Monday, 28 June 2010

Introducing my NPOTW...

I’ve decided to create a topic of the week, I’m going to do a weekly blog post for my Nail Polish Of The Week (aka NPOTW....cute huh??)

At the moment I’m changing my polish so much – I’m always wearing a different colour each week and sometimes each day.  It also kind of helps with the growing my nail out process.  I’m less likely to bite my nails with a polish on them.  I’d be afraid of getting polish chips in my mouth.  Yuck!

Anyways so here’s my first NPOTW post. Yay!


Nails Glo Baby Glo! UV Reactive Nail Polish in Yes Cyan.  Purchased from Primark for £1.50 or £2.00 (can’t remember the exact price I know its one of them, but it’s still cheap which ever way you look at it)

This is a gorgeous. I must say it again, this is a G O R G E O U S nail polish colour.  A lovely bright vibrant turquoise blue, prefect for the summer.  You’re finger and toe nails will look great with this colour on them.

Now if you’re thinking Primark is usually pretty cheap and not very good quality, think again.  This polish covers so good,  you could probably get away with one coat.  But two coats of this baby and you’ll be ready to go.  It goes on just prefect.  No streaking, no patches, doesn’t take forever to dry.  All in all a great polish from Primark.  I'm definitely going to check out more of their polishes.

Ciao for now, more to come from NPOTW :- )

~ Ang xoxo

Monday, 21 June 2010

I just popped in for one thing...

...And came out with with a lot more!  Lol :-) That is the curse of Primark.  All I wanted to buy was hair ties/bands, that are a £1.  But low and behold i bought more.  I also got 2 tops, which I'm going to return as they look a little weird on me.  So here's what i am keeping...

Fake suede bag originally £7, marked down to £3, Wowzer!!! Mini blush brush £1.50, Hair band with rhinestone/jewels on £2, Big purple earrings £1.50, Gold chain bracelet £2 and Bronze illuminator in Bronze 0110 £3

After i lost my mini Sigma SS168m brush, I've been on the constant look out for a new mini blusher brush.  So i was really glad when i spotted this blush brush in Primark (i can't wait to try out more of Primarks cosmetic this space...)  This brush is a perfect size for me on my travels, thumbs up.  Always a fan of cheap statement pieces and accessories, i couldn't resist the earrings, bracelet and the head band.  They all scream bling, and for a crazy price of £5.50 for all 3 - you can't really complain, can you???

The bronze illuminator is a complete bargain, at only £3 you can't go wrong with this.  If you click on the picture below you can see what the product comes out the tube like and what it looks like when blended.  Pictures taken with flash camera. 

You like my blingy tacky bracelet?  Yeah I do too, I'm up for any bling that costs a whole £2!!!!  I loveeeee  Primark!!!

Insert big goofy picture of me wearing my new hand band and earrings.  Apologises for the red nose, messy hair.  Had a long day at work and suffering with a rotten cold (oh the joy).

Have you purchased any cool things lately? Tell me about them....

~ Ang xoxo

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Topshop Makeup Haul

As I arrived home from work on Monday night, I had the tell tale signs that I’d been to some kind of makeup counter...

Guilty as charged!!!! And where did I get these marks from? None other than the new makeup line from Topshop!!!

I’d read some good reviews of this new line that was only released in early May, and I suppose I got the case of the green eyed monster and wanted in on the action myself. Besides it’s been a while since I’d gone to Topshop flag ship store on Oxford Street.

I picked up a few things that caught my eye.

1 Bronzer in Radiance 2 @ £8.00
2 Eye crayon in Moon shine £7.00
3 Nail polish in Carry on Camping @£5.00
4 Blush in Neon Rose @ £6.00
5 Lip stick pencil in Vintage £7.00

I'm dead excited to try out my new purchases, especially the lip crayon. When I tested this it was gorgeous, I also can’t wait to test the Moon shine eye crayon. It’s such an intense silver it’ll just makes your eyes pop.  You can see the Moon shine swatches on my hand above.

I didn’t purchase any of the eye shadows.  When I swatched the ones I thought were pretty - they had no pigment at all and were a real disappointment. There were tonnes of nail polishes to choose from, but they are £5 each which I think is a lot. Barry M have just as many colours and for almost half the price. But i purchased one just to see what it was like and to give my thoughts.

Anyways this weekend is my Topshop testing weekend, I’ve already used the blush lots this week so far... and i am loving it.

Watch this space for reviews and pictures. Have you seen the new collection? What are your thoughts and what have you added to your wish list?

~ Ang xoxo

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Quest for beautiful feet....

My quest for beautiful feet has been what feels like a life time battle. Ever since I can remember I have suffered terribly with dry skin on my feet. When I was little it always was on my left foot!! Bizarre but true. Then about 8 years ago it decided to also make its home on my right foot too. Doh! I’ve always been self conscious about them, embarrassed of what people might think. I’ve never even had a pedicure because I’m so ashamed.

I have used countless products, tools and even spent out money just to have someone do it for me. And I have been to doctors for tests to make sure I don’t have any other problems that this might be a symptom for i.e. under-active-thyroid. I’ve been given the clean bill of health. I know it will never be cured but it’s something that just has to be managed. So with the summer ‘sort of’ here, the sandals are coming out of the closet. And a wedding less than 16 weeks away gulp...I’m on the quest again for half decent feet again.

So after work I was strolling through Canary Wharf and went into Robert Dyas (I was originally looking for wooden clothes pegs lol) and picked up the infamous Pedegg!

I have seen this for ages and ALWAYS thought, would this help my feet? It costs a fair few pounds...£9.99 to be exact. But the results are amazing and pretty much an instant semi perfect result. (Any result is a good result for me!!!) I spotted this in the JML section in Robert Dyas. JML products are widely available in the UK, click to see right here!!!

So the feet... see awful before shot and the after shot.

Yes the before shot is bad, I wanted to show you just how bad it can get. Ugly huh??? No need to tell me, I’ve had to live with it! Now the good is that??? They aren't perfect by any means but to me, they look divine!!!

I don’t know why i didn’t get the Pedegg earlier, this is an amazing item. It’s also great as you don’t get covered in the dead skin whilst you do it. It’s all collected in the cool egg. If you’re worried you might cut your feet with this, you won’t. (unless you push it down too hard). My recommendation is to do this after you’ve soaked your feet in warm water. This will soften the skin and make it easier for the Pedegg to work its magic.

After i removed the dead skin, I then went to bed with my little bed socks on. I don’t think they are called bed socks, but that's what i call them. But firstly i gave both feet a good coating of Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème. This is really good for dry feet as it has a oily consistency, so it’s absorbed really well. I bought my tube from Boots for £11.99. I’ve had this ages and used it lots...with this a little goes a long way. The little socks i got mine from Superdrug, they can be found almost any pharmacy/drug store.

And in the morning my feet looked something like this....

Yes they are still a little dry, but after one night that isn’t half bad huh? The Burt’s Bees won’t cure the cracked heel, but certainly makes the rest look amazing.

This is definitely something to keep working on.

~ Ang xoxo

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