Sunday, 12 August 2012

MeMeMe Boho Balm ~ Pink Rouge

I'm all about saving time, so when there are multipurpose products on the market which has two uses in one - I'm all over it.  The Boho Balm Cheek and Lip Tint tins (phew a mouthful) by MeMeMe come in two colour duos; Coral/Taupe and Pink/Red.  I have opted for the Pink/Red tin called Pink Rouge.

I picked up Pink Rouge, which is half pink and half red.  In the tin the red looks red, however once you swatch it on the lips and hand it actually comes across quite a coral-red.  The pink is the classic bubblegum pink.  Both colours have great pigmentation and they are very long lasting on the skin.  

Hand swatches

The texture of the product is a little thick in consistency.  When you apply to the cheeks I would recommend a soft brush (I've been using the RT contour brush) and try and pick up as little of the product as possible.  Because it is so bright especially the red, you do not need that much.  It is far better to be light handed then build it up to the preferred intensity.

When it comes to applying to the lips, again I would recommend being light handed and building it up to your preferred look.  As it is a thick texture it can look a little much on the lips.  Both colours are long lasting on the lips and take a few hours to fade.

Top two rows: The red
Bottom two rows: The pink

I really like this product.  I can see myself taking this on holiday as I like using cream base products whilst on holiday because it looks more natural than powder.  I will say it has an usually taste and smell, but that could just be me - but overall it not terrible.  It's personal preference.

At £6.50 I think this is a great bargain.  I did swatch the Coral/Taupe in store but opted for the brights are I felt to Coral/Taupe didn't have such a wow factor for me.  It's still a great duo but I just prefer the pink and red colours!!

You can purchase the Boho Balms in store at Superdrug or you can buy online at MeMeMe's website right here!!

Angela xox


  1. This looks gorgeous on you hun!! I have the coral/taupe one which I like, this one looks much brighter. May have to grab this one too. xx

  2. Fits you perfectly. :) Unfortunately, it's a bit hard to get my hands on that in Germany or if so, only at a very high price. Seems like I need to go to England asap and stock up on beauty supplies.. ;)

  3. love it too!


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