Thursday, 30 August 2012

Hello!! What has happened to you??

I've owned my Botanics facial brush for a while now.  I purchased back in May/June as I blogged about it here.  Now seeing that I only purchased it three, well nearly four months ago - the wear and tear has been a little rough to say the least.

Oh dear!!

It seems after only three months my brush has had its day.  Some of the bristles have gone flat and seem to have parted down the middle of the brush.  I've noticed as well that since this has happened I don't feel like my face gets the full benefits like it used to when it was brand new.

When I first started using it - I felt like this really did exfoliate my face and make it feel really soft.  It is a shame really that this has happened as I quite liked using this brush as part of my daily routine.  Now I feel as though it ready for the rubbish pile or cleaning my bathroom tiles!!!

Have you had any product let downs?

Angela xox


  1. That does not look great, I can't think of any products that have let me down, like yours :)

  2. That is definitely ready for the bin. Its a shame that has worn out so quickly but they say you should replace the clarisonic brush head every 3 months or so, as this is a similar thing it might be the same?
    P.s. I haven't spoke to you for ages I hope you are well. :) xx


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