Sunday, 19 August 2012

The perfect alternative to foundation!

These days I'm constantly at the gym, hence the lack of blogging and videos . . . sorry :-(  Getting fit comes at a price.  I'm usually there four times a week and it can be quite time consuming.  Anyways when it comes to my skin, whilst training I usually like some sort of coverage.  As I mainly go straight from work I don't remove my makeup.  But sweat, makeup and open pores don't normally go together well.  Breakouts!!!!

I've decided to try and be a good girl and start to remove my makeup before hand and just wear a tinted moisturiser of some sort.  I thought I'd try out the Origins VitaZing with the sheer tint release.  I like the fact that this moisturises and gives a radiant looking glow - almost like you have been abroad.  It's one of those easy products that you could slap on if you're just popping to the shops or you just want a less than full coverage look.  It's also great for the beach or pool if you don't like baring all as it contains SPF 15, so it protects your skin.

Very good for hydrating and making the skin feel plump, when wearing this you just feel like you don't need to wear anything else.  VitaZing, mascara, lipgloss and perhaps an eyeshadow and blush that's literally all you can wear - It just makes you feel comfortable.  Staying power for me personally - it is not the greatest at lasting my punishing gym sessions . . . however I do sweat like I'm in hell.  Gross I know . . . sorry!  The coverage is good, but if you're having a bad day and have break outs or dark circles it's not going to cover those for you - as it is only a sheer tint.

The different stages of the swatch changing on the skin

Picture 1 - 
This is what it looks like straight from the tube.  It comes out like a white cream/lotion with little black looking micro beads in it.

Picture 2 - 
Starting to blend into the skin.  You can see around the top edge of the swatch it is just starting to change into the tinted colour.

Picture 3 - 
The colour has now changed from the white colour lotion into a tinted colour.  You can still blend into the skin.

Picture 4 - 
This is the swatch blended into the skin.  You can see in the middle of the picture where the tint is on the skin.

So to some up this product, I will say it's definitely worth having a look at it if you're shopping near by a Origins counter.  I think it is one of those products you should swatch or ask for a sample tube before maybe spending the pennies as it does cost £27.00.  The tinted colour is slightly on the orangey side so if you have really fair skin then I recommend a look first.  However if you have medium colour skin then you may be able to get away with it.

Once the tube has all gone, would I repurchase?  Yes perhaps, but for me this isn't a necessity.  There are other tinted moisturisers out on the market that work just as well but for half the price.  But I wouldn't say no to buying again.

Do you have a favourite tinted moisturiser?  Have you ever tried this?

Angela xox



  1. Mix your foundation into your moisturiser is a cheaper alternative & suitable for a work out :)

  2. I really wanna try this out!


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