Tuesday, 3 April 2012

My Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoo's

When I went to the states back in February I purchased a few of the much talked about 24hr Colour Tattoo Eye Shadows by Maybelline. They have been a huge success in the US and everyone has been loving them on their blog reviews and YouTube videos. It’s just annoying how the UK gets them afterwards. I wish we were first for once!

These were a little hard to get my mitts on, they are so popular they were pretty much sold out where ever I went.  I managed to get my hands on four of them, two in one Walgreens and two in another. . . .my first impression of these is wow-zer!!!!

Now I know you’ve probably seen pictures before but what’s one more review, picture, swatch...????

1... Tough as Taupe, 2... Bad to the Bronze, 3... Audacious Asphalt & 4... Bold Gold

I am a MAC Paint Pot lover through and through and i think they are fantastic eye shadow primers. Whenever they have limited editions i always want to get in there and give them a good swatch! So the idea of Maybelline selling a much cheaper alternative is very appealing indeed.

In the US there are ten in the collection but the in the UK it has been down sized to seven.  Also strangely they been given different names as well.  Weird! The colour range is great they’d be a colour for you no matter your skin colour.  Every body will be able to find something they like.

The colours I got:

Audacious Asphalt (UK name ...Immortal Charcoal)

If you don't have the creaseless cream eyeshadow/ liner in Skinny Jeans by Benefit  not to worry.  Get this instead,  A) because it's cheaper  (Benefit is £14.99 and Audacious Asphalt is £4.99) and B) it's better! Yes really. I always find Benefit creaselesses crease on me or you need a base.  However you can apply the Maybelline 24hr shadows direct onto the skin.  This is excellent for a smokey eye.

Bad to the Bronze (UK Name... On Bronze)

A perfect bronze for the everyday look.  I have been wearing this as part of my daily routine recently.  Reminds me of MAC's Constructive Paint Pot but they are just slightly different tones however.  This looks great on it's own and gives the perfect bronzed look.  I love it!

Tough as Taupe (UK Name... Permanent Taupe)

A great matte looking taupe which in certain lighting could look almost grey.  This is fabulous for an all over the eye look.  I've also used it on the lower lash line to smoke it out.  Can be used alone or paired with a darker crease colour.

Bold Gold (UK Name... Eternal Gold)

A light golden shimmer.  I'm saving this for the summer time as I think it'd best with a tan.  This is still good throughout the year how ever, I just used Bad to the Bronze in the crease to make it a little darker.  Could be a cool inner corner highlight too!

I know you're dying to see the swatches so I won't keep you any longer...

My finally impressions are that i am in love with these. I’m always going to love a MAC Paint Pot but the Maybelline Tattoos have a fantastic longevity. I went to bed with swatches on my hand i woke up with them still intact.  Yes I normal do wash but it was a test for the blog.  There is a good range of colours to choose from Superdrug and Boots.  At £4.99 a pop, these are definitely something you need to check out.  I think they actually have a better colour range than MAC or Benefit.  Yes I did say that :-D

Angela xox


  1. These are all the colours I want, I have only managed to get hold of the taupe one so far. They are always sold out. I can see why though. Also I totally agree about the benefit ones creasing, I am not impressed with them at all. especially as they have creaseless in the name.

  2. Love the gold and the bronze, can't wait to give them a try :) x


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