Monday, 21 June 2010

I just popped in for one thing...

...And came out with with a lot more!  Lol :-) That is the curse of Primark.  All I wanted to buy was hair ties/bands, that are a £1.  But low and behold i bought more.  I also got 2 tops, which I'm going to return as they look a little weird on me.  So here's what i am keeping...

Fake suede bag originally £7, marked down to £3, Wowzer!!! Mini blush brush £1.50, Hair band with rhinestone/jewels on £2, Big purple earrings £1.50, Gold chain bracelet £2 and Bronze illuminator in Bronze 0110 £3

After i lost my mini Sigma SS168m brush, I've been on the constant look out for a new mini blusher brush.  So i was really glad when i spotted this blush brush in Primark (i can't wait to try out more of Primarks cosmetic this space...)  This brush is a perfect size for me on my travels, thumbs up.  Always a fan of cheap statement pieces and accessories, i couldn't resist the earrings, bracelet and the head band.  They all scream bling, and for a crazy price of £5.50 for all 3 - you can't really complain, can you???

The bronze illuminator is a complete bargain, at only £3 you can't go wrong with this.  If you click on the picture below you can see what the product comes out the tube like and what it looks like when blended.  Pictures taken with flash camera. 

You like my blingy tacky bracelet?  Yeah I do too, I'm up for any bling that costs a whole £2!!!!  I loveeeee  Primark!!!

Insert big goofy picture of me wearing my new hand band and earrings.  Apologises for the red nose, messy hair.  Had a long day at work and suffering with a rotten cold (oh the joy).

Have you purchased any cool things lately? Tell me about them....

~ Ang xoxo

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