Nivea Pearl and Beauty antiperspirant mini bottle is perfect for the gym.  I like it so much I’d buy a full size bottle.  It has a nice scent.
·        Another much loved product is the Macadamia Healing Oil – I don’t know how I ever lived without this product.  It's now a must have in my hair routine.
·        The Original Source was the husbands until I stole it.  He kept using my Original Source Raspberry and Vanilla so I stole his Mint one. Haha revenge is sweet!

Picture Three:
·        Johnson Normal Skin Face Wipes are always going to be a repurchase for me.  They never dry out in the packet and remove makeup and even waterproof mascara without any trouble.
·        For a £1 bottle of Boots Nail Polish remover this lasts ages.  I can't really say too much since well it is nail polish remover!!
·        Liz Earle Soothing Eye lotion is sooo lovely.  It's so refreshing I would certainly buy more if it was easier to get my hands on.
·       Garnier Blackhead scrub is ok for a scrub but I didn't see much improvement when it came to combating the blackheads.  I won't be buying this again.

I have also done a video to accompany this post, which will be up on my YouTube channel tonight.  Fingers crossed.  Enjoy!

Angela xox

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