Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Quest for beautiful feet....

My quest for beautiful feet has been what feels like a life time battle. Ever since I can remember I have suffered terribly with dry skin on my feet. When I was little it always was on my left foot!! Bizarre but true. Then about 8 years ago it decided to also make its home on my right foot too. Doh! I’ve always been self conscious about them, embarrassed of what people might think. I’ve never even had a pedicure because I’m so ashamed.

I have used countless products, tools and even spent out money just to have someone do it for me. And I have been to doctors for tests to make sure I don’t have any other problems that this might be a symptom for i.e. under-active-thyroid. I’ve been given the clean bill of health. I know it will never be cured but it’s something that just has to be managed. So with the summer ‘sort of’ here, the sandals are coming out of the closet. And a wedding less than 16 weeks away gulp...I’m on the quest again for half decent feet again.

So after work I was strolling through Canary Wharf and went into Robert Dyas (I was originally looking for wooden clothes pegs lol) and picked up the infamous Pedegg!

I have seen this for ages and ALWAYS thought, would this help my feet? It costs a fair few pounds...£9.99 to be exact. But the results are amazing and pretty much an instant semi perfect result. (Any result is a good result for me!!!) I spotted this in the JML section in Robert Dyas. JML products are widely available in the UK, click to see right here!!!

So the feet... see awful before shot and the after shot.

Yes the before shot is bad, I wanted to show you just how bad it can get. Ugly huh??? No need to tell me, I’ve had to live with it! Now the after.....how good is that??? They aren't perfect by any means but to me, they look divine!!!

I don’t know why i didn’t get the Pedegg earlier, this is an amazing item. It’s also great as you don’t get covered in the dead skin whilst you do it. It’s all collected in the cool egg. If you’re worried you might cut your feet with this, you won’t. (unless you push it down too hard). My recommendation is to do this after you’ve soaked your feet in warm water. This will soften the skin and make it easier for the Pedegg to work its magic.

After i removed the dead skin, I then went to bed with my little bed socks on. I don’t think they are called bed socks, but that's what i call them. But firstly i gave both feet a good coating of Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Crème. This is really good for dry feet as it has a oily consistency, so it’s absorbed really well. I bought my tube from Boots for £11.99. I’ve had this ages and used it lots...with this a little goes a long way. The little socks i got mine from Superdrug, they can be found almost any pharmacy/drug store.

And in the morning my feet looked something like this....

Yes they are still a little dry, but after one night that isn’t half bad huh? The Burt’s Bees won’t cure the cracked heel, but certainly makes the rest look amazing.

This is definitely something to keep working on.

~ Ang xoxo

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